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In the Business Department at Colton Hills you will be introduced to a wide range of resources to complete your courses.

Colton Hills is one of the first centres in the UK permitted by the government to deliver The Diploma in Business and Retail courses.

The main types of resources to consider are: Course materials. These include this student guide, all the materials on the Edexcel website, all the information given to you during induction, the text books, the handouts and notes you make in class. People These include your teachers, your colleagues at work placements, your relatives and friends who have particular skills. These people will help you if you are polite and well prepared.

This is an exciting, new course which involves employers working with the learners either in school or in the workplace for 50% of their time. The Diploma is designed to prepare young people for work or further study without limiting their future options.

Your own skills and abilities As you work through this guide being well organised and using your time wisely are invaluable skills and they will make all the difference to your final grade. Other vital skills include being able to recognise and extract key information from a book, being able to summarise and able to type up your work quickly and accurately. Equipment and facilities. The Business Department at Colton Hills has extensive range of text books and journals, they are there to be used so do not hesitate to ask. The Business Department has also access to Room 28 where there are over 20 PCs where there is access to the internet to do research.

“A doing department and not a passive department�


Be SMART about Time There are several skills you need: 1. Record important dates in advance. Enter assignment final deadline dates. 2. Plan your work. Estimate how long each task will take. For example, you estimate that an assignment will take you one hour to plan, six hours to research, four hours to type and one hour to check. Therefore you need at least 12 hours to do the work. 3. Regularly review your progress. You need to check regularly that you are on schedule. 4. SMART TIME. You may be tempted to burn the midnight oil to keep up-to-date. However, no one does their best work when they are over-tired. You need to practice a little more self-discipline. Aim to complete a fixed amount of work and then give yourself a treat.




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Colton Hills Hosted Charismas Business fair 2008-09

AN Educational Visit to Cadbury World

Be SMART about your course At Colton Hills we offer FOUR types of BTEC qualifications and each has a different number of units. 1. BTEC First Diploma has 6 units and is offered to Year 10/11 as a two year course, this is equivalent to 4 GCSEs. 2. BTEC First Diploma in Retail. We offer it to Year 12 students as a one year course. which is also equivalent to 4 GCSEs. 3. BTEC National Certificate has 12 units and is offered to Year 12/13 students as a two year course, this is equivalent to two A’ Levels 4. BTEC National has 6 units and is offered to year 12 students as a one year course. This is the equivalent of 1 A’ Level.

Year 13 BTEC National Students

Marketing Research Trip to Bull Ring

Knowing about your course means you will be more mentally prepared and know what to expect. Always relate your everyday experiences to the topics you are learning. You can then be alert to information that relates to your studies, whether you are watching TV, reading a newspaper or talking to your family The more alert you are to these opportunities the more you will benefit.

“A doing department ” Year 12 Students

Year 12 & 13 Students

Business Department  

Business Department