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Knights from the Los Angeles area, joined by friends and family, gather for the 6th annual OneLife LA pro-life walk in January 2020. JANUARY 22 marks 48 years since the infamous Roe v. Wade U.S.

Supreme Court decision, which decriminalized abortion throughout the country. Here are five ways you can observe the anniversary and unite with others in peaceful protest, advocating for the defense of life. March in person. In addition to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., many local marches are still scheduled across the United States and beyond. Visit marchforlife.org and click “state marches” for more details. If you plan to attend a march, be sure to check the organizers’ website for details on safety and travel restrictions and other important information. Go virtual. Online components have been added to the March for Life in Washington and many regional pro-life events. Visit marchforlife.org or your local event’s website for updates on virtual programming opportunities. Drive for life. Organize a car caravan through your town to promote the cause of life. Ask participants to decorate their vehicles with pro-life signs and flags, and invite homeowners along the route to show support with their own signs. Pray for life. Join Catholics across the country in praying the 9 Days for Life Novena Jan. 21-29. Subscribe for a daily email reminder by visiting 9daysforlife.com. Participate in the livestreamed National Prayer Vigil for Life (Jan. 28-29), which will include a rosary, Holy Hour and Mass. For the complete schedule, visit nationalshrine.org. Order Knights of Columbus pro-life resources. Council officers can order free pro-life signs through the K of C website. Pro-life apparel, masks, yard signs, car flags and more are also available for purchase at knightsgear.com. B


Abortion divides women from the support and love they need. Studies show that the majority of women who choose abortion do so because of a lack of support from their partner, or a lack of financial support, or for similar reasons. Instead of providing women with what they need to thrive as mothers, the abortion industry preys upon their fear and insecurity, even actively spreading misinformation about the pro-life organizations that would love to offer support. Abortion also divides a man from his fatherhood. Some abortion activists attempt to remove men from the discussion by advancing a “my body, my choice” narrative. But being a voice for the voiceless unborn is everyone’s concern. In other cases, abortion allows men to walk away from their responsibility and duty to protect and care for mother and child. Similarly, abortion divides siblings, ensuring some children will never know their sisters or brothers. It divides grandfather from grandson and grandmother from granddaughter. The abortion industry callously turns a blind eye to the devastating loss of generations that it has caused. And it even divides us from reality itself when it denies the scientific fact that human life begins at fertilization. COLUMBIA: This year’s theme of unity is also a founding principle of the Knights of Columbus. What role do you see Knights playing, both individually and collectively, in the pro-life movement today? JEANNE MANCINI: The Knights have been a vital force in the March for Life from the very start, and they continue to be its backbone in many ways. From providing the operations infrastructure (over 100 Knights volunteer as marshals at each annual march) to organizing parish and community participation, the impact of this partnership should not be underestimated. Because the Knights have such a unified spiritual and charitable mission to help the weak and vulnerable, which

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