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Early Childhood Education Program Primary Lesson Plan

Name: Mikehia Alexander Unit Title: Sight Words Lesson Title: Sight word Charades Subject Area(s): Language Arts

Date: 11/20/10

Materials or Technology Needed: Index cards, Markers Activity/Material Preparation Needed: Words Pre- Written on the index cards

Time required: 35 mins Format/Grouping: Large Group Purpose: To learn sight words creatively.

Objectives: To explore the meanings of words through creative expressions such as drawing or movement.


Key Vocabulary: Anticipatory Set/Connection to Prior Knowledge: We would have reviewed the sight words orally.

Activity: The students will pick two index cards with the sight words written on them, and they can take turns acting out or drawing the word meanings.The class will then try and guess what the word is. Closure: They will end the activity by reviewing their sight words and some of the drawings and movements they seen during the activity. Assessment: I would have been able to see them act out the words or draw out the meanings of the word. I will also to see if the children

Differentiation/Extensions: If a student has trouble with the meanings of the words they can choose to take one index card, or they can ask for assistance from their peers. They can also work in teams.

Grade: 3rd

watching knew the words.

sight word lp  
sight word lp  

lesson on sight words