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Once upon a time, there was a family called Adams. It was composed by: Mr. Richard, the dad, he was angry and emotionless but loved gardening, Mrs. Giulia, his wife, was creepy but lovely. There were also three kids, but they weren't important. Jeremy, 16, Matthew, 14 and Daniela, 5 years old. Mr. Richard worked hard as a employee at the company which wanted to expand their business, therefore he was transferred to Romania. The Adams Family were moving to a big and old house in Transilvania, more precisely in Elm Street. At their first day in the house, they were having a better look in the rooms. Everybody chose their bedrooms and everything was perfect. They had enough space _ a big kitchen, a great living room, big bedrooms and a beautiful backyard with a large swimming pool, besides the attic, where they found some old video tapes that the last owners apparently had left there, though they did not know the reason. People tend to forget or leave behind what do not mean much... Richard was curious so he decided to watch one of the tapes. It was horrible and scary. It started with a black empty screen, then, a tree appeared. The black empty screen appeared again. The tree one more time. However, this time, there were three people hanged on it, with a person behind them, wearing a black mask and covered in blood. Mr. Richard was very disturbed and threw all the tapes away. A month later, Richard was going to grow a plant in his garden when he saw three children hanged on a tree. He walked towards the tree to see who were them. They were his own children. However, they weren't important to anyone, so, he did nothing. Actually, he started crying due to his love for the tree and it was covered in blood. Richard ran back to his house. He needed to plant a new tree– about the children he would worry about them later. When he got into the house, he saw his children, that supposed to be dead, completely alive watching TV in the living room. When he looked at the TV set to see what they were watching, he saw something very disturbing _ it was the same tape that he had thrown in the trash. He was mad and and turned down the TV while shouting at them. He went to the kitchen to look for his wife, but she wasnt there either. When he passed through the living room, he saw something horrible: his new, imported couch was full of blood! His children were stabbed but Daniela, the youngest was shaking and rambling something so her dad came close to hear it and she was saying don't plant the tree again or more three will be killed repeatedly. Then she passed out. Richard got really scared and terrified so he decided to leave that place and start a new life somewhere else away from this haunted place. He was never seen again.

THE HITCHHIKER GHOST Sandley called Derek. "It's time to go, son!" Janette and Gecika finished packing their bags and loaded them in the car. They were going to the Bronks to spend some time with their grandpa. It was a long trip from Chicago to Bronks. Gecika put her headphones on and got in the car. "Take that off, honey, go call your brother." said Janette holding the door open. Gecika nodded and went to get her brother. She put her phone in her pocket as she climbed the stairs and knocked on Dereks's door. "Let's go, dimwit!" said Gecika as she banged on the door. "I'm going, stupid" said Derek Both went down the stairs, Derek was carrying his bag, it was heavy and he was struggling to carry it, but he put the bag in the car with his dad's help. All the family was in the car and they took the road to Bronks. The night that they arrived was rainy and dark, with many lightnings falling from the sky. Gecika was scared of it so she turned her music up and tried to forget about that. But she couldn't... It felt like the lightnings were getting closer and closer every time, and at some point one would hit her. She was so scared that she started crying. Her father was worried so he turned back and tried to calm her down. He wasn't paying any attention to the road, and didn't see that there was a guy crossing the street, and he hit him with the car. He went out of the car to help the guy, and what Gecika feared the most, happened... HER FATHER WAS HIT BY A LIGHTNING. Everyone left the car to help the father. However, they all forgot to help the man who was hitand badly hurt. But the man suddenly, disappeared.

They took their father to the nearest hospital. He had to stay in the hospital for 3 days. On the second day, he was found stabbed in his room. Gecika was the one who found him dead. As soon as she discovered his death, she ran to tell her mother and brother. The three of them ran to the room, when they got there, they found out the corpse of dad had disappeared. Then, everyone that Gecika liked the most started to die . First it was her grandpa, then her grandma, after that her aunt and favourite uncle , her best friends and, at last , her mother and brother. Gecika was alone in the world. For the following months , she felt that she was being followed by a man , then suddenly she remembered , the man who was following her was the man who her father injured on the road. Then , one night she was alone on her room and, she heard a noise and the man killed her The only mesage left was '#Ripgecika'.

Suddenly Dead It was a sunny day, Harry and his friends, Johnson, Wilson and Evelyn were on a road trip to the west, when they saw an abandoned hospital. Without hesitation, all of them decided to break into it. When they all had entered the place and they heard a very loud noise. They looked back and the door was now closed. —What happened?' - Evelyn asked _ terrified and scared.

—The door closed' - Harry replied . He tried to open it, but it was locked —It's locked!' 'But no panic, please'. He begged. Suddenly, the weather started changing, the sky was dark and foggy now. It also started to rain heavily. They were all scared, and attempting to forget their fear, they started talking to each other. About an hour later, they started hearing someone shouting, asking for help. All of them were in shock, static, with an unexplained fear. Harry tried to calm his friends, but it didn't work.The sound had stopped, so they decided to go find another exit.

Walking through the abandoned hospital , their fear just increased, that place looked like a scenario of a horror movie.They were all quiet, no word had been said since they decided to find another exit. After a while walking, they started to listen some doors beating. They also heard some strange noises, this noise was different it looked like people grunting. Harry said to Wilson: —" I'm scared man, stay with me bro!" —" Relax man, I have loved you for so much time, that's why we are getting married and we will never be separate!"

—''I love you too" They held hands. They kept on walking trying to find another exit, but the noises were getting louder and louder. They had already lost all hope, but, at last, they found a room and they immediately went in. As soon as they entered the room, they came across a masked man with an axe on his hand and a young girl down on the floor in front of him. The girl was apparently 16 years old, she was extremely injured, covered in blood with a whipped leg. Her face was terrified, she seemed to have been there for long, while being tortured and hurt .

Then the man looked up towards the four friends and said:

—"до свидания" And, in one movement, he turned around and disappeared. However, he had left the axe in the air and it fell into the girl's neck, who died headless. As she died a gas started to fill up the room. It was a toxic gas and they all died suffocated. They all turned into ghosts. Suddenly the Masked Man came back. He took his mask off and his face was reveled. He was identical to Harry. All the four friends screamed out loud in despair. They did not realize they were dead now!

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Rachel. She had blue eyes and long blond hair, but she had no arms. At school, everyone made fun of her because she was handicap and she had no friends. At home, her parents were addicted and alcoholics, they usually screamed at her, or even punch her. But, Rachel was only 14, and she had been through a lot, so she was also very depressed. Rachel created an imaginary friend called Johanson, who helped her dealing with her problems. Every day, when she returned from school, she would spend several hours talking to him about her personal problems. She was starting to get better, but something happened. Little by little, Johanson started to change, he started to act strangely and started being rude to her, which made her be even more depressed again. She started having problems to sleep, she always had nightmares... Rachel was worried about it, Johanson was her only friend, and she didn't want to lose her imaginary partner. One day, when Rachel arrived from school, her dad, for no reason started to punch her, with no mercy. When Rachel was almost fainting, Johanson pushed Rachel's dad and he hit a wall, making him bleed and shout, the pain was huge. He didn't know who had hit him, because there was only him and Rachel in the house. Every day she started to get more bullied at school, she got down and she thought about running away from home. But there was a problem, she couldn't open the door. She started kicking the door until she broke it open. Her dad heard the noises of the door being slammed and ran after her. She hid in the woods and found a cabin where she started to live. The cabin was owned by a man named Jack, and when he went off the woods to spend some time hunting, he found a girl living in his house. Of course he got very mad at her but he didn't do anything, until one rainy and dark night. He entered the cabin and violently cut her legs, leaving her without arms and legs. Johanson got very mad at Jack and revenged his old friend Rachel, the ghost opened the man's head and chest and took out his brain and heart off. Jack was laying on the ground dead and paralyzed, just like the girl he killed, Rachel.

| The Adoption |

It was a rainy night when Ross was coming back from his fiancĂŠ's house. He had just broken up with her, after a long time dating. He was thinking about her and how he could make their relationship work, but it didn't seem possible. What moved him to think about it, was that he really wanted to have a child. Suddenly, a thought rushed through his mind: he didn't need her to have a child, he could adopt one and raise it by himself. He couldn't wait for tomorrow, and wasn't that late, so he went straight to the adopting center. By the time he got there, he talked to a receptionist and she said that the kids were already sleeping, so he would have to come back in the morning. He left thinking about the child he would adopt, and when he turned around facing the windows, he saw a little girl looking at him, smiling. He smiled back and she waved at him. She had brown, long hair, and her eyes seemed to glow, but not in a positive way. Ross made a decision: he knew he was going to adopt her. He got home and tried to sleep, but he couldn't; he kept staring to the clock waiting for the sun to rise, and when he realized, it was already morning. He went back to the adopting center, which was already open. He described the little girl that he had seen last night and asked to meet her. The receptionist made a very surprised face, and asked if he saw her awake in the night before. He agreed and without saying anything, she went upstairs to get her. A thought came into her mind: "Why would this guy that seems nice wants to adopt her? She has brought so many problems to us... Well, it would be a good thing if she left; at least we would have some peace." When she got upstairs, after a while, the girl was ready to leave, so they finished the documents and the new family left to their home. When they got there, Ross asked her: "Why were you walking alone that day late in the night?". She said: "I couldn't sleep. He wouldn't let me". "Who is he?". "I can't tell you, he'll be mad at me''. ''Please Jaqueline, tell me''. ''Toby''. ''Who is Toby?''. ''the person behind you'' Ross felt a hand touching his shoulder. He quickly turned around but to his surprise, there was no one there. When he turned back around the girl wasn't there anymore. He panicked as he searched for the girl throughout the house. He saw a fresh blood leading to the basement, Ross didn't think twice, he entered the basement, when the lights went out and the interruptor was broken. He then felt a push from behind as he fell from the stairs. He hit his head on the floor and his skull cracked. Blood splurged out of his head as he slowly died, and the last thing he saw was a man holding the girl on his lap.

My little brother, my paretns and i, were finally on vacation and so we decided to travel to Penterville. My mom found an amazing resort for us to stay. On Sunday used to leave home and fly to a city near Penterville. There was no airport there. We rented a car and began our 4 hour trip. I was really tired so I slept the entire trip when suddenly a huge noise woke me up. The car's engine had just broken and we were on the middle of nowhere in a creepy road. It was getting darker and there were only a few light poles. We were alone and desperate, my mom decided to walk a little bit to see if there was any place for us to stay at, and my young brother went with her. After a while they came back and told us that there was a motel where we could stay and rest for a night and we could try to solve the car situation, so we all walked for a while till we could reach the place to spend the night. The motel was old and the walls were torn, also there was nothing around it but dozens of trees. There was only another couple staying there. The receptionist was a middle aged woman and she looked very miserable. She said to us that in a place like that it would take two days for the car repair to come, and we would have to wait. So, we booked two rooms that were close to each other and shared the same bathroom; the beds were creaking and the shower was dirty and oldish. It disgusted me a little to be honest. At night there were a lot of

strange noises, so it very hard to sleep. In the following morning, we all went to eat something while my dad went to find someone to fix the car and in last option, get another car. Finally, in the afternoom he found someone that had a little office in the middle of the woods. They started to make arrangements to take the car to the office and it just happened in the last light of the day.We waited my dad for a couple of hours but he hadn't arrived, he was taking too long, so we went to the little office. When we arrived there , we opened the old door and suddenly we saw a creepy man staring at us with a big sword and my dead head's in his hand. We all screamed and was terrify. My mom started to throw things at him to slow him down. When I was running to the door with my brother I saw the man's car key so I took it and got in the car with my brother. We shouted to my mom get in and she ran to us and got in the car. We tried to start the car's engine but it wasn't working. The man was trying to break the glass but finally the engine started and my mom ran over that crazy man and got in the way to Penterville, where we get to learn that he was the wanted and crazy man.

The Killing Disease Did you know that everyone can suffer from depression? Approximately 2 people in a group of ten will suffer at least once from depression in their lifetime. It is rather sad, but that happy little boy from your condominium can suffer from this mental disease. This was Shoshana's disease. Since she was a child she always felt alone and unwanted, she didn't have many friends and at night her parent used to hear her crying herself to sleep. But as she got older she seemed to be improving but at one specific night, she was babysitting her pretty little niece when she felt all those feelings coming back even stronger than before. She started to freak out and grabbed the kitchen knife because of an old habit and walked over to the living room, where her niece was watching tv. She looked at her and smiled. She held the knife strongly like she was fighting against the thought, but all of a sudden it happened. Her niece was lying on the carpet with a large stain of blood spread on the floor below her. She had killed the girl. Then, she couldn´t do anything, she stood there staring at the body, when the main door opened and her aunt and uncle along with her parents walked in. The moment they realized what had happened, they were shocked. Everyone was in silence until her parents asked Shoshana what happened. She answered calmly that she killed he niece, and a smile appeared on her face, that went ear to ear. On the next morning, Shoshana was sent to the mental illness hospital outside the town, alone. When she got there, a woman told her that she wouldn't see her parents for about three months. They gave her a new set of clothes and shoes without lace; they couldn't risk anything. The doctor thought that she would be sad with the idea of not seen her family, but, actually, she was happy, because she hated them and wanted to punch them. Also, she was glad that this new "home" was a new start for her life, so she could do things differently. After a month, the daily routine was already normal for her, but, also, it was too boring so she started to walk on the house garden nonstop for a few days. One day, in the same garden, she heard a different voice calling her to the middle of the woods. Shoshana was too bored so, without thinking, she followed

the voice. This was the worst mistake she had ever done. When she finished following the voice, she only found a knife on the floor and without thinking twice, she grabbed the knife and headed back to the asylum. There was a patient there who annoyed Shoshana deeply. Everyday he would steal Shoshana's things and would pretend he was her friend. He was a kleptomaniac. When she arrived other room she saw him getting her hair brush and turning around to leave. "Hey Shoshana, I was lending your brush if there is no problem." Shoshana said nothing as she approached him and grabbed the knife. She started stabbing him on the chest and going down on his stomach nonstop as the patient screamed and eventually fell to the ground. She continued stabbing the dead body over and over again. She then put the knife to the face of the body and started skinning the face. Guards came running to Shoshana and before she could react the guards tased her and she passed out. But now her fate was sealed, she would be imprisoned forever.


Once upon a time, long time ago, it was a beautiful day: the sky was blue and clear. Few clouds were on the way. A wedding took place in the most beautiful church of the city. Everything was going well, as except for the awkward guest who sat on the furthest sit away from the altar. A woman arrived and she was dressed in black, with hideous makeup. She was hiding something inside her dress. A bridal music started playing and everybody in the church stood up. When the bride stepped in the church, the strange woman took a gun from inside the dress and shot everybody. Firstly, she shot the bride and, then she shot the guests one by one, including herself. Two years later, the incident was forgotten, everything was solved. The church where such a fate had happened was close to a very small city where Sam's family was spending the weekend. Sam and his cousins were very playful and they were very bored and decided to search for adventure. They saw a weird church hiding behind some trees and it seemed as if the place was haunted. They kept feeling an unwanted presence and they realized something was wrong. They decided to enter it anyway. Inside the church there was no light, and all over the floor there were old bloodstains, but the kids thought it was just dirt that accumulated through the years. One of the cousins suggested that they played hide and seek, and everyone agreed. He counted until thirty and everybody hid. Sam ran and hid in the furthest sit from the altar, but when he sat he looked to his side and there was a woman right next to him. She had a pale face and she was wearing a wedding dress. They stared at each other for a while, and calmly she said "Here, was the place that the woman who ruined my big day was sitting." Sam got very curious and asked her what happened. She told him the tragical story, of how, when she took one step into this same church, she was shot and everything went black. When she opened her eyes, she saw everyone on the floor with bullet holes on their chest, including the love of her life. Right next to her she saw a woman with a shot on her head, and everything went clear on her mind; she started to cry. So she continued telling the story and that the woman she saw was her best friend, but Sam got very confused, so the bride explained more. Her best friend was in love with her future husband, but when he proposed to her, the murderer got very mad and did everything in her reach to ruin the wedding, but she couldn't. The only thing that she could do on the final moment was to kill her, and she did. Ever since she was never able to leave the place, and Sam didn't know what to do or to say, so he hugged her and said he was very sorry for her. In that moment, the woman felt lighter than she have ever been. And she vanished through the air, leaving nothing behind. She was a free soul from now on!

POSSESSED Once upon a time there was a happy family who lived in Ohio. Samantha, the mother, was very kind and generous. James, the father, was funny, good mood personality and playful. Kylie, the daughter was a lovely young girl and there was Bob, the dog, who had anger issues. One faithful day, Kylie started to feel bad, she couldn't breath and started to have some aches in her lung, so she was taken to he hospital. After a lot of exames, the doctors were sure, unfortunately she had cancer and needed a special treatment. The family looked for all sort of options but the only solution they could afford was to move to Lima, Peru, in a house that was near the clinical, where she would have her treatment. The house they were staying was old fashioned, creepy and close to a church. It was so scary that it gave Kylie chills. The inside was big and dark, and Kylie's bedroom was in the end of the hallway, it had really bad lighting and had dust that had accumulated through the years This was not the only problem Kylie was facing. She also suffered

homophobic gesture in the school, so she thought that all the weird things that were happing to her were being done by bullies. But things started to get real dangerous and serious on the third week of their living in the new place, Lima. It was late at night and she felt desire to go to the bathroom, and when she was near there she started to hear a dripping noise. She thought it was the shower but as she walked in, she saw something written on the mirror. It said You're the next. She looked down and saw her beloved dog, Bob and realized this wasn't just some trick, she was dealing with the supernatural. She looked again in the mirror and an old nun with red eyes was moaning was inside of it. She was pointing to Kylie and she got so scared that she ran out of the bathroom to her room and tried to call the police. When finally someone answered it was the nun telling her she was the next one. Kylie looked back and saw the nun holding a cross and moving towards her. Kylie tried to defend herself but the nun threw the cross on her head and so she fell down. When the police finally came, the only thing remaining in the house was the cross.