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Collaborative Writting

Year 8 Class f 2019


Going Throw hell At a lightning night, a boy called Benjamin was walking alone on the street when he met another scared guy called Trevor. They started talking to one another and became friends sooner. From that day on, they saw each other every day in the same place at the same time. In a cloudy morning, when Ben was having breakfast at his favourite bakery, he began telling the baker about his new friendship. They were talking about Trevor and the baker asked what the name of the person was. Ben told him it was Trevor. The baker looked at him really scared at the sound of that name and said: “Oh my God! He died forty years ago! He used to work for me. Trevor was a good employee until I discovered that he had killed some of my bakers! That’s why I don’t have many bakers in my store nowadays. At that time, I was suspicious, but one day, I saw it with my own eyes. He was murdering John, my best employee. I didn’t know what to do, so I called the police. When they got him, he was saying some weird stuff. He wanted to kill me, but he was accused of murdering a person and got a death penalty. Since then, everybody has been convinced he’s dead. He just left some bread rolls that himself made. They have been probably poisoned!” Ben couldn’t believe it because that would be impossible. He kept on asking himself why a dead man would talk to him. So he went to see Trevor and tell him about the funny story the baker had just told him.

The next day, Ben went to visit Trevor to check that situation out and tell him about the baker’s story. Trevor laughed and asked Ben: “Do you believe him?” and Ben said: “Definitely not!” But Trevor decided to make things clear and said: “You really want to know the truth. So I'll tell you. Forty years ago, I had a car accident and I died”. Ben said: “ What?! This cannot be true!”After thinking over a little bit, Ben remembered that ghosts can pass through walls. Then, he asked Trevor to do that. But the answer from Trevor was totally different from the one Ben expected. He said that he had had a heart attack. He was considered dead, but in fact he was alive. So his explanation was that he wasn’t a real ghost due to the fact his body was still working normally, but his soul was out of him. Ben didn’t believe him He thought that it could not be possible! If he were dead, how come could he be there? Ben was really confused and went home feeling thoughtful and afraid. He couldn’t break up with Trevor because of that. That’s why he decided to help him to go to the dead’s world and make his soul free.


Ben had to find Trevor! He didn’t think twice! He got a knife and went straight to the bakery. When he arrived there, he saw Trevor making a satanic pact with the baker through the window. Trevor also took the baker to the second floor. Ben had to do something, but it was too late. Trevor had already tied a knot around the baker’s neck. He was moaning in pain and bleeding. Trevor opened his belly and pushed him through the window. His guts fell out and the baker died. Ben couldn't kill Trevor. He was his best friend. But he had to do something. When Ben looked through the room, Trevor wasn't there anymore. Ben decided to call the police, but they couldn't find him. Maybe he was looking for more victims…

The following day, Trevor said to Ben that for him to go into the dead’s world, an agreement would be needed. That his soul couldn’t vanish while being alive. Ben had to cut his hands and let the blood fall over Trevor’s head. But Ben didn’t know that was the first step to have someone being killed in his religion. Ben started acting in a strange way as if he were possessed. Trevor thanked Ben, got a knife and left in order to kill someone. The baker was closing the bakery when Trevor kicked the door and tied the baker who fainted later.



"Another victim found dead by the Smile Maker. The body was found in the trails of the South Station. It’s the twelfth victim found with a smile and the eyes inside the mouth. When is he going to stop?” The USA news In the police department, the detective required everyone to do something about the case. It was a scary mystery and nobody knew the murderer’s real face. Even Scott, the most well-trained officer was worried. In fact, the case was horrible. The victims were violently quartered and we have no idea who the murderer is. Moreover, who the next victim will be. The police have advised the population to protect themselves. Jackson Castyan took a fast look at the news and got frightened. What he didn’t know until that moment was that he would be the next victim. The doorbell rang and a woman entered into his house. She was blonde with bright greens eyes and a big mouth. She couldn’t stop smiling. As Jackson had just known about that piece of news and had been very much scared as well as nervous, he made a decision. Having all those bad feelings controlling his mind, he hit the girl and ran away. Although Jackson was scared, he could get to know something that nobody knew. He had discovered who the mysterious girl was. He had seen her face right in front of him! At least he could help the police find the girl

Running against the time, he went straight to the police station. The police told him that they were going to do their best to solve that criminal case. Jackson thought carefully about the police work and decided that he, himself, was going to solve the case. After several days of hard work, Jackson had already had an idea of whom the smile maker was. Her name was Isabella Lake. He found out that she didn’t have parents and that she was living illegally in the USA. She probably wanted some sort of revenge, he thought. He discovered that she lived in a poor neighborhood, where everybody hated the police, so he was alone on the operation. When Jackson arrived at her house, he saw that nobody was there. So he broke up a window and got inside. The place was really scary, with bloodstains everywhere. But the scariest thing was a door that probably ended leading people to a basement. He got his gun and went down the stairs. It was all dark when suddenly a flashlight pointed to the smile maker: only her face was shown. After some seconds, the flashlight went off. He was terrified, tried to run but the door closed, tried to shoot but it was all dark. His death was confirmed.


Something for dinner One day, Caco, who were the best historian of the USA, had been invited to go to Egypt in order to find out about a famous mummy. But they knew that the place was very dangerous and their life was in risk, because local people had a lot of stories telling us the place was haunted. They were all very scared, but the payment was too good. So they decided to face that challenge and go for it. When they got there it was all very okay. They thought that nothing bad was going to happen, but they were wrong. Caco and his team had already been looking for the mummy, working night and day, but nothing about the body. One year passed by  and nothing had been solved! They decided to give up. They were already flying back, when, suddenly, something unexpected happened, the plane turbines exploded. The airplane was falling down, everybody was in panic. Caco woke up, his ears had some sort of buzzing. As he looked around, he could see the wreckages of the plane.He was in a dark forest and all his body was extremely painful. Then he

realized that he was trapped by one of the parts of the plane. The historian spent all night long without being able to wiggle. It was the most sorrowful night of his life. The next day in the morning, Caco tried to move, but it was unsuccessful. He needed help, but nobody showed up! Then he yelled for help for quite a long time. Suddenly, he heard some noise throughout the woods and it looked like a conversation. He figured out he was speaking in another language. He said hello in a lot of languages but none of them worked out. Then, he felt something hitting his head in a strong way. It was the survivors of the accident, who had found him among the plane wreckage. After all that, getting together back again, Caco and the others survivors went to a glade and had a campfire done. The survivors could count on some food that remained from the plane accident, but they would have to find some more food as soon as possible. The group thought they were safe. But, unfortunately, they weren’t.


All the survivors decided to go to the middle of the jungle to try to find some food. When they were close to a big rock, they started hearing some noise and roars. One of the members of the group got quite frightened! When he looked back, he saw a big bear with a lot of scars, some old fur and one of the eyes was completely white. The bear attacked him and he couldn’t survive after all. Some time later, the survivors went back to the place where the first one had been dead by the bear. They found his body covered with blood. The bear was eating him all. That beast looked at the group and began to run towards them. The animal jumped onto one of them. The others couldn’t stop running! Unfortunately, as one of them was left behind, they lost one more member of their group. When they arrived back at the glade, they were quite scared, but decided to find the bear and kill it. They started preparing spears, swords and torches. Caco was too much frightened! He had even considered the fact of giving up the mission. But, he decided to go on. They approached again to the

“crime scene” and they could see the bear taking the body of the other survivor into a cave. They began to run in the direction of the bear and screamed: “Attack!” But the bear was too much strong for them and attacked all of them. They could hit the bear with some spears, but it didn’t cause too much damage. The bear killed all of them. The only who didn’t die was Caco, who could run away to the cave. He was shaking of fear behind a rock. He was planning to attack the bear from behind. Caco started hearing some noise of the bear bringing the bodies into the cave. Caco knew he was going to die. When he perceived the bear was on his left side, and when he looked at it, Caco saw the flight attendant, asking for him what he was going to eat for dinner. All the story was only a dream. He had slept deeply and had had a lot of nightmares during the flight. The flight attendant woke him up and all the “survivors” were there, eating something or watching some movies. In 2 or 3 hours, they arrived back to the USA, far far away from the mysterious island from his dreams.


The woman of the cemetery Peter was a man who had lost his wife in a car accident. Because of this, he became quite, sad and unhappy. He started going to the graveyard every night and there left a flower. But, on a certain day, Peter couldn’t go to the graveyard, because he had a work meeting. Peter felt sorry and sad, but promised for himself to go there on the next day and leave two flowers there instead. At the next night, he went to the graveyard as usual, but when he arrived at his wife’s tomb, the coffin was open and had no body inside. Peter became really frightened and ran away leaving the flowers, he had been holding, falling down throughout the path. When he arrived at his house, he went up straight to his bed. And when he noticed the body of his wife was lying by his side covered with the same flowers that he had dropped away before. He was really scared at the time and ran away to his best friend’s house. At the moment he arrived there, his friend was having dinner and opened the door for Peter. He told him all the story, but his friend didn’t believe and thought he was going crazy. Suddenly, the lights went off and when they got the lights were on again, they realised Peter’s wife was there and both started screaming and panicking. Peter did not understand what was happening to him. He thought he was completely nuts. It could be a nightmare. It had to be a nightmare. So he started hitting himself.

Finally, Peter woke up. He was sweating and his heart was beating very fast, but he was at home. Nothing that happened was real. It was only a nightmare. He ran to the cemetery to check if his wife’s body was there. Luckily, it was. So the man went home and slept. The next day, everything looked just fine. Too fine, indeed! When he arrived at work everybody was smiling at him. He thought that was kind of strange. He was trying to work, despite everybody was smiling at him, everything was fine. When he logged in the computer and was checking out his e-mails, he saw a lot of messages from his dead wife asking for help. He decided to go to the graveyard again and his wife’s spirit was there smiling at him. He didn’t know what to do, if he ran away or hugged her. He decided to hug her. When suddenly she turned into a bloody ugly woman, that said: “Nolliuyt”. He felt like running away, but some force stopped him. He didn’t know if it were his love for his deceased wife or her angry spirit. He just knew that he couldn’t run. Without any possibility to run the opposite side, he started running towards the tomb. When he arrived, the only thought that he had was he could jump inside the tomb. He was listening to the sound of her footsteps getting closer and closer. He was really frightened of what she was going to do, but suddenly he saw her horrifying face. That was the last thing he saw! The love of his life had buried and taken him forever with her.


THE BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN-HAIRED GIRL One day two guys were driving their car on a highway. Their names were John and Anthony. It was midnight and everything was dark. But suddenly they saw a beautiful woman alone on the highway. She was tall, her hair was blond like gold and her eyes were as blue as the sky. Also, she was wearing a red dress. They stopped and asked if she wanted any help. She said that if they could take her to her house. The two friends agreed. They were talking about some strange things like serial killers and suddenly the woman start shouting, “I died over there, there, there”. The two friends started getting nervous and each time more and more afraid of the woman. Her face was getting pale and blood was coming out of her eyes. The guys got really frightened and asked for her to get away from the car. They opened the door and she fell down. They started driving really fast and got away of that roadway. Then, the two friends went to John’s house, the owner of the car. They started discussing about what had happened. Anthony asked to sleep over at John’s house, because he was too frightened to go to his house on foot. John accepted. John was a religious man with a lot of saints and these kinds of things on his nightstand. When he went to bed, it took him a long time to get to sleep. When his alarm clock was showing 12PM, he started listening to some wood sound. It was a cross that he had in his bedroom, turning upside-down. The moment when he looked at the cross, he didn’t see anything uncommon and fell asleep again.

In the morning at 2 o'clock, they woke up with a strange noise and they realised that the crazy blond woman was inside the house. The two friends were really scared so they hid themselves under the bed when they listened to the door of their room opening. The woman couldn’t stop saying: “I will kill you all!” when suddenly the door opened, but nobody was there. Anthony was very frightened and didn’t know what to do. He was so terrified that he passed out. John started yelling at his friend but he did not answer. He thought Anthony was dead and started crying. When the crazy lady found him, he went into despair and started searching for something that he could hurt her. When suddenly his hand touched something sharp, he picked up that. He jumped into the woman’s direction and put that knife into her heart by giving an end to the fear which he was feeling and to her. At that moment, John ran away to his house and called the police. After five minutes, something touched his arms and when he turned his back to see what it was, he saw his dear friend. And he couldn’t wait just two seconds to give him a big hug.


The innocent murderer Viah, a seventeen-year-old girl, was alone in her house. In the middle of the night, she heard some strange sound. It looked like someone was walking around the house. The fear took over all her body! She decided to lock herself inside the bathroom. She washed her face and, later, when she went to see herself in the mirror, she couldn’t see anything! She wasn’t there! Suddenly a thunder hit the house and the lights went off. Everything was dark when a cold hand touched her shoulders. After that, she fainted. The girl woke up in the middle of the night, but the problem was that she could hear the same noise all over again. The same thing happened and she fainted one more time. That time Viah had felt some sort of knife on her shoulders.

The next day, a group of doctors found her body. But she was already dead. The only clue they had was that her corpse didn’t have any of her eyes. One of the doctors said: ‘’I read that a group of teenagers found a body of a person without the eyes either in the newspaper last week. The body wasn’t found in his house, but I don’t know where it was. We need to get in touch with a detective department.”, stated a doctor. “They can help us’’, said another doctor. ‘’This can only be a task for a member of the Chinese Triad.’’, said one of the searchers. That is why they called up Okazaki detective to support the case. ate.On the following day, the Okazaki detective officer started unveiling the case. Then they investigated the dead body from the previous week. ‘’Hey, that’s one of our men’’, said one of the detectives. What they didn’t know was that the murderer could see through the victim's eyes, just like if they had a camera inside their eyes. As a result, they found the detective body near the electronic shop, specifically in the camera’s session. The night was dark and cold, the detectives were tired. They only wanted to sleep. In the middle of the night, one of them listened to the same thing which had happened to the other victims, but he ignored. The second detective, who was quite suspicious, went downstairs. When he felt a cold hand on his shoulders, he tried to run away and so that he could get his gun, but it was too late


In the morning, the other detective’s body was found in the forest and again nobody knew what had happened. The police decided to investigate and were able to find out a camera in the detective’s eyes holes and broke it. But the murderer saw the policeman who did that. Afterwards, more specifically at night, the policeman, who had broken the camera in the eyes of the last victim, started hearing some noise. He started freaking out not knowing what to do. He felt a cold hand on his shoulder. At that time, he knew what was going to happen to him: he was going to be dead. At least, he knew that. “WHY, WHY, WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?”, asked the crying policeman. “I’m doing the same thing you did with my mother!”, said the murderer. The policeman had killed an innocent woman a long time ago. Then, the policeman was murdered before saying a word.


GETTING LOST IN EGYPT Have you ever thought about getting lost in Egypt? That happened to Edward. They were visiting Egypt’s pyramids in the middle of night meanwhile the stars were shining like gold. Suddenly, something strange happened: Edward had disappeared! “What could have happened to him?!”, asked his mother desperately. “Calm down everybody! I’ll call the police to help us.”, said the father quietly. After trying to call the police for several times, their phone’s battery died. Two hours later, they went back to their houses, because they were tired. When Edward’s family arrived home, his father called the police again and at that time he was successful. But the police said that they couldn’t help them because they could just start the search for him 24 hours after his disappearance. ↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔ Edward was afraid because he couldn't talk to anyone, he was walking inside the pyramid when he saw a golden tomb. There was a problem! That tomb didn’t have any top part. Immediately, he started getting really frightened and started running as fast as he could. ↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔↔ After 24 hours of Edward’s disappearance, the police started the chase for Edward. They found the body really fast. There wasn’t any blood on the floor or on his corpse. The only thing they found on Edward’s body was that there was something green inside his mouth. They entered the pyramid and they saw the same thing Edward had seen: the tomb was quite open. When they got closer to the tomb, the same green light of Edward’s mouth started glowing from the inside of the tomb. It started opening. They got out of the pyramid and left Edward’s body inside. The next day, the policemen took guns and went there again. When they entered in the catacomb, Edward’s body had disappeared. The tomb was completely open with the green light shining. When they were getting near, the green light went off and there they found a mummified body without any jewels or gold. The policemen thought that this was really strange and believed that was Edward’s body. The policemen didn’t think twice. They decided to get into the tomb again. As they came inside the tomb, the mummy started walking into their direction. They started shooting at the mummy, but it didn’t work out! So, they ran really fast. When they were getting to the outside of the tomb, they realised that the entrance had been closed. They started shooting at the mummy all over again. The mummy attacked them and killed them all, except for one person! That one had a terrible ending: he turned into a mummy!


A Mysterious Creature A big family was travelling to the north of the USA by car at night on a dark road. The kids were sleeping and the parents were driving and talking. It was a darkening night when something suddenly appeared in front of the car. The parents didn't know what it was, but it looked like a child, a very scared one! The child had black and long hair covering his/her face, but, quickly disappeared through the dark road. The parents thought that it was something from their own imagination and didn’t care about that fact anymore. When they finally arrived at the hotel, the same thing happened again: a little child appeared. But at that time, it was a little bit different. It happened in the mirror! The youngest daughter in the family had seen it. She was too young to say to their parents! She was about 1 year old. So she just started crying very loud. Confused due to the situation, they thought: “We might be tired”. So they went to bed where they slept peacefully. Her body started shaking and the fear took care of her whole body. Not just of her body, but of the whole family. All of a sudden, it stopped. Everyone in the restaurant started talking about it. “What was that?’’, everybody was asking. They thought themselves were getting mad. There was a big mirror in the restaurant. They saw a figure passing by again. As they were scared to death, they had no other choice, except for leaving! They decided to run away! They took the car and started driving north again.


The beginning of the trip was peaceful, but it was getting dark and they started being afraid. There wasn't any place to stop. It was a deserted road. Suddenly, the strange child appeared again. The dad started accelerating the car and without any control, he hit the car. Everybody was fine, but one of their children wasn’t there anymore. The mother took the phone and called the police immediately. Somebody answered and it sounded like a child’s laugh: HA HA HA HA. The mother looked back and her family was gone. She didn’t know what to do. She started running and looking for her family, when the creature showed up again on the road. Scared, she yelled: “Where’s my family?!” The creature turned to her and said with a scary voice: “Over there!”, pointing to a cave. The mother went inside when the cave fell down and the last thing the mother saw was the creature’s face with a lot of scarves and heard her laughter the last time.


The Red Lake It was Friday 13th and the Frewco’s family wanted to rent a house in Orlando so that they could spend their vacation there. The only house available was far away and it was really old. As they really wanted to go. James Frewco, the youngest son, was excited for that trip and convinced his parents, Clayton and Jennifer Frewco. They had never gone to Disney before and James’ friends had already told him it was awesome and that was a must. It was decided, Frewco´s family was traveling to Orlando. When they arrived, they picked everything up and went to their rooms. They realized that the house was older than they thought. The next day in the morning, the day was cloudy and rainy so they couldn’t go to the amusement parks. They were supposed to be at home and due to that, they got really upset. Emma Frewco, the oldest daughter, wasn’t feeling very optimistic about it. Moreover, she had fever. She started having hallucinations about a little girl, who used to live in the house, named Clara. According to that little girl, she had been murdered by her stepfather. She said that her body wasn’t found up till that day.

Emma, feeling really frightened, decided to find the girl’s body and bury it. First, she tried to go to the basement, where the little girl was murdered by her stepfather. In the basement, there was a bloodstain and a knife with fresh blood. The girl was scared to death! She had never seen anything like that. As she got close to the bloodstain, she could see the face of the girl in the reflection. Then, she got quite afraid and went upstairs to her bedroom. She tried to sleep, but it was useless for some time. After some long hours, she could finally fell asleep. In her nightmare, the girl was saying: “Go to the lake and find me”. Emma woke up and saw the landscape through the window, There was the lake the little girl had mentioned in her nightmare. So, she decided to go there. At the lake, it was a wooden harbor with some bloodstain on it. When the girl went close to that, a cold hand got out of the lake and pulled her inside the dark lake. Up to these days, nobody has ever seen Emma again! Mysteriously, the lake has become red just like blood. People have said that if you go to the middle of the lake and are in total silence you can hear the desperate cries of Emma Frewco. But I do not advise you to try it, because all those, who have done it, have never been found anymore!

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Collaborative Writting - Y8 - Class F - 2019  

Collaborative Writting - Y8 - Class F - 2019