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Collaborative Writting

Year 8 Class C 2019


The horror story of Mr. Cars and others! 100 years ago, a man called Mr. Cars was going to his work at the train station. When he arrived, he was frightened by a ghost in the track of the train. The ghost had been haunting the train station since 1752. Everyone was afraid of the ghost, even the bravest men. No one wanted to stay there at night so the train didn’t work from 7:30 PM to 5:30 AM. The ghost was always there haunting the train station. It is said people heard screams coming out of the trains. After having contact with the ghost on the train station, Mr. Cars got really sick, throwing up blood. He remained for 2 days lying in his bed, but it was useless. Although, his wife was by his side all the time, doing her best in order to save her husband, he couldn’t stand it and ended up dying. Surprisingly, on the following morning, that man was found dead on the train station with some ghost goop all over his corpse as if the ghost had spit on him. A group of researchers didn’t believe in that story! In their point of view, it was just some sort of coincidence. Most probably, the man was crazy because of his terrible illness. They wanted to prove that people were wrong about the ghost. They decided to spend a night in the train station in order to check what would happen. They went home so that they could prepare the things they would need, just like: food, flashlight and stuff to sleep.

At night, the group of researchers were at the train station. One of them looked at the clock and it was ten o'clock. There wasn’t any ghost or any strange appearance until then. All the researchers were discrediting the whole situation! When they were almost giving up and going back home, they could hear some strange noise. They got really shocked! Mr Cars was there on the train station! The researchers could see him! The ghost everyone was afraid of! They could feel some kind of vibration taking over their bodies. They all fainted as if they had smelt some poisoning substance. A few moments later, all the researchers were rescued and taken to hospital.


Everything was okay! They were feeling well, but they could not remember anything. After leaving the hospital, they went back to their houses. When they arrived there, they decided to go to sleep because they were very worn out. The next day, they woke up feeling nauseous and started throwing up blood. They were all taken back to hospital again. There, all of them died mysteriously! They became ghosts living on the train station just like what had happened to Mr. Cars!




A long time ago, a boy, who was called Parker at 10 years old, was at the party of his best friend. His best friend Alfie used to play in a little house in the backyard of next door house. That next door house was too scary, in his friend’s mom’s opinion. His friend’s mom used to say that the house was so dangerous that nobody could ever consider the idea of going there. She herself hated the idea of having her son playing there once in a while. Parker was really curious to see what was inside that haunted house. He asked Alfie to go there, although he was afraid about what he had heard on the house. After a long time, Parker convinced Alfie and said it was safe and sound if he could be taken to the house by him. When they arrived at the haunted house, it was already 11:20 PM. They opened the door and they saw a lot of weird things, such as: a floating lamp. At the time when they entered really inside the house, the door closed. They tried to open it, but the door was locked. Parker and Alfie tried to escape by using the windows, but they were locked too. The two kids realized the reason why Parker’s mom had told them not to go there! They tried to find another way to run away from the house. They thought of leaving through the front door, but when they were almost there, it closed immediately. In fact, some strange thing was pulling Alfie down to the floor. Parker went to help him but when he was just going to touch him, something pulled him back. When Alfie woke up he was in a dark room where he had never been before. He asked about Parker, but he wasn’t there. Suddenly, a cold hand touched his shoulder. Alfie started yelling. A voice behind him told him to stop screaming, but he didn’t listen to it and kept on doing that. The hand pulled him back. Later, Alfie’s body was found stabbed in the middle of a forest. Up to nowadays, nobody has ever solved the case of the dark house!o


The Unknown place On an ordinary day, a taxi driver was working at night when suddenly a strange ugly man appeared and asked him for a ride. The taxi driver didn’t refuse the man’s order. The strange man told the taxi driver about his destiny. It was on a distant and gloomy street. The whole path, the man kept completely quiet. When they were almost arriving at their destiny, the taxi driver asked him if he needed anything else. The strange man didn’t say a word. When the taxi driver looked back through the rear mirror, the man had already disappeared. All of a sudden, the man was there in front of the taxi driver’s eyes! Then the taxi driver lost control of his acts and feeling really frightened he ran over the man unintentionally. He got out of the car shaking, but nobody was there. When he came back to the car in order to call the police, the strange man was inside again. He nervously asked what the taxi driver was doing back there again. The taxi driver ran away and the man stole his car. After 2 weeks, the taxi was parked in the garage of his house. There was a note on the back of the car. The note said: “I'm sorry, I had to steal your car. Only especial people can go to the place I wanted. And now it’s your turn to go to this place. Good luck! You will need it!“ After reading that note, his curiosity was bigger than his fear. So he got in the car and the car started driving by itself. The speed was too high, so the car went in the direction of a playground. There weren’t any children there. When he was

When he was going to hit the car, miraculously, the car took him into a portal of a forest. The taxi driver was completely alone. It was very dark and he didn't know what to do. He just searched for food when he found a cabin. He was so hungry and so cold that he ran to the house. There, he knocked on the door, but nobody answered him. He went into the house and searched for some food. When he got to the kitchen, he found a bloodstain and a doll. The doll jumped onto his face holding a knife. That doll simply killed him! It was a murderer doll! When he thought he had just left the alive world, someone woke him up. Luckily, he was in his house! There was a doll by his side. He was very scared when he saw that, but it was just his daughter’s doll. What a nightmare!


Trausi, the soul’s eater One day, a young girl, who had some heart problems, appeared at Yorktown Memorial Hospital. An emergency made everyone, but especially Dr. Willy, surprised. When Dr. Willy was going to the surgery room, the young girl had a collapse and fell down on the floor. After her unusual death, other doctors tried to reach the surgery room without any success. When, all of a sudden, the young girl in the surgery room woke up and started running after the people in the hospital so that she could kill them all. The girl was under no control.

Years ago, in the same town, a man called Steve, who was an exorcist, could help people like that girl. Because he was the only one who had been through the same thing until then. As he was traveling and he was the only man that could stop that sort of problem to keep on happening, nobody else was called. What the community decided was killing her. Dr. Willy was running from the strange girl in hospital, but she could catch him. She pushed him through the window. He died falling down on the street.


When Steve was finally back from his trip, he started examining the case and could conclude that the girl was in fact the monster from the past called Trausi. The monster incorporated human beings and tried to kill them by eating the souls of the corpses. In all this sense, Dr. Willy died because the monster could only eat the soul of the human beings that it had killed at the hospital. The monster was in the body of the young girl. The monster wanted human beings’ souls! Trausi was back again!


Mysterious burning deaths June 17th, 1763. An accident happened at Massachusetts General Hospital. The hospital started burning at midday that day and the reason had been unknown back then. Fifteen people were found dead, but a fireman who was in there, was still disappeared. Even though, there had been investigations, nobody could find the fireman whose name was Jack. A lot of sad families and people were worried about the mysterious event, because almost all the corpses had been found. After about a year, following the event at the hospital, the body of the fireman was finally found. But something strange occurred! He was alive! He had been found in coma. The fireman went through 2 more years in coma in hospital. When he woke up, he started burning and screaming in pain. The doctors didn’t know what was happening to him. They decided to kill him. All of a sudden, the firemangot stronger and stronger and attacked one of the doctors, an old doc. He ended up killing that doctor.

After a while, the fireman stopped burning and came back to his normal state. He couldn’t simply understand what was happening to him. Some years later, the old doctor reappeared in the hospital. The other doctors were very surprised and scared. The doctors asked for many exams on him. None of them worked out. The only one that worked stated that he was at 100 degrees Celsius. That wasn't definitely right. The old doctor even started burning while taking one of the examinations. All the laboratory was in flames! Everyone was screaming and on fire. The same thing happened again, but at that time five people died. After three years, the five people, who had died in the last accident, appeared in the same hospital all together and they were on fire just like three years before. They had fire all over their bodies, although they were alive! They had gotten burning eyes! They were there again in order to find out who had done all that against them. They ran around the hospital up to the old laboratory so that they could have some clues of whom was really responsible for their deaths. All that was useless! Nobody could ever solve that strange burning case at the hospital! Once in a while, the saga of having people being burnt either at the hospital or at the lab came up over and over again!


The Revenge

A boy lived in a big city. He was called Jack. Jack had always been a lonely child. He had an ugly face which was completely full of scars. Due to his face, nobody seemed to believe him, not even his own parents. After of a lot of jokes on him, he decided to lock himself in a basement. No one ever heard of him again. Five years later, it was a stormy day, the place flooded. On that day, the boy decided to leave that place by showing the scars of a young man then. He couldn’t stand that horrible enclosure anymore! He ran away from his own madness, crying with sadness and pain, when suddenly, he was called by a strange and ugly man. That person said to Jack to keep calm and, after a while, he disappeared. Jack kept on running and the man appeared again and advised him to stop. At that moment, Jack decided to stop! When he looked attentively at the mysterious man’s face, he realized that the man that called him was a ghost because he was floating.

The mysterious ghost said that he had been already going elderly for the position of a respectful ghost. In that sense, he thought of him for his replacement. Then, he invited Jack to substitute him. The young man was very happy for the opportunity, because then he could finally have a revenge towards those people who were making fun of him. He accepted it and minutes later he died and turned himself into a ghost. He returned to his old house feeling really mad! On his way to his house, when he was passing by a cemetery, he was pulled by something in the cemetery. He tried to fight against that thing, but it was too strong! He was pulled into a grave where his cries sounded through the walls that were around him. Unfortunately, Jack got stuck there forever! He couldn’t have his revenge done!


A man called Mr. Clark was a person that When they arrived at the house, they went everyone was scared of and mean to, all to the kitchen but they didn’t find the because of his appearance. He used to live bloodstain anymore. They got out from the in a small town called Dutotec. There he house and the bloodstain was in the middle lived in an old house and all the children of of the street. the town thought the house, he used to live For some strange reason, no one knew when he was alive, was haunted by about that! The bloodstain was kind of demons, including Mr. Clark. During his life personified and said: “I am the bloodstain of he was considered to be completely mad. your bodies! I’m going to kill you all!” There was a story about three boys who The boys ran away feeling really frightened entered the house to check out if it was to inner part of the house. They hid really haunted. They thought it was a lie due themselves in the nearest room. They to the fact they were sure they wouldn’t find locked the door and hid under the bed. anything. They were wrong! Just after they They stayed there quietly waiting for some had opened and entered the house, a adult to help them. snowstorm started and a thunder fell over After an hour, they could hear a strange the house. The door was closed! After that, sound. Then they saw something passing the three boys were really scared because through under the door. It was the they were locked. bloodstain! They opened a window and Inside the house, they started searching for jumped out of the house. Two of them an exit. The first room that the boys crossed broke their legs, but not even a drop of by was the kitchen. There they found a blood was leaking out of their bodies. bloodstain in the sink with a dead bird in They ran again in the direction of the street front of it. After the three young boys went and saw their parents coming in a car. They to the basement and saw another asked for help, but they didn’t stop the car bloodstain. They were frightened! They and hit the three boys leaving them to die. started shouting. One of the boys heard someone screaming. The bloodstain was getting bigger and Then he woke up and he was late to school. bigger as time went by. “That is dreadful!”, He realized that nothing was more than a they thought. At the same minute, the three nightmare. boys who had entered in the house to explore, ran as fast as they could. They left that dreadful house and for one year never went back there again. A few years later, the bloodstains started getting spread around and haunting the 3 boys’ house. The boys gathered and went to the haunted house to see what was really happening.


THE GUY A long time ago, there was a man called Guy. He was an old man who hated kids. He was so mean to the children in the neighborhood that he broke their toys and shouted at them nervously. He was known as the most evil man in the city. He mistreated the kids so badly simply for the children not to have fun and smile. Every evening, Guy went to a little hut in the forest nearby the city. As the kids had been curious about what that evil man did at that hut of his, they decided to follow him. When they arrived outside the hut, they noticed that there were a few candles around the house and a lot of voices screaming inside it. Exactly at 3:00 PM, when the voices stopped screaming, a goat opened the door and ran away from the hut. That was a mysterious place! There was nothing for the kids to do there anymore. They came back home in the city, but planning to go bac k. The next day, Guy got out of his house towards that hut. Although, the children were fearful, they chased him again. The forest was completely quiet that day. But, suddenly, voices started being heard. Some people seemed to be screaming inside that place again. Getting to know about all those facts, the kids made up their minds and ran back to the city so that they could be able to call the police.

The next day, Guy got out of his house towards that hut. Although, the children were fearful, they chased him again. The forest was completely quiet that day. But, suddenly, voices started being heard. Some people seemed to be screaming inside that place again. Getting to know about all those facts, the kids made up their minds and ran back to the city so that they could be able to call the police. As it was late at night, the kids gave up the idea of calling the police. Moreover, they decided to follow Guy the next day again. When they entered the haunted hut to see what was happening inside, they saw Guy floating in the middle of the living room. The kids asked what was going on, but Guy kept quiet. Instead of answering the question the kids had just made, Guy pulled out a knife and started going into their direction. The kids tried to throw a rock onto Guy, but the rock passed through his body. Desperately, the kids started screaming for help, but that didn’t work out. Immediately after that, some people, who had been following the kids, could hear their screaming inside the hut. They broke into the place and could rescue the kids who were frightened to death. Nobody heard about Guy anymore! By the time those people had invaded his hut to catch the kids back, he vanished away mysteriously! The kids didn’t dare going into a haunted place anymore!

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Collaborative Writting - Y8 - Class C - 2019  

Collaborative Writting - Y8 - Class C - 2019