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graphic designer Hello, I have worked with graphic design since 2009, and have a passion for communicating with visuals. I love using my skills to organize messages, to create harmony, and to serve people. Enjoy my portfolio! (309) 363-8380

layout pages



These pages illustrate layout skills found in a catalog for a nonprofit organization. Also, I want to share a layout featuring a short motivational story.

The vector illustrations here show a range in illustrative diagrams to logo design. Also, a storyboard concept for title design represents an experiment in style.

The ad campaigns represent similar imagery across various media to increase communication and develop unity for the event and the client.

layout pages

zakopane winter olympics booklet This brochure is a concept that combines research, designing symbols, and incorporating design elements as a marketing motif. The following pages are pages from the brochure to demonstrate the layout.

THE CITY Zakopane may be a city of 30,000 occupants, but it is also a main tourist attraction and draws in 1.5 million people every year. There may be a concern that Zakopane will need to accommodate that large amount for the short span of Winter Olympic games rather than spread out over the course of the year. With the aid of nearby cities such as Krakรณw, the flow of the Olympic attendees can be alleviated.

As the second largest city in Poland, Krakรณw is located 85 kilometers north of Zakopane. With international airports, a lower elevation, and access to Zakopane Olympic events, the experience of the Winter Olympics can be enjoyed by more guests, athletes, and other attendees. Krakรณw supplements the Zakopane Olympics with extra venues for competitions, recreation, and sleeping space without stress on transportation.

MERCHANDISE A fun aspect of the Olympic games is to partake with the merchandise items. These Olympic products establish a familiarity amongst fans, become collectible memoribilia, and displays the support of the Zakopane Winter Olympic brand.

ZAKOPANE 2022 February 4th-20th

ZA KOPA N E 2022

ENVIRONMENTAL Promotional imagery is used throughout Zakopane and Krakow with wycinanki motifs in forms of transportation wraps, signage in bus stops, and street banners. These elements are designed to enhance the experiences through both aesthetics and familiarity to the Olympic village, host city, and other Olympic venues.



The streets and shopping areas of Zakopane are lit with curvilinear lamp posts. With the 2022 Winter Olympic games hosted in Zakopane, banners will adorn the streets providing a way to identify welcome areas. With the amount of street lamps, there can be many variants to the banners. Banners will be able to provide aesthetics and wayfinding.

grain of rice project catalog This catalog was designed for an overseas client who needed a catalog to showcase their fair trade products. The layout needed to be tight to contain many products that Grain of Rice Project offered, but also with the least amount of pages to reduce printing cost.

grow international brochure The following pages are from a brochure layout for a missionary group in the Philippines. Grow International Ministries needed a way to communicate their mentoring program


CHILD and MENTOR meet in person or online

the MEETUP When you meet the child you will mentor, a relationship of trust begins to develop. Now, the child will know that their mentor has a face, that you are a real person. At this step, a foundation is built.



MENTOR helps CHILD meet Christ and make plans

MAKING PLANS Let’s first establish a relationship in Christ with the child. After that, through prayer and seeking Christ, you can help the child develop the plans they need for school, future careers, and life goals.


desired configuration

jeep consumer infograph I designed these infographic elements to illustrate data about purchasing Jeep vehicles. The design follows elements of a Jeep such as the iconic grill, style of tires, and symbols associated found in the driver’s manual.

sound in person home educational ease

purchase experience



/ convenience




consumers found car

consumers found car

shopping to be

shopping to be



desired interactivity

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detail visuals

vr workspace

3d model





desired features




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remote start %


kintsugi cover art The design of Kintsugi is divided into quadrants. Drawn with Illustrator, I focused on balance in this design in color, alignment, and size.

金 継 GoldeN ぎ JoinerY KINTSUGI

mobile app icons


The elements for this mobile app communicate time and reading. The design of the icons have a familiarity to help the user navigate successfully.



zakopane design elements The design element for the Zakopane Winter Olympic concept shows motifs native to the region. I chose to connect their cultural symbols along with the geography of the local mountains to drive unity throughout the marketing campaign.


how to slice a pineapple I designed this infograph to show how to perform a task without using any words or directions other than visual information.


wild game feast ad campaign Designing the advertising campaign for Chillicothe Bible Church’s largest event focused on postcard promotion, posters, shirt designs, and tickets. The design elements were approached with unity and harmony to keep the different pieces connected.


Chillicothe Bible Church | 309.274.3761 |

Glorify GOD with your health care

Our passion is to glorify God by sharing medical needs with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Medical Needs


Monthly Cost

$25 million+ shared monthly

69,000 families 225,000 individuals

Has never exceeded $495 for a family of any size [ Since July 2017 ]


Biblical community applied to health care

samaritanministries samaritanmin

samaritan ministries ad campaign The advertisements for Samaritan Ministries involved square formats for social media platforms, as well as a full page magazine ad was to highlight some of the ministry’s stats and contact information.

Brian Du Pont Designs Portfolio  

This design portfolio shows infographs, layouts, vector illustrations, and advertising campaigns that I designed.

Brian Du Pont Designs Portfolio  

This design portfolio shows infographs, layouts, vector illustrations, and advertising campaigns that I designed.