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Benefits of Captive Insurance

• A captive insurance sort of insurance but it is an alternative risk management solution. The captive company must be handled as an insurance company in order for the insured to claim deductibles for their payments on their taxes. Captive insurance can allow a company to form a strong risk management plan without requiring them to pay exorbitant rates to insurance companies.

Captive Insurance Agency

Captive Insurance Agent

• Captive insurance agents are trained to deal their company policies. Captive agent’s are maintaining and hopefully reviewing your policy on a regular basis. Captive insurance agents often represent very large insurance carriers which offer a full spectrum of insurance and financial products.

CCIC, Columbia Captive Insurance Company 8560 South Eastern, Suite 200 Las Vegas NV 89123 Phone Number: 702-425-4888 Fax Number: 702-425-1259 E-mail: Website:

Captive insurance agency