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I just can't believe it's summer and I'm going to go to this dull farm again, all of my friends are going to the beach! I'm so mad with my father, we're only going there because of her! My step-mother is only with him because of his money, and my father poor him can´t notice it. She`s mean who tries to play the victim every single moment, but I know she is pure evil. I can`t stand one minute in front of this mean lady, and I must tell my father, but he won't believe me. Anyway, here we go. After five long endless hours on the road we finally got there. It seems that I'm the only one who noticed that everything is placed in a different place, it was probably the new housekeeper, so I didn't care much. It's already 9 o'clock, I think I'm going to bed, after all there is nothing much to do in this house. I can't sleep. I am quietly reading my book on my bed. I think I heard something. It must be just the wind. I heard it again! I'll check it. I leave my room and go to the kitchen, where the noise is coming from. Am I the only one who`s hearing such a noise? Oh my God, I can see bloodstains! Oh my God, I thought to myself 'I'm hearing the noise of a sharp knife it might be a Tramontina one, it has a fast sharp cut.' I was brave, my heart

started beating faster, but then I went in. When I entered the kitchen, I saw the old housekeeper cutting some tomatoes and making some sauce. I got furious at him! Who on earth would make tomato sauce at 1am?! I asked him what was he doing there the middle of the night, he didn't reply. The next week went well, but the housekeeper didn't say anything more than waht was really necessary until one day when I woke up and again he was in the kitchen, but this time he wasn't cooking, he was having a seizure. I started to scream, but there was nothing I could do for him, so he started to say some things in a strange language and scream. A called my father, but he wasn't at home, so I started to run, but he appeared in the front door and I tried to out run but he had becoming super fast and he got me, when he touched me, I felt strange andI noticed that my skin was burnt...then I woke up and realized that was just a dream even though his hand was still marked on my right arm... Was it a nightmare or some virtual reality?

Once upon a time there was a girl called Rose Mary. She was sweet and young, but she was always afraid of everything. Rose was certain that she could dead people, but no one believed her, not even her mother did. One day, Rose disappeared out of the blue. Her family was desperate and kept looking for her for for long months. Everyone thought she was dead, but the family disagreed. they were hopeful! On a rainy day, her mother opened the front door and for her unexpected surprise, she found a girl lying down on the floor, nearly frozen. All of a sudden the girl opened her eyes and her mother recognized her: The girl was Rose Mary! Her

mother, Melissa, brought her inside the house and covered her with a warm blanket. The parents were surprised with her return. They felt relieved and extremely happy.The family got together and they asked her what had happened. She was talking about a journey to the unknown world where dead people would look for peace. It wasn't making any sense. Melissa and her husband, Jerry, were terribly worried with their daughter, she wasn't the same anymore, she had spent 4 months away and when she returned she didn't want to talk about what happened. At night, Rose got up and started walking around the house. Her mother heard the noise and went downstairs to check what was going on. When she saw Rose, she was a little bit scared, and when she got closer, she heard Rose saying nonsense sort of things, and when Rose saw her she fell on her mother´s arms, so she took her to her bedroom. The following morning at the breakfast Rose's mother asked if she remembered something from previous night, and Rose replied, she didn't. A year passed and strange things kept happening with sweet and young Rose. Sometimes she forgot her own name. She even tried to kill herself once. She had a severe breakdown. She always looked to be depressed, and everybody tried to help her, but no one could understand her. Her parents called doctors several times, but they couldn't understand her situation. One day, the family was watching the movie 'The Exorcist' and had the brilliant idea to call someone who was attached to the Church, just like the priest from the movie. They heard of someone called Blood Remover, Lil' Johnny Blood Remover. When Blood Remover got in the house, he said ''Oh yeah! I think I'm feeling something ma`am!". Then he came up to the price: It would cost a half million dollars to exorcise Rose. The parents agreed. He climbed the stairs of the house and entered in the girl's room. Lil' Johnny (or Blood Remover) was certain that the girl was possessed. And he picked up his bible and started doing his preaches. The girl started to get mad and started to shout. But he didn't stop. Soon, the girl was acting normal and remembered everything that happened in the years she was missing (possessed). The parents started crying and thanking Blood Remover. He just said "She is cured now. What about my money ma'am?" The family was grateful for him, so they gave him the money. They never heard about Lil'Johnny anymore.

THE STRANGE CASE OF WILLIAM Long ago, lived a man called William, lived a happy life in west London, with his wife, Sophie, and his only son, Gustave. One day, Sophie got badly ill. In her death bed, she gave him a ring, her bronze family ring, so he would never forget her. It was a beautiful ring, with thorns decorating its center, where there was also carved a rose. It honored her family, the Blackthorns. Gustave, not bearing to see his mother ill, fled to the Continent. He decided to go to New York.

When Sophie died, William was alone. He missed her every day of his life. Two years had passed and he met a woman. She was intelligent and helped him with his job. They fell in love with her and that was quickly but she didn't want to get married for some reason. One day, when he woke up she wasn't in his house. He looked for her everywhere but unfortunately, he couldn´t find her. "Have you seen the lady that has been living with me?" he asked one of the next door neighbours. "Who? I thought you were single since your wife died." He started wondering what was going on, how could no one ever see her. Will went back to his house and waited for her at the library, his favorite place. He picked a book about science fiction about the dead world. Tt mainly talked about dead souls on Earth trying to find peace. The chapter that talked about the people who could these souls was torn. Suddenly, he heard a voice, turned back and saw his wife. She was wearing a white long dress, she was beautiful, delicate face, but she was as pale as a ghost. That was when Sophie whispered: "Do not try to fix and read this chapter! It will deeply disturb you..." She disappeared ,leaving William alone and scared, he could barely believe it! He didn't know what to do. That thought haunted him forever, he was sure Sophie existed but no one knew the lady. He'd gone mad. He tried to forget that episode, but he wasn't able to . Flashback kept him from living his life again. One day William saw his wife sophie calling him into the woods. She was smiling and seemed quite happy. He followed her. A week later Will was found dead on the main lane inside the woods. His son got a letter to go back to England. This boy was never seen again as well...

Once there was a really strange family who lived just by the main church, They were known and called The Alfreds. They would go there every day to pray, but they weren't Christians. Everybody in town knew them, and many feared them as well. The Alfreds didn't work or had any sort of activity. They looked strange, they behaved in weird manners and just left their house to go to church. Their neighbors always said that they heard strange noises from their place, screams at night, but no one ever dared to investigate. It was a Sunday morning, the day of the main mass ritual at the church. The woke up and after breakfast, as usual, there the Alfreds went, to the church. They took the same places, on the corner of the church, as they got closer they realized that there was already someone there. It was a new family, a couple and their two kids, a girl and a boy. The Alfreds didn't recognize them, they were probably new in town. They got really mad that outsiders were stealing

their places at their most sacred place, but they got to ignore it, they couldn't fight in church. After hearing the prayers and the mass, the Alfreds went to the church cemetery to visit their family tomb. There they left little gifts in respect of their souls. Every morning, the gifts were gone. No one would assume that they were stolen by some passerby, but the cemetery had cameras, so it was possible to see that in one moment the gifts were there and in the next they were all gone, without anybody touching them. The next day the new family was sitting in the same place at the church. The Alfreds went to talk to them because this was their place. The other family refused to leave so the Alfreds began to argue with them and both families were kicked out of the church for such a disrespectful act inside the holy house. A week later, everyone in the town saw the foreign family packing their things really fast with frightened faces, they seemed to fear something, but no one got to know what or who they were afraid of. This wasn't the only strange thing that had happened, the priest from the church was missing. No one will ever know what really happened, but at the same day the Alfreds were in their places at the church, with sarcastic smiles on their faces.

The screams were constant for a week. She didn't know if they were in her head or not, but she knew they didn't allow her to concentrate on anything except for the memory. The memory was real, she was sure of it. Sure, it made no sense whatsoever, but it was so vivid, so real, it couldn't be a part of her imagination. The blood felt warm, the corpse was as cold as in reality, and the victim's pain was similar to her's. The woman felt attracted to the scene. It was the only thing she was certain of. Everything else, the hospital she was in, the transfusions, the family, and the screams, all felt like a scene from a movie, a lie for everyone except for her. She'd rather live in the memory than the present. The present was cruel, fake, disgusting. She was stuck in a hospital bed, close to hundreds of other patients, in a daily cycle of torture and blood transfusions. She had endured that for so long, she didn't even remember for how long, or how had been her life before it, she just had that memory, the one that had so much pain all over, but her will to find out what the memory meant was what got her through the day, so she didn't mind. She let her mind drift in the scene of blood and blades, of death and suffering. If she didn't, everything that she would have were white beds, people in white coats, needles and her blood transfusions. The more she drifted in the memory, the more detailed it got. When it first came to her, all she could see was a pool of blood with a dagger lying in it. Now

she could see movement. A girl in a white dress, with a dagger in her hand, a men in a black tux, handling a short sword, they advancing into each other, crashing in a dance of blades and fighting, until he disarms her, and drives his blade into her heart. Her white dress turns slowly scarlet as she tumbles to the ground, letting her dagger fall. That's the part where the memory has stopped, drifting into blackness, as the victim starts to feel cold and her life slips through her hands. After all that nothingness meaningless lifeless of hers, one day, everything broke: she saw the man of the memory, totally alive, in the hospital, dressed as a doctor. Then she called her nurse.

"Mrs Cunningham, could you come here for a second, please?" "Yes, I'll be there in a minute ,darling." When Mrs. Cunningham arrived she wasn't alone. The cruel man that had tried to kill her was there. She was desperate and started screaming again, but the nurse gave her a tranquilizer and she fell asleep. When she woke up the doctor was there. With all her bravery she decided to talk to him and ask why he had done such a merciless act. He was shocked with the question and said that he had saved her life, because it had been a really difficult surgery. She was still confused for a moment but then she got to remember all about it. She was alive and her thoughts were getting quite clear. She survived the big surgery!


After his usual Monday shift, John returned home, knocked on the door and said: "Honey, I'm home!" After a moment he hears her voice coming softly from the house: "Ok, one second". His wife was amazing, she would help him, listen to all of his problems, and even do anything he asked for. She loved him much, unconditionally, and up to certain extent this pissed him off. He never knew why she loved him that way: why would such a sweet and beautiful person love him? He was a failed lawyer, a broke person, a mistake of the system and sure a failure in that society. But that day, she didn't answer the door. He got desperate after waiting for a few minutes on the front door. There was only one possible explanation: it was over. She had

left him, he was alone, all alone, forever and ever, a speck of dust in the middle of the universe, forgotten by all and everything, an insignificant object that did nothing or meant anything to anyone... So he decided to force the main entrance and broke down the door. He had to collect anything of his wife that had remained. Inside the house, he heard a noise coming from the bathroom. He didn't know what it was, but for some reason, he knew it meant danger. The man grabbed a knife from the kitchen, entered the bathroom and, without even looking at it, he killed whatever was in it. Only then, the man looked at the body: there was the unexpected _ his wife, naked, with an expression of pain, stabbed all over and bleeding. He smiled and took her things to him. She'd be his forever. He treated her as if she was alive. He fed her, cleaned her, kissed her and dressed her up as if she had never died.After three days the cops arrived, they had received a report from the neighbors, a strange smell was coming from his house. "Good morning officers, may I help you?". The officer looked behind him and there was a giant bloodstain coming from the bathroom. "We are here to investigate reports coming from your neighbors." "May I know what this is about?" he inquired. At that moment, the cop, who was already impatient, said: "No, you may not, now let us through or there will be severe consequences!"

Hearing that, John gave up and opened the door. As soon as the officer entered the house, he smelled something in the air. It was like someone stored dead bodies in there. The first thing the cop did was go straight to the bathroom, where he had seen the bloodstain. When he opened the door, he saw an enormous bloodstain and a kitchen knife. He immediately make a call with his radio to lock down the house, that nobody came in or out. He also asked to call someone from the madhouse, because John was clearly insane. After doing it, he called the man. "Mr. John, could you please come here?" "Yes, officer." He said, right before he appeared in the room with a gun. "John, what are you doing?" he asked, already feeling fear rising up in his body like electricity. "I know you're here to take her, I won't let you do it, she'll be mine forever." John replied. "John, who are you talking about? Who will be yours forever?" "My wife" he said, and than the bullet was flying through the room and lodging itself in the officers chest. He fell over, not moving. Hearing the gunshot, the cops that were outside the house broke in and immobilized John. He was arrested and taken to the madhouse, where he spent the rest of his life. After that, a search team found in the house John's wife's body almost totally all gone and rotten. He was taken to jail. Finally, one more phyco killer in jail!

JERRY, THE GARDENER It's 8 o'clock. I do my morning routine. I brush my teeth, wash my face and put on my gardener clothes, of course, since I am a gardener. The best in my neighborhood, I work precisely and with no flaws. Every morning, I say hello to my bosses, since I want to get a great payment. They are also my neighbors. Then I get in my car. Today I'm working at Mr. Jerome's garden and I have never worked for him before. He called my number last night and for some odd reason, it seemed he needed me and that was urgent, so I changed my daily shift at Zoe's and now I'm here. He hasn't showed up yet and his house has no sight of life, all lights are off. Curiously, I entered the house, calling for "Mr. Jerome!, Mr. Jerome! Hey, anyone home?" Strangely there was no answer. I touched the doorknob and some strange feeling touched my body. For some reason I didn't want to enter that house, but I

took a deep breath and with a move of courage, I entered Jerome's house.

As I entered, I finally saw Mr. Jerome, hanged. Jerome had learned to be polite as a child, so even though he was dead, he greeted me. "Oh, hello Jerry. I heard much about you. You're a great gardener, aren't you? Well, could you help me in my... situation?" I was flabbergasted, surely going mad. Dead people weren't supposed to talk to living ones. Dead people were supposed to be dead! I ran off the house desperately but he held my shirt and pulled me into the house. He said that he wanted me to take him off the rope. After taking him off, I started questioning him about what had happened, but Mr. Jerome wouldn't answer my questions. He was totally mad. I don't know what happened after this, all I know is that I just woke up in a hospital with lots of people looking at me. I was bleeding and I had a surgery, that was what the nurses said. I stayed at the hospital for a week. When I got home I realized that I hadn't eaten anything at the hospital, so i went to get some food. When i went to the fridge I noticed that I didn't want any food,I was hungry and I wanted to eat something, but it wasn't food what I wanted to eat. I didn't knew what I wanted. I then left my house to go for a walk. Maybe I just needed a little time in the real world. But then, the strangest thing happened. A woman passed me and I smelled the sweetest smell. For some reason, I followed her, I strode to her and started feeling that sweet smell again. After that, everything was a blur. I was reaching for her, turning her to face me and tearing the soft skin of her neck with my teeth. No, not my teeth, my fangs. A sweet sour taste invaded my mouth, and, when I was done, she was lying limp in my arms, clearly dead. I dragged her to my house, and now I'm here, writing, scared of what I've become.

I don't know what to do. This is a call for help S.O.S. Or better, S.M.S. Save My Soul.

It was 1946, in Germany, the second World War had just finished and the world was in piece. A lot of people were murdered, but there was a man who disappeared and nobody knew what had happened to him. His name was tenant Smith, an american soldier who left his battalion in a battlefield, and now, was not alive. He was buried by all the dust that was left by the dead bodies which hit the bloody sand, floor of that battlefield. The war brought him alive, but even when he died, when he was murdered, his body and soul both stayed on earth, seeking for revenge. He rised from his natural graveyard and went to the closest city searching for the man who had killed him. Lucky enough he was next to Berlin, but the world was still divided, as the tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union increased daily. Both of the groups were wrong. Smith had been forced to fight for the Allies, but he knew Hitler and the Nazis were on the right side of history. His murderer, a man called Smith seeked to kill, had betrayed the Axis power, and joined the Soviets in a crucial battle. Now Smith would have his revenge, and

get the goal of preserving the Aryan race one step closer to actually happening. Evan's plan was to murder the traitor, and go to Argentina, where Hitler was possibly hiding. A spirit would be a powerful soldier for the great Fuhrer. The american, without allowing others to see him, walked into a Berlin bar where the traitor was. Smith easily won the fight, and murdered the enemy with his bare hands. Then, the tenant went to South America, and using his new, ghostly abilities, found the best fascist generals and scientists. Adolf, unfortunately, had already died and so as Goebbles. With Smith as a general, the Axis power took over the world, stole all American and Russian nukes, ended the Cold War and put the world in fear and despair. Their reign of terror controlled the entire globe for four decades, until the 80s, when a team of four New York scientists discovered technology to stop spirits from existing.Calling themselves Ghostbusters, ended fascism once and for all, and ensured that the capitalistic USA became the most important country on Earth by the end of the 20th century.


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