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Belfort vs Bisping Live Struggling with a Poor Signal? Do You Ever Consider Getting a Cell Phone Repeater?If you live out in the sticks where your cell phone reception is kind of spotty, is there anything you can do short of build your own cell phone tower right outside your house? As a matter of fact, you can build one right inside your house.

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When you get one of these devices, to begin with, you're not going to be complaining about dropped calls as much. You'll have better voice clarity, and everyone is going to think that you just moved into an urban area for the kind of clarity your voice has on a call. There are two kinds of cell phone repeater - the direct connect signal enhancer and the cell phone repeater system. The direct connect system can be a little trouble - you install your outdoor antenna, connect it to a two-way amplifier, and connect your cell phone to that amplifier with an adapter cable. It kind of turns your cell phone into a landline phone, sort of. It can be a drag. But you don't use this for no reason - it works great when you live in parts that get practically no cell phone signal. There is the problem that you have to be tethered to a cable of course. The other problem is that if there is more than one cell phone in your home, you'll find people waiting in line behind you - the system can only support one phone at a time. A much better idea of course would be the wireless cell phone repeater system. It's kind of an elaborate set up that you set up outdoors, usually nailed to your wall. You have your antenna, your bidirectional amplifier for all the frequencies that your cell phone service operates on, an antenna indoors to catch the signal that your outdoor set up has sending in to you, and cables to hook everything up. Your outdoor antenna catches the signal from wherever your carrier's cell phone tower is, has it amplified by the amplifier, sends it to your indoor antenna, which then sends a nice strong signal to everywhere in your house. Not only can a system like this cover a really large house with strategically-placed repeater antennas everywhere, it can take as many cell phones as everyone around the house has - all talking at the same time.

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Struggling with a Poor Signal? Do You Ever Conside...

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