Columbia College Affinity Magazine: Spring 2021

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What is your vision for the college during your presidency? To put it simply, I think the world needs more graduates who have experienced Columbia College. The college needs to grow its faculty and degree offerings on the main campus in Columbia. It should strengthen the resources available to grow Columbia College Global’s far-flung system of locations nationwide and enrollments, both in-seat and online. We can get there if we all pull in the same direction and with the same devotion that got us where we are today.

As the college begins the presidential search, what are some qualities you believe are crucial for the next Columbia College president? The search for the 18th president of Columbia College will soon get underway. The Board will reach out to all constituencies of the college to solicit opinions about the qualities they seek in the next president. I vote for a proven leader who leads from the front and possesses exceptional people skills, who recognizes that CC has the resources and track record to lead innovation and change in higher education. CC deserves nothing less. –SF

Quick Hits Spring 2021

FAVORITE FOOD: Mama Lee’s homemade spaghetti and meat sauce (Hope for leftovers!)



FAVORITE MOVIE(S): “Heat” — a golden oldie starring Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro; “Saving Private Ryan” starring Tom Hanks FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT: Sophia’s, in southwest Columbia. Consistently great food, and Booth #11 has great sentimental meaning for us BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS: There are so many! “The Wright Brothers,” an illuminating biography of the fathers of

the Age of Aviation by David McCullough. If you’re a science fiction fan, try the classic “The Foundation Trilogy” by the brilliant mathematician Isaac Asimov. “Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis” by Jared Diamond — mind-blowing. FAVORITE MUSICAL ARTISTS: The incomparable Italian opera tenor, Andrea Bocelli, whose live Easter concert from the Cathedral Duomo di Milano last year at the height of the raging pandemic was one of the most stirring performances I have ever experienced. FAVORITE PLACE(S) TO TRAVEL: In North America, touring and hiking Banff National Park in Canada. In Europe, it’s got to be romantic France. We also enjoyed a summer cruise down the Rhine, the Main and Danube rivers.