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Collaborative Writting

Year 8 Class D 2019


Death scheduled at full moon At a certain night, I was sleeping in my bed, when I heard some noise. Although that kind of situation was quite common in my house due to strong winds, something was unusual that time. The door of my parents’ bedroom started slamming. I was really scared! Then, I got down on my knees and started praying! As I was freaking out, I decided to go to my parents’ bedroom looking for some protection. I tried to wake them up, but I wasn't successful. I started shouting on their ears! Nothing at all happened! Finally, I went running back to my bedroom when I hid myself in my closet. From inside there, I could see the scene of my parents going to my bed while I was sleeping. It seemed like I could watch a clip of my own life some time before. It was a kind of replay! The most shocking part was when I noticed my own parents were stabbing me while I was sleeping. I started screaming again from the inner part of my closet! I got completely disappointed with my parents! I thought: “How come could they do that against me? I was just a small kid! Why were they doing all that?” Lots of questions as well as doubts came to my mind! I got extremely upset! I was looking forward to having answers! It took me a long time to get them! God seemed not to listen to my pleas! I was feeling completely lonely and tired! I ended up falling asleep inside my closet! When the sun rose the next day, my parents woke up and began their routine as if nothing had happened the night before! “Was all that a nightmare? What was going on?”, I thought and asked myself. My mother called someone and started crying! After hanging up, I understood that she was pretending. I guessed she had told someone that I was dead. My father was preparing his breakfast: eggs with bacon. Just like he used to do every day. I was sitting very close to my dad. He was my best friend! Those strange behavior of his was something I couldn’t accept! Something was wrong that day. I didn't feel very well and my parents started cleaning up my room and my toys. I felt very lonely, like a dead person.


My dad was making some strange calls, saying that he had gotten rid of me. And I became filled with anger and thirst of revenge. I looked at the mirror that day and I wasn’t able to see my reflection. “I was dead. My father had killed me!”, I concluded. One month later, my parents were acting completely normally with other people. They had transformed our house into a hostel. Every day, there were different people inside our house. They earned a lot of money and they seemed to be very happy. I looked at all that and my eyes caught on fire, with anger! At that time, I had a brilliant idea! I would fight for a revenge. I was going to kill EVERYBODY that spent their time in that hostel! I started murdering on a full moon night. It was late and very cold! My revenge started with a couple that was on the third room. I killed them without any pity or guilty. I felt the taste of revenge. In the next morning, a lot of cops were in the hostel. My mom and dad were in panic. Days, weeks and months went by. The hostel got the fame of being haunted and was getting emptier and emptier. My thirst of blood hadn’t finished yet, because my mission wasn’t complete. I had to kill the last couple that would sleep in that hostel before it closed. The couple was my parents. On the first full moon in April, my parents were getting ready to sleep, when I started writing on the mirror. The message said: “Now it is your turn”. They didn’t understand, but after a few minutes, their room and the rest of the hostel got on fire. They tried to escape by the door or by throwing themselves by the window, but it was useless. I felt so much pleasure hearing their screamings! Suddenly, I was in pain and had a feeling of getting burned. That burning of mime was the fire of hell! I had completed my mission, but I understood that I had killed innocent people, except for my parents.




One day, when a kid went for the first time to school, everything was going happy and peacefully. The kid was called Andrea! Until that day, she just studied at home with her mother. But after insisting a lot, she could go to a regular school. Her mother accepted her deal, although she didn't seem to be very happy about it. On the first day, Andrea woke up before the sun had risen. She was very excited. She was also kind of afraid. She had never gone to school like a normal kid. Her mother had never told her why. When Andrea went out of her room that morning, she saw her mother holding a sprig. She was sitting on the sofa playing with it. She was wearing white pajamas. Her hair was completely messy. Andrea didn't really recognize her mom, but she ignored and went to the kitchen in order to have her breakfast. At breakfast, the food was burned and she went to school feeling hungry. When she got to school, everything was really good. First friends of her life, new experiences, really good memories for her. She was really happy! Unfortunately, she didn’t know everything would change in few hours. A strange smell invaded the classroom. It was very bad indeed. Andrea could not breathe! Everyone was scared. Andrea couldn’t understand anything at all. Her friends and she were in the middle of a huge fire. Andrea was shocked and could not move. Her friends were all running out of the classroom.

The fire was almost taking care of the classroom when Andrea saw a familiar face. She was too dizzy to recognize someone, but she was one hundred percent sure that she knew that face. It was her mother. Andrea didn’t know why her mom would like to kill her own daughter together with her classmates. She wasn’t normal at all. Her face was pale with a scary smile. At that time, she didn’t understand why her mother had done that. Fortunately, she felt her body again and started running the fastest she could. In the middle of the fire, she saw a window. She broke it down and jumped out of the place! Safe, at last! The firemen arrived! They didn’t find any traces of the criminal, but Andrea was sure she had seen her mother. She went back home very scared. She opened the door carefully and slowly. She entered the house and, suddenly, she heard a noise, a very loud noise. She took her phone and called the police. She didn’t have time to answer! Her mom showed up! She was completely different! She looked like a ghost! Andrea yelled so loudly that the entire neighborhood could hear her! Her mom pointed a knife onto her direction! She was ready to kill her daughter when the cops arrived. Andrea’s mother vanished on that day, but she knows that she will come back for a huge revenge.


A NUN IN THE FAMILY! At the night of day 13th, a man called Hermann read the following piece of news in the paper: “A girl, called Geppa, killed herself in a cloister! She was a nun! It all happened on a Friday 13th, at 3 AM.” Hermann was a lonely engineer. He had blond hair and green eyes.He was tall and thin. He was just 28 years old, but still single. He lived with his grandmother in a small house on 45th street in Manhattan. When he read that piece of news in the newspaper, he was very thoughtful. He knew about a story of a nun in his own family. Actually, what he would find out later was that his father had been killed by a nun, because he had also killed one of them. After reading about that horrible event in the paper, Hermann searched for more information. He discovered that his own mother was a nun and his father had killed her. He thought a lot about that terrible event in his own family. He concluded that he needed to become a religious guy just like his mother before she died. He started attending the church.

One day, he went to a mass and when it was over, he realized it was 3:00 in the morning and that he was not in the mass of the living, but in the mass of the dead ones. He was scared about the situation. He could never imagine that he could be killed by a nun. It was a kind of humiliation. At that moment, when he turned back, there was a nun behind him. She was looking deeply in his eyes. The darkness of that place got on his body. He had never been scared that way. The nun didn’t say a word! She was scary enough and Hermann understood what she wanted. Actually, that nun was the spirit of his mother! His dad himself had killed her! Hermann had never met his mother before and that wasn’t definitely the best way and time! Hermann felt like he had a mission to give peace to his mother’s spirit. So, he decided to find a way to heaven for his mother. He tried for a long time but he never found an answer to that mystery. Although he felt frightened to death, Hermann kept on going to the church late at night so that he could try to convince his mother to go into the light.


The light of the candles that night was getting higher and higher until the point Hermann could see the face of his mother again. She said that there was something inside her, something that had been broken into pieces inside her. Something that she couldn’t describe! She could feel that bad feeling deep inside her soul. And she needed to solve it before leaving to Heaven. Hermann, after listening and talking to his mom carefully, could finally convince her to find her way to Heaven. She was, in fact, too attached to the problems she had lived here before. She could understand her place wasn’t here anymore. After forgiving her husband, she could go into Heaven peacefully. After that day, Hermann decided to become a priest. He served the House of God with devotion in gratitude for his mom’s freedom.


The dead woman

There was a woman that lived in a small village in the year 1869. In the village of Saint Thomas, everyone was very happy. There were many parties during the week. Unfortunately, on such a day, a crocodile from the swamp nearby invaded the village. That happened on the birthday of a certain woman: Ana. Ana was very upset, because she had spent a lot of money on the party. That terrible and huge crocodile had destroyed it all. Moreover, the guests got scared. They hid themselves in the bathroom during the whole party. Ana simply didn’t know what could be done. She called the police for help, because the crocodile was trying to eat her guests. She was very frightened! After some time trying to fight against that big creature, Ana was finally defeated. The crocodile killed her! The guests were saved by the police when the huge animal left the house.


Later, Ana’s neighbors commented that they could see Ana as a ghost wandering around the village! They were not wrong! Ana, who didn’t know she had been killed, was trying to live her life on regular basis. As time went by, Ana could notice that almost all her neighbors were afraid of her, except for Jennifer. She tried some sort of communication with them, but she had no success. Tired of being excluded in the village, specially by Jennifer, Ana decided to haunt her. She even thought of some kind of revenge. Once, Jennifer was cooking when she started frightening her. Ana started making strange sounds. After, she started saying: “Jennifer, I know who you are! BOO!” Jennifer, from that moment on, became frightened to death. She knew Ana was dead and was almost sure that ghost was her. Ana kept on scaring Jennifer’s house again and again. One day, Jennifer couldn’t bear that situation anymore. She decided to call a ghostbuster. The ghostbuster came, but Ana’s ghost was very difficult to catch. Consequently, the ghost hunter decided to quit working. Ana was very mad about Jennifer’s plan. She really thought that she could stop Ana with a ghost hunter. Ana decided to frighten Jennifer more and more. She wrote a message on the mirror with blood: “You will get what I got: sadness”. When she looked to right, she saw Ana’s ghost by the door. Her face was pale. She had a terrible smile with blood in her mouth. Jennifer didn’t know what to do. She tried to do everything, but nothing worked out. Ana’s ghost never stopped chasing her. That suffering would never stop, so Jennifer decided to kill herself. She ran to her room. She searched everywhere for her gun, but she couldn’t find it. She was so desperate she couldn’t think twice, she threw herself out of the window. Ana was finally happy! She had finally had her revenge done. From then on, she could rest in peace for good.


The burning house! In the past, there was a girl called Mary. She lived at a huge house in London. She lived all by herself. Her parents had died on a fire at that same house a long time before. She thought she had survived, but she was wrong! As she got confused after her house was on fire, she didn’t understand what really had happened. Actually, she had become a ghost! BOOO!!!! Lisa, a next door neighbor, was very curious about that house and decided to break in to take a little look at it. She walked around the huge and almost abandoned place. She went up the stairs and opened an old and rusty door. When she looked at the corner of the room, she saw a little girl by the window. The girl was wearing white and old clothes. That was Mary, the ghost! For a second, Lisa freaked out. She was so scared! Then, she thought: “What is a kid doing here?” Mary answered: “If you want to survive, get out of here. The house is burning!” In fact, Lisa could be able to read Mary’s mind. Lisa looked around and said to the girl: “But there is nothing burning here.” Lisa was wrong! The temperature began to get higher and higher. The walls started burning! Lisa couldn’t feel the heat wave coming closer to her. She finally noticed the house was on fire! The girl began to scream and walk around the house desperately. The house was burning! Lisa remembered about the girl by the window. She found her! She held Mary’s hand and asked her name.

Y8 - CLASS D - GROUP I - STORY 5 The girl answered the question by saying her name was Mary. At that moment, Lisa remembered that the girl’s mom, her neighbor some time before, was pregnant of a baby-girl who would be called Mary. But the pregnant woman died at that house on fire. Mary had also died. So Lisa was very frightened, but as the fire was already taking care of the whole house, she kept on running away. She finally could leave the house with Mary. After a while, Mary disappeared mysteriously. The next morning, Lisa turned on the TV. The news said that a haunted house had got on fire the day before. When Lisa’s family finally woke up, there was something bad in the air. Everyone almost freaked out when they got to know about the event. Lisa tried to calm everyone down but they didn’t listen to her. Her father said that he would call the police. It was the only way to find her, but find whom? Mary?

Lisa’s father got his cell phone and called the police. “Can you, please, look out for my daughter. Her name is Lisa! She has been disappeared since yesterday!” It was a strange voice! He had never been so worried. After that, Lisa understood that he couldn’t see her. “How could that happen?”, she asked herself. Lisa went back to the old house again for answers. When she finally got there, Mary was waiting for her in one of the bathrooms. Next to Mary, there was a corpse! That was Lisa’s body! It was all burned! Mary explained that she had been cursed by the time she invaded her house! From that day on, both of them would be haunting the house, searching for more victims. Lisa stayed in the house together with Mary forever!


The death list On October 11th, 1910, a murder happened in Harley's house. Two men were paid to steal the house. There was a person in there! Harry, the oldest son of Harley’s family. He was a good student and a good man. His funeral happened that morning. The police could not find the thieves and murderers. Mrs. Harley was shocked. She couldn’t believe that her son was gone. His brothers and sisters were very upset. The only one, who didn’t care about anything, was Mr. Harley. He just sat on the sofa and started reading the newspaper. On that same day, no one could sleep, except for Mr. Harley who had the greatest sleep in his life. For the family, he seemed to be even more cheerful.

The letter said: “Mom, I was looking for a book to read in my father’s office when I found a checklist with a lot of names and dates. I wanted to investigate, so I searched for those names in the phone book.

As time went by, Mrs. Harley asked him why he was acting in that different way. He really seemed not to care about anything, not even about their son’s death. He answered very shortly and quickly: ‘’It was his destiny‘’. Mrs. Harley was very confused with that answer:‘“DESTINY”. What did her husband mean by saying that?, she asked herself. She decided to investigate, so she went to his office. She found lots of papers in his office, but none of them had information, except for a checkbook. One of the checks was paid at a high value on Harry´s death day. Mrs. Harley began making up a lot of theories in her own mind.

I called their families and I discovered that all of them were dead. When I finished the last call, Dad entered the office and started making questions to me. He asked what I had discovered. I accused him of killing all those people in the list, but he denied. He knew that I held all the truth about his bad actions with me.” The mom remembered that Harry was murdered on the same day that was written in the list. When she saw the other names that were on the checklist, she read her name: “JULIET HARLEY”. At that moment, Mrs. Harley picked up her secret gun and decided to kill her husband. But someone had already picked up the gun.

She came back home and went straight to Harry’s bedroom. She was checking all his belongings, when she fell down and began to cry.

Mr. Harley shot his wife on her chest. At the last breath of life, Mrs. Juliet Harley thought: “You should have gotten my head!” Unfortunately, Mr. Harley could kill one more member of his family.

When she fell on the floor, she saw a trapdoor and decided to open it. Inside the trapdoor, there was a little box full of letters. There was one which was a little bit different. On the envelope, it was written: “To mom”. She took the envelope out of the box and started reading it without blinking for a second.

Juliet died, but she came back to haunt her husband! Mr. Harley went through hell for good!


FOR A BETTER WORLD It was 1666 when it happened. The kid was dead without any wounds. The child had only a scar on her head. Nobody had witnessed the tragedy. The only thing that they knew was that it might have been something supernatural. The kid was playing on the seesaw, despite the day was dark, rainy and scary. That town was known by the fact that strange things happened around. A strange case often emerged! Someone who had disappeared without leaving a trace. After a while, they found the missing person dead. All the crime presented the same message next to the body: “FOR A BETTER WORLD” written with the victim’s blood. The police investigated all kinds of meanings for that phrase, but they couldn’t find any trace. A girl, called Emily Rose, was investigating the case of her sister by herself. Since her sister had been murdered by a kind of monster. In the crime scene of the kid’s murdering, she found a piece of paper with a lot of names on it. She could recognize 3 of them. They were the 3 last people murdered in the city. The other 3 names probably were the people that would be still killed! She looked for the next name on the list! She got shocked by the time she read her own name: “Emily Rose”.

Some days went by and Emily didn’t live her home. It was the first time since her sister’s death that she was really scared. She looked at the computer and saw again the message: ”FOR A BETTER WORLD” on the screen. She was so scared that she began to review all the notes of the case. Then, she realised that in each month a kid had died when the moon was full. Emily was so much worn out that she fell asleep and had a dream. In her dream, her sister said: “Hey! I know who the murderer is! Her name is Brit_ _ _ “ At that moment, Emily woke up and started taking notes of that dream. The next week, Emily had another dream. It was about a girl, called Britney, who said: “Hello, Emily!” She woke up at the same time! When she was opening her eyes, she saw the murderer in front of her very eyes! Britney was holding a knife. She stabbed Emily to death! Unfortunately, Emily didn’t have enough time to protect herself and ended up like her little sister: dead! Up to the moment, nobody has ever found who the murderer is! More and more victims have been killed! There are rumors that the criminal isn’t someone alive, but a GHOST!

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Collaborative Writting - Y8 - Class D - 2019  

Collaborative Writting - Y8 - Class D - 2019