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Early Childhood Education Program Preprimary Lesson Plan

Name: Mikehia Alexander Date: 11/19/09 Age/Grade: 3- 5 years old/Preschool

Name of Lesson and Subject Area(s): Exploring the senses through touch/ Science Format/Grouping: Free Play/ Small Group Materials Needed: A medium size box, objects for touching, such as sandpaper, fur, wood, a block, a feather, a zipper, and different fabrics, silk, suede etc. Time required: 20 to 30 minutes Goal (Purpose): Explore the sense of touch Objectives: Children will be able to describe, identify, and compare textures. Anticipatory Set/Connection to Prior Knowledge: A list of words identifying various textures will be developed with the children as they touch objects such as bumpy/hard/soft/smooth/light/heavy/wet and dry. Learning Experience/Procedures: I will put the objects inside the box and the children will without looking will feel the objects inside the box, the children will then think of a word to describe the object from the list that was previously made. The objects the children felt and the word descriptions given will be recorded, discussed and compared with the other students in the class.

Individualization: A child with a Sensory Integration Disability such as hyporeactive, can participate in the activity, but should not be distracted with more than one object; only one item will be put in the box. The child should focus on one object giving their word description. Closure: I will end the activity by reviewing the word list previously made and their descriptions of the objects. In revisiting these lists I will ask the children if there were similarities and differences in the objects, what the objects really feel like, and where do the objects come from? Assessment: At the end of the activity the children will be able to become familiar with their touch and their awareness of their senses. I will know my objectives and goals are met when the children will be able to accurately describe textures. Benchmark(s) for State Standard: Uses senses to explore and observe materials & natural phenomena. Make comparisons among objects that have been observed.

science lesson plan 2  
science lesson plan 2  

lesson plan 2 for science