Columbia College Affinity Magazine: Summer 2020

Page 46


Columbia, Missouri Attending: Columbia College Day Program Major: Biology


Summer 2020

Oak Harbor, Washington Attending: Columbia CollegeNS Everett/Marysville Major: General Studies



“Joining Columbia College changed my life. Before enrolling, I was experiencing my most unsuccessful years. I had recently been discharged from the Navy for being overweight. I had also separated from my wife and kids. Over the course of a few years, I had lost the very things that gave my life meaning. In my time with Columbia, I have found the steps to rebuild my life and myself. My success here is exactly what I need to redefine how I see myself and relocate my self-esteem.”

“Columbia College has given me so many experiences and skills that I never would’ve developed otherwise. Through being in the Emerging Leaders Institute, becoming a First Year Mentor, and just getting to know everyone on campus I have become a better student, leader, peer, and friend. I came into college nervous and apprehensive, and I have grown into a confident and knowledgeable person. Columbia College has made me into the person who I am now, and I am forever thankful.”