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M I K E H I A . A L E X A N D E R @ L O O P. C O L U M . E D U

MIKEHIA ALEXANDER EDUCATION                                                                                         Chicago, IL                                                  Columbia College Chicago The Harris Center for Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education with Illinois Type 04 Certification, May 2011

• • • •

Extensive pre­service experience in urban settings fostering both a practical and theoretical understanding  of research based arts integrated education. Completed   a   Language   and   Culture   Focus   Area   in   Art   History   and   focus   on   Arts   integrated   learning  through the study of the Reggio Emilia Approach. Minority Teachers Scholarship 09/07, 09/08, 09/09, 09/10, 09/11  Columbia College Chicago Retention Award 09/10, 09/11

STUDENT TEACHING Fall 2009­2010/ Spring 2011                                                                            Chicago, IL Norman A. Bridge Elementary Student Teacher 3rd grade  

Assisted and taught a group of 31 children for 15 weeks in a Chicago Public School. Planned, implemented and assessed curriculum in all subject areas. Proficient in Saxon Math, Guided  Reading and Writing workshops.

Implemented an integrated Chicago unit designed to build on and further develop children’s understanding  of the city in which they live. Designed an integrated Solar Energy unit designed to advocate for reducing, reusing and recycling  resources and materials.

Helped in Proctoring the 3rd grade I­SAT

                                                                         Baker Demonstration School                                                  Wilmette, IL Practicum 3rd grade •

Assisted a group of 18 children for 15 weeks 

Responsible for Read Aloud and Arts based activities Planned lessons for all subject areas

        Thomas J. Waters                                                                    Chicago, IL Student Teacher, Kindergarten

• • • •

Assisted a Diverse group of 30 Children for 15 weeks Responsible for Group time and arts based activities Created a documentation panel to display process and learning outcomes of Story Dictation with children   Planned lessons for all subject areas      

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Fall 2010/ Spring 2011                                                                              Chicago, IL Arts in Early Childhood Workshops                                                             Columbia College  Chicago: 

Visual Thinking Strategies           

57th Street Book Fair  

Facilitated Crown Making Table

                                                                              Reggio Emilia, Italy          Dialogues on Education: International Study Group Tour

Participated in a 3­ Day conference of discussions, school tours and lectures about the educational  philosophy of Reggio Emilia.



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