Columbia College Affinity Magazine: Summer 2020

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 Reunion Then & Now Right: Cindy Jevitt Zver, Stacy Vig McRae, Centronella Duff-Reed, Darlene Sims Buffington and Laberta Trussell Lewis stand by the student mailboxes now located in Dorsey Hall, even remembering the numbers once assigned to them.

Summer 2020

Far right: Attendees find familiar faces on the alumni mural between AtkinsHolman Student Commons and Missouri Hall.



THROUGH THE YEARS This “80s group” has remained one of the CCAA’s closest alumni networks. With members living coast to coast, they have made a point of getting together every few years to keep those relationships alive.

“I planned our smaller reunion a few years before. I said I’d plan one more, but I wanted it to have as many people as possible,” Papish says. “I put out dates on social media, and the consensus was to get together in October of 2019.”

Kim Morgan ’81 recalls the first reunion in 1990 with just three classmates in attendance. She had made the journey from Florida and was disheartened that more of her friends couldn’t be there. Five years later, more than 20 classmates attended a cluster reunion for the classes of 1979 and 1980, setting in motion a new tradition. By 2010 most classmates had found each other online, yet the in-person reunions continued to grow.

Papish studied travel administration and credits James and Lois Schultz, “the best instructors in the tourism industry,” for her attention to detail. She became an international coordinator for the airline industry directly out of college and took an early retirement in 2003. She put her skills to good use, organizing a detailed itinerary from her home in Washington state and networking with the “ring leaders” of each subgroup to get everyone involved.

When planning rolled around for the next celebration, Debbie Papish ’80 took the reins.

“I was expecting 25-30 people for this reunion, and it grew to 80 attendees,” Papish says. “I contacted every single