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The Spirit Of The Light Horsemen

“In the desert we have written our names� (Motto of the Desert Mounted Corps).


Col Stringer

About The Author Col Stringer is the author of more than 25 books and publications with sales of over 300,000 copies. His books ‘800 Horsemen’ and ‘Fighting McKenzie’ were listed number 12 and 29 in the ABC’s ‘100 All Time Favourite Books’ while his comprehensive book on eagles - ‘On Eagles Wings’ has been recommended by such world famous ministries as Joyce Meyers. In 2004 the Christian University of Florida (USA) conferred a doctorate on him for his research and work in his book ‘Australia’s Christian Heritage’. Col has spoken for such well known ministries as Joseph Prince New Creation Ministries Singapore, Kenneth E. Hagin (Rhema USA) and Kenneth Copeland as well as having spoken at meetings in Federal Parliament Building Canberra and State Parliament Buildings in NSW and Qld. His experiences in the Outback and his unique sense of humour has earned him the title of ‘Pastor Crocodile Dundee’. Copyright 2010 Col Stringer Ministries Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, or copied in any form without the prior written permission of the author. While painstaking care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this book it is beyond the scope of the author to guarantee, and thus no responsibility can be taken in the event of error. First printed in 2010 ISBN 978-0-9807674-3-8

The Spirit Of The Light Horsemen

*Courage *Mateship *Sacrifice *Endurance *Humour *Faith

The Spirit Of The Australian Light Horsemen

Us Aussies are an unassuming lot, while we believe it’s OK to applaud someone else, it’s frowned upon to blow one’s own trumpet. Hence many are uninformed of how courageous and effective our ‘Diggers’ proved in the wars in which we have fought. Truely they ‘punched above their weight’! Most are aware of the nation’s heroic ‘Baptism of Fire’ at Gallipoli, when we were merely 13 years old as a nation. But few know the first defeat of the German Afrika Corps, commanded by the famous ‘Desert Fox’ – Erwin Rommel in WW11 was by ‘The Rats of Tobruk’ – comprised mainly of Aussie Diggers. Another heroic achievement took place on the Kokoda Track in WW11. Japan had destroyed the American fleet at Pearl Harbour - and conquered much of Asia – suddenly their Army appeared on our doorstep. Despite what some would have us believe, the first defeat inflicted upon these undefeated Japanese land forces was not by Uncle Sam, but by young Aussie ‘Diggers’ at Milne Bay (PNG). Field Marshall Lord Slim wrote: “Some of us may forget that of all the allies it was the Australian soldiers who first broke the spell of invincibility of the Japanese Army.” Patrick Lindsay wrote in ‘The Spirit of Kokoda’. “If Gallipoli symbolizes the Anzac Spirit in WW1, then Kokoda is its WW11 equivalent….They laid down their lives that their friends might live. Greater love hath no man than this.” During the Korean War almost a million Chinese swept over the frontier driving the United Nations forces before them. The US Army was in full retreat and desperately needed breathing space; so an urgent call went out to the 3rd RAR (Royal Australian Regiment). They, along with some Canadian troops were ‘selected’ to hold the line against thousands of Communist troops. These magnificent Aussies held their ground for 3 days, thus buying the UN forces valuable time to regroup. For their heroic efforts the Regiment was awarded a US Presidential Citation.

And what of the battle of Long Tan (Vietnam), a mere 108 Aussie Diggers of 6RAR took on 2500 seasoned Viet Cong troops and won. Section Commander Ross summed their victory up this way. “….the comradeship, the valour …..the legend of Anzac upheld.” We also honour the efforts of our men/women who served in Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan and our SAS - second to none among the world’s elite fighting men. But few are aware how it was the Australian Light Horse who were largely responsible for the liberation of Jerusalem from centuries of Muslim rule. In arguably the most world changing battle in which Aussies ever foughtthey not only decidedthe outcome of the war, but a nation as well – Israel! Despite the efforts of 11 Crusades, the military genius Napoleon, or 60,000 British troops (in their assault on Gaza) the city to which Jesus will return, remained firmly in Turkish hands. Then came the fateful day of 31st October 1917 - 400 years to the day the Muslims had captured Jerusalem. 800 Aussi e Light Horsemen mounted a miraculous charge to capture the Biblical Wells of Beersheba. They won an astounding victory that opened the gateway to Jerusalem – God’s chosen city. So does this monumental victory hold any significance for young Australians today? What can we learn from these magnificent young men – some as young as 14 years of age? What enabled them to overcome such horrendous odds and remain so cheerful under such atrocious conditions? I believe the answer to that question is summed up in the attributes that best describe ‘The Spirit of the Light Horsemen’. *Courage *Mateship *Sacrifice *Endurance *Humour *Faith. Yes, the ‘ANZAC Spirit is alive today! But one thing is for certain, if we lose this Anzac Heritage we will lose the very character and spirit that make us what we are as a people! Col Stringer

The Spirit Of The Light Horsemen

“Without the involvement of the Australian Light Horsemen I doubt if there would be a modern nation of Israel.” (Kelvin Crombie -'Anzacs, Empires and Israel's Restoration') “Had the Anzac Mounted Division....been disabled in the early days of the Sinai campaign, it's extremely doubtful if Palestine would have fallen...” (H. S. Gullett -The AIF in Sinai and Palestine').

The Spirit of the Light Horse  
The Spirit of the Light Horse  

What can we learn from our Anzac Forefathers? This book shows the Courage, Mateship, Sacrifice, Endurance...of the Light Horse. Contains som...