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“For people to choose the right school, especially as an adult learner, Columbia College was that for me.” –Linda Hayles ’11

“My biggest passion is teaching women to make their own money,” she says. “They can change generational cycles of poverty, the mediocrity of homelessness.” Hayles knows firsthand the fear of being left out alone and wants to give women the tools to secure their financial independence. “I should have been a statistic,” she says, but with young children to care for, Hayles knew a good education was vital to her long-term goals. “For people to choose the right school, especially as an adult learner, Columbia College was that for me.” Her book, “Girl, Get Your Courage Factor,” is a compilation of stories

She believes breaking the limited mindset of the minority — that being a strong woman takes away from your femininity and ability to nurture — is paramount to moving forward. “For most Hispanic women, our culture is so deep that it doesn’t matter if your parents are second-generation Americans,” she says. Over the last year, Hayles has expanded her client base to include men. She trains clients how to position their services, speak to management and make the sale. She now employs two women and aspires to lead seminars. “The older I get, the more I realize every thought I have is just a perception,” she says. “Every time I have a limiting thought, I ask myself ‘Where did that come from?’“ And then she’s on to the next big thing.

Spring 2021

Hayles leverages her success to teach others how to maximize their professional performance both independently and financially. It is her understanding of human behavior – traits and habits she learned during her college studies – that keeps her focused.

about overcoming adversity to become an entrepreneur. Hayles pulls from her own life experiences, proving that she could simultaneously raise strong, capable children and make a place for herself. Now thriving young adults, her younger son is in the Army and her daughter is in college.

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skills into financial stability, culminating in the launch of her own personal and business development firm.