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Death scheduled at full moon At a certain night, I was sleeping in my bed, when I heard some noise. Although that kind of situation was quite common in my house due to strong winds, something was unusual that time. The door of my parents’ bedroom started slamming. I was really scared! Then, I got down on my knees and started praying! As I was freaking out, I decided to go to my parents’ bedroom looking for some protection. I tried to wake them up, but I wasn't successful. I started shouting on their ears! Nothing at all happened! Finally, I went running back to my bedroom when I hid myself in my closet. From inside there, I could see the scene of my parents going to my bed while I was sleeping. It seemed like I could watch a clip of my own life some time before. It was a kind of replay! The most shocking part was when I noticed my own parents were stabbing me while I was sleeping. I started screaming again from the inner part of my closet! I got completely disappointed with my parents! I thought: “How come could they do that against me? I was just a small kid! Why were they doing all that?” Lots of questions as well as doubts came to my mind! I got extremely upset! I was looking forward to having answers! It took me a long time to get them! God seemed not to listen to my pleas! I was feeling completely lonely and tired! I ended up falling asleep inside my closet! When the sun rose the next day, my parents woke up and began their routine as if nothing had happened the night before! “Was all that a nightmare? What was going on?”, I thought and asked myself. My mother called someone and started crying! After hanging up, I understood that she was pretending. I guessed she had told someone that I was dead. My father was preparing his breakfast: eggs with bacon. Just like he used to do every day. I was sitting very close to my dad. He was my best friend! Those strange behavior of his was something I couldn’t accept! Something was wrong that day. I didn't feel very well and my parents started cleaning up my room and my toys. I felt very lonely, like a dead person.

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Collaborative Writting - Y8 - Class D - 2019 - G1  

Collaborative Writting - Y8 - Class D - 2019 - G1