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Why Northwestern Istria?

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Why Northwestern Istria?

Welcome to Northwestern Istria Get to know a part of the Mediterranean in all the colours and specificities of Istria – blue, orange, green and purple... Read the impressions of our Facebook fans who have already visited this corner of the world and be inspired by their experiences... Enjoy the blue colour of the crystal clear sea, lovely beaches and wellness oases and don’t forget to step into the orange world of first-rate sports offer, immerse yourself into the green colour of Istrian landscapes and campsites and experience the pure hedonism in purple by tasting Istrian delicacies, premium wines and olive oils. Begin your adventure in Umag, the first town when you enter Istria from the north. Its charm, high quality sports offer and accommodation facilities and a plethora of first-rate sports, musical and gastronomic manifestations will leave you breathless. Continue your voyage by following the coast to the well-known fishing town of Novigrad, an architectural gem overflowing not only with historical sites, rich cultural heritage and preserved natural beauties, but also with wonderful gastronomic delicacies and other attributes that will make anyone’s stay in the town more than enjoyable. Then set out on a journey to the Istrian interior, to green Brtonigla surrounded by acres and


acres of olive groves and vineyards, offering the best of the Istrian hinterland – natural parks and caverns, picturesque hillocks, abundant plant and animal life and the witnesses of times gone by in the form of well-preserved little churches and chapels. Discover one of the best-known wine roads in Croatia, gathering as many as twenty-three renowned winemakers and take pleasure in the exploration of olive oil roads, at which you can learn everything there is to know about the production and processing of this famous fruit while enjoying occasional tastings.

Why Northwestern Istria? Get inspired by the experiences of those who have already tasted the wonders of this beautiful part of Istria - in this book you will find original quotes of the readers of our Facebook page Colours of Istria. We have asked them to answer the following question: Why northwestern Istria? Their most beautiful, most inspiring and most creative answers help us discover the interests and desires of our guests and provide an even better and richer holiday experience.


Umag The first town when you enter Istria from the north captivates with its charm and varied and rich offer. Umag is a town boasting long and attractive coast as well as interesting hinterland. It offers a variety of things specific to Istria, and as such, is the best introduction to a different Mediterranean experience. The town of Umag has a very interesting history. It was discovered by the Roman nobility, who decided to turn it into their summer residence. The grandeur, luxury and glamour of the times are still reflected in the Venetian houses in the old town centre. Parts of walls and towers, as well as Renaissance and Baroque buildings and churches have also been preserved. 6

The stretch between cape Katoro and cape Sipar was not reserved exclusively for the villas of the wealthy, but was also dotted with village houses surrounded with land and inhabited by farmers, craftsmen, fishermen and traders. The Romans later renamed the original settlement of Sepomaia into Siparis. Due to the frequent pirate attacks, enemy incursions, earthquakes and continuous invasions of barbarian hordes, the Siparians were forced to abandon their settlement on several occasions and the Neretva Pirates, lead by prince Domagoj, completely

Why Northwestern Istria?

destroyed the town in 876. The inhabitants moved to an island – the present-day town of Umag. Apart from its interesting history, Umag is nowadays also a well-known tourist destination owing to its first-rate sports and gastronomic offer and highquality accommodation capacities, luxury and family-oriented hotels, villas, apartments and eco campsites, all developed in harmony with the true spirit of nature and the Mediterranean as it once was.


During your stay, do not miss the numerous events Umag has to offer, including Vegeta Croatia Open Umag, Umagination, Adria Music Conference, UmaGoblues, International Festival of Antique Sepomaia viva and innumerable sport and gastronomic manifestations. Those who visited Umag are full of praise and beautiful metaphors, please read below:



Umag is simply GREAT!


... the most beutiful city in Istra!!


‌Heaven on Earth!

Tibor favorite place.


A little oasis in a perfect location.


The town of memories. :)



..a beautiful and interesting town in Istria :)))



Why Northwestern Istria?


Great town, great people. Mariuccia

the beautiful Umag!


ahhh the seaaa


a spring flower


Such beauty leaves you speechless.



NOVIGRAD Once a tranquil fishing village of Novigrad gradually developed into an alluring destination for tourists from Europe and worldwide, many of whom regularly return. It managed to preserve its irresistible charm of a quiet fishing town, as well as its recognizable, almost intimate atmosphere characteristic of small Mediterranean towns. The town walls embraced and preserved the entire rich history of the town, its valuable monuments, tradition and culture, the first written mention of which dates back to the long-ago year of 599. The old town centre was once fully enclosed by a defensive wall, parts of which have


been preserved to this day, together with a square tower guarding the town doors which were once the main entrance into Novigrad. The ciborium of Bishop Mauritius, a rare example of the art of the early Carolingian era, was preserved and is now displayed in the Lapidarij museum currently holding one of the most relevant collections of stone monuments in Croatia. One of the certainly most recognizable elements of the local heritage of Novigrad is the town’s bell-

Why Northwestern Istria?

tower constructed in 1883 and modelled after that of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice. The bell-tower dominates the town’s vista, with the statute of St. Pelagius, the patron saint of Novigrad, on top. All festivities, celebrations and gatherings once took place in its immediate surroundings, at the main square, as seen on a number of old photographs.

take place elsewhere in the town, and some of the best known are Art, Wine & Music, Gnam-Gnam Fest, Astro party Lunasa, Summer carnival and photograph manifestation Foto eX-Tempore. Regardless of which season you find yourself in Novigrad, there will always be premium restaurants offering the best of the local Istrian cuisine and top Istrian wines and olive oils.

While many manifestations are still held in the vicinity of the bell-tower at the main town square, others

Why the visitors to Novigrad return to this town again and again, they explained in their comments:




I’m gonna be here in summer :)



Simply gorgeous... :)


the most beautiful city in Croatia and beyond.... :)

I think of it every day.


my perfect summer getaway.




Why Northwestern Istria?


It’s beautiful, and the view of the sea awakens some of my fondest memories!


Stones and the sea... and horizon all over. Simply beautiful.


Ah, those stairs and the little stone wall!!!! So many beautiful memories, Istria, you’ll remain in my heart forever.



Brtonigla At first glance reserved and secluded, green Brtonigla reveals itself slowly, but those who get to know it can hardly resist the power of its charm. It offers the best of the Istrian hinterland – natural parks and caverns, picturesque hillocks, abundant plant and animal life and is dotted with the witnesses of times gone by in the form of well-preserved little churches and chapels. The parish church in Brtonigla bears the name of St. Zenon, an early-Christian bishop from Verona who is celebrated by this Istrian town as its patron saint. St. Zenon is believed to have been born in northern Africa and during the ten


years of his bishop’s service he reformed several church traditions. This church in the centre of Brtonigla was recently enhanced by a small park already embraced by the locals as a place for siesta and rest in the hot summer days, allowing guests and travellers to experience a part of the authentic life of the town and its inhabitants right next to the church. To those wishing to enjoy green Istria, Brtonigla offers acres of vineyards and olive groves enveloped

Why Northwestern Istria?

by pathways which will take you to meadows and forests, deep into the midst of the pulsing nature which lives on undisturbed far from the throng of modern civilisation. It is also a place of premium wines and olive oils – numerous family cellars and tasting rooms tempt travellers to discover the authentic power of local life.

St. Rocco, and the Festival of Our Lady of Lourdes, Night of the Queens of Brtonigla, Star Chalices and the Festival of Istrian Malvasia are also a must.

Every year, Brtonigla hosts one of the largest and most popular Istrian folk festivals, the Festival of

This is what the fans wrote about the magic and peace of Brtonigla:


Located only ten kilometres from the coast, Brtonigla is the real oasis of quality vacation for the demanding traveller of the 21st century.



This is what I dream of - having a small house by the sea - and I’ll keep on dreaming



always beautiful

Brtonigla... beautiful in every season. I don’t have to look for a reason to visit it, the reason is always there.


If you ever come to Brtonigla, I recommend you find the time to visit Mramornica cave, even if you’re not an explorer like me :)


Why Northwestern Istria?


Peace and quiet is everything I need for a good long rest with my family. And that is what we have found in Brtonigla.


I could lose myself in the forest and vast vineyards around Brtonigla and never come back. They are pure magic.


Going to Astarea tavern was one of our best ideas during the whole stay in Brtonigla. I’m just sorry we didn’t have more opportunities to eat there. But there will always be a next time :)



Buje The fertile surroundings of Buje are a hilly area enjoying the benefits of the Mediterranean climate. They have been planted with vineyards and olivegroves from times immemorial, to form a typical Istrian landscape. The velvety hillocks have been inhabited ever since the Bronze Age, with Histrians building their prehistoric fortified towns and Romans developing their colonies here. One of the most stunning landscapes of green Istria is graced with the once impressive Medieval castle on the steep Momjan elevation. Buje has traditionally been the judicial, educational and administrative centre of northwestern


Istria. Although the development of tourism increased the economic significance of the coastal towns of Umag and Novigrad, Buje remains the centre of several institutions relevant for this part of Istria. But perhaps most importantly, the tradition of this region, some would even say its soul, have been captured in Buje in more ways than one. Finally, its name has been enshrined in the historical and geographical name for the entire region popularly called Bujština.

Why Northwestern Istria?

It is also home to one of the best-known wine roads in Croatia, gathering as many as twentythree renowned winemakers and you can also take pleasure in the exploration of olive oil roads, at which you can learn everything there is to know about the production and processing of this famous fruit while enjoying occasional tastings. At the roads of the traditional products of the


region you will encounter wine connoisseurs, secret stories from their taverns and hard-working oil-makers who consider the olive the divine fruit. The best-known event in Buje is certainly the Grape Festival taking place in September, the grape picking season, to preserve tradition. The view of the sea in the distance and fine wine left no one who visited Buje indifferent:



Buje is a very peaceful place.... that’s enough to me


feels like home, great place and delicious specialties, not to mention Malvasiaaaaaa


Why Northwestern Istria?


For those who didn’t know - from Buje you can clearly see the Adriatic Sea! It is that close :)


So many things you can do in this little town of Northwestern Istria. Where do I begin? Maybe a glass of Momjan Muscat would help me start :)



Little piece of my heart will always be left in Buje.

brtonigla, buje

I will never forget the view from the Church of St. Servulus belfry in Buje. But I miss the words to describe it to you. Simply, you have to see it for yourself.




Why Northwestern Istria?

Sports and recreation are increasingly becoming inseparable parts of our everyday lives and you surely want to enjoy them even as tourists on holiday.

Northwestern Istria, bathed by the sea, interwoven with rivers, streams and hills, is a wonderful example of all the variety of nature allowing you to do sports on land, in water or in air and, owing to its favourable climate, do so throughout the year! Cyclists will come into their own in the picturesque hills and valleys thanks to the arranged trails of all types. Wavy terrain and special configuration lend the golf course at Crveni Vrh nearby Savudrija real charm and challenge. The longest Istrian river Mirna is ideal for kayaking and canoeing on calm waters. Lovers of adrenaline fun can choose between windsurfing, diving, underwater fishing, water-, diving, golf, vacation... skiing or visit one of our adrenaline parks, with paintball and popular quad rides. For the boldest, this part of Istria also offers attractions like paragliding and free-climbing. Tennis and golf courts at attractive locations, football pitches with natural and artificial grass, beach volleyball courts, polyvalent sports courts, modern sports halls, interesting hiking and cycling trails and much more make the varied offer of northwestern Istria ideal for those seeking an active holiday. That the best place to do sports is by the sea is something our active guests are well aware:



here are so many quiet and beautiful roads, so a favorite can only be a favorite for that day. For us on the tandem, each day starts in Momjan. It might be a day to go north, either hilly route or Parenzana, for gelato in Muggia. Or it might be a day to take it easy on the flat to rolling roads towards Savudrija, Umag, Brtoniglia and Buje. Sometimes the favorite ride is the hard one, taking in Groznjan, Triban, Vizinjanda, Motovun, Livade, then up to Oprtalj via Ipsa!, through Sterna, Marusici to Crnci, and finishing with the most beautiful small loop - either direction - that includes Kremenja, Oskurus, Bric, Brdo, and Momjan. All of these rides work up an appetite, but there are too many great konobas and restaurants and pizzerias to list here! Of course, my favorite is only a few meters down the road  



Why Northwestern Istria?


Incredible sea sun and tennis

Tennis Dino

For me, every year the summer begins with the first day of the ATP Croatia Open Umag! Tennis Livio

The best tennis destination in this part of Europe!

biking Nikolina

Parenzana - because it is located in the legendary railway route for the transportation! :)

Tennis Diana

After a good tennis match I love to take a swim in the sea. Can it be better? :)



Water sports Sophie

The only sort of sports i prefer during the summer because of a simple reason - I can’t get myself out of the sea!

Walking Bruno

When it comes to a vacation, I like it to be active, and that’s why I go to northwest Istria.

Walking Brygitta

A long walk beside the sea... there can’t be a better way to end a warm summer day :)

GOLF Matthias

Walking Marco

Every nature lover at least once should take a walking tour on a Parenzana trace.


Love the 360° view from the Golf Club Adriatic! GOLF Gregor

My body and soul cherish every weekend spent on the green course in Savudrija.

Why Northwestern Istria?

Biking Luca

I am glad that there are places that recognize the needs of us cyclists. Northwestern Istria is our next destination! :-)

SOccER Marco

Great courts, the whole team enjoyed themselves and we can’t wait for the next Winter Cup Sand sports Klemen

Biking Sanda

Great infrastructural conditions. Enjoyed riding the trail of Parenzana and discovering the history behind it. Biking Mariella

I love summer in Umag .. sun, sea, socializing, beach volley. Sand sports Samantha

Last summer I watched a beach volley competition in Umag. It was great. I hope to go there again. Super hot guys :)

A very nice place for cycling, I’ve been there with my family and we had a great time



Gastronomy & Entertainment


Why Northwestern Istria?

The gastronomy of northwestern Istria will delight you with its diversity and harmony, its Mediterranean and continental face, topped off with premium olive oils and numerous varieties of excellent wines. Regardless of the season of your visit, if you set out to explore the wine roads or roads of the Istrian olive-growers, or decide to try dishes baked under an iron bell, fresh fish, shellfish and homemade brandy, Istrian specialities like the Istrian ox “boškarin”, Istrian pasta “fuži” or renowned truffles from the Motovun forest, your senses will delight in the Mediterranean flavours and smells of delicacies carefully prepared just for you. Apart from delicious food and fine wines, northwestern Istria will also welcome you with an abundance of entertainment. Spectacular performances of the world-renowned DJ stars and concerts organized during the craziest Umag nights, Umag Party Nights and Umagination, top performances by the best jazz players in Novigrad and the unavoidable traditional feasts in Brtonigla and Buje are only a part of the rich event offer. If you

...delicious food and exquisite wines...great entertainment... like trying out your luck, you will certainly be drawn to Casino Hotel Mulino accommodating one of the most attractive European casino clubs and to two Umag casinos – Kristal, situated in the old town centre and Casino Elite in the Melia Coral hotel. Relax while enjoying the flavours and smells, have fun and learn everything there is to know about the people and the way of life of this wonderful corner of Istria. A perfect holiday includes a lot of fun and delicious Istrian specialties, as can be seen from numerous comments of our Facebook fans:

Gastronomy & Entertainment



Istrian prosciutto…mmm…the best in the world! Ljuba

Pljukanci, fuži, gnocchi… prosciutto, Istrian cheese… Merlot, Teran, Malvasia…


The best dish is the Istrian bobići soup! Simple and delicious, especially for cold winter days Ivana


To visit Northwestern Istria and not to try truffles is like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel tower.

Homemade cheese ravioli in prosciutto, mushroom and truffle sauce poured over by olive oil, accompanied by a glass of excellent Istrian Malvasiathe ideal autumn lunch.


When my stomach says “food” - I say boskarin!


Why Northwestern Istria?


Istria is beautiful. Unfortunately, I haven’t tasted truffles. There’s still a part of the continental Istria that I haven’t seen, I hope this wish of mine won’t remain unfulfilled... Vesna

There’s no why, but there sure are hundreds of because :)))


The best sea food specialties


Perfection in every direction with a touch of the Adriatic Sea Emily

Fire roasted scallops fresh from the Adriatic at Astarea in Brtonigla!!!!!!



Gastronomy & Entertainment


Amazing food , beautiful place . Love Istra and Croatia !!!!! Dajana

Istrian cuisine... magic for all our senses!! Smell of truffles, taste of vine, touch of home made bread, sound of pleasant converation while eating, stunning look of every meal... simply unique! 31


A visit to Northwestern Istria without trying boškarin with pljukanci wouldn’t be the same experience! Loved it, om nom! Patrizia Vesna

Guys, there’re many great things in the world, but only here you can find the Istrian soup and that green olive oil Ana

Istria e’ terra magica…I just love wild asparagus in the spring, with the Istrian prosciutto and olive oil.

I’ve been travelling a lot around Istria, enjoying all the delicacies offered by this part of Croatia. I’ve spent a weekend in Istria not long ago, on business, and discovered a new place, a tavern called ‘’Konoba Bušćina’’. It was an incredible experience, we spent three hours there - slow food dining. Everything was great, from the appetizers to the dessert: cod fish, squid salad, tuna and anchovy carpaccio, gnocchi in donkey stew...what can I say, fantastic! Branka


I just want to say that the Zignate truffles are what’s best in the autumn, at the Kastel restaurant..and Malvasia Coronica...


and nobody mentioned the Istrian soup, in a jug…how good is that… Marjeta

For my taste,the best wine is MALVAZIJA & REFOSK ROSE by VERALDA. the best restaurant is ASTAREA, they are open all year.

Why Northwestern Istria?

Whether celebrating the rites of passage of a vintner’s wine, the season’s largest truffle, or a village patron saint, the Istrians do it with gusto and hospitality. Like the seasons, food and drink play a central role in daily activities and customs of the region. In spring, the appearance of wild asparagus turns a simple omelette of eggs and proscuitto into a festive fritaja. In summer, a farmer’s wife infuses jars of grape brandy with cherries, figs, and walnuts, mistletoe and honey. It is he season for making jam and ripening grapes, for listening to crickets in the cool of the night and enjoying a glass of chilled vintage wine. In autumn, truffle fever inspires a panoply of gastronomic delights from country kitchens and humble konobas, to the best five-star restaurants. It is also hunting season in Istria, and a time for curing hams and smoked meats.


Gastronomy & Entertainment




Waiting in the line to book a ticket for this years Umagination. Great party, wouldn’t want to miss it.

There’s always a reason to go to a beach bar in summer. In the morning for a cup coffee, during the day for a refreshment and in the evening for a cocktail :)


I just want to say one thing Thank you for Fatboy Slim.


See you again this year! This time I’m bringing even more friends to Umag with me :)


BEACH BARs Marcella

Beach bar - the sea - beach bar - the sea... I can go like that all day and night long...

Why Northwestern Istria?


When I go to Istria I always stop by Hotel Mulino because I always feel lucky :) CASINO Andrea

That’s the place where the real fun starts :)

ATP PARTY Nights Mauro

Every year we’re just waiting for the summer and the ATP parties! CASINO Sebastian

Important tourist center like Umag must have a games centre like Kristal Casino.

Gastronomy & Entertainment


ATP PARTY Nights Robert

Everybody knows that the ATP parties are the best

ATP PARTY Nights Sandro

Estelle was a big hit last year. I can’t wait to see who will they bring this year...


Why Northwestern Istria?

concerts Mihaela

Great performances, something for everyone’s liking. concerts Mija

Concert by Estelle at ATP was great.. along with free admission. Cool! ATP PARTY Nights Vladimir

Wow, when I think of it...summer, parties every day. Not to mention when Dolgopolov sings on the stage .. haha awesome. ​​ ATP rocks!

Gastronomy & Entertainment


nature & camping


Why Northwestern Istria?

The unique geographical position of northwestern Istria between two rivers and the Adriatic sea offers an abundance of opportunities to anyone enjoying nature and camping. Its campsites, considered among the most modern in Europe, arose from these natural treasures. Owing to the beauties of this part of Istria and strict ecological standards, here you will experience the authentic connection between camping, nature and the wilderness. Outside the campsites, you will find yourselves immersed in the unspoilt scenery abounding with beauty, history and legends, just waiting to be discovered. In the vicinity of Brtonigla you will find the cave of Mramornica, whose interior is considered to be one of the largest and the most beautiful underground spaces in Istria by the speleologists. The lush Motovun forest, replete with scrumptious truffles, will titillate your imagination with the story of the Istrian giant – Veli JoŞe. The mouth of the Mirna river with Tarska vala abounds with plants and wildlife. Numerous squirrels will entertain both

... attractive locations ... numerous natural beauties. .. children and adults at the Squirrel park nearby Umag. Nature Park Ĺ karline was named after a stream which formed a lush green canyon, unique in Istria, on its way to the Mirna river. Regardless of whether you come alone or in the company of family and friends, this green oasis in the heart of Europe beckons you to a dream holiday and relaxation in the Mediterranean nature. Nature and camping lovers mostly point out the natural beauties of this part of Istria, which we are especially pleased about:

nature & camping



Istria is unique! This is the only place where you can camp in a beautiful pine wood, enjoy while the waves are touching your feet and wake up to the lavender scent and birds signing


CampingIN Park Umag is my favorite campsite, the best choice to spend the vacation for families...


Every nook and cranny of Istria is like a fairy-tale ♼


Why Northwestern Istria?


God, it’s so beautiful!!!


Istria is trully beautiful! Other things too, of course!!!




the beautiful Istria‌the scent of the sea and lavender Ondina

With its colours and tastes, the nature of Istria invites us over and over again.

nature & camping


Camping Evelyn

nice peaceful place stella. . .love it... Camping Dobrila

Pure enjoyment..

Camping Pahovnik

because Pineta Savudrija is the best campsite

Nature Selma

Camping Ivan

everything looks really great

So beautiful.... Looking forward to come to istria this summer Nature Sophia

My mother used to say: It is so clean you could eat off the floor. Same here. Beautifully cared for.


Why Northwestern Istria?

Nature Bruno

red “terra” and green “Malvazija”, perfect duality! Nature Silvio

Croatia…the sea on the one side… the land…one of the most beautiful places in the world…not to mention how we from the Adriatic are lucky to have it just a few miles away…I can’t wait for nice weather so I can sail there… Nature Mirela

Nature Renata

Istria is a beautiful region, vineyards and excellent wine.

nature & camping

definitely-the view of the old stone houses and alleys, the smell of the Adriatic sea in the distance… and the taste of a good Cabernet. Dear Istrians-you have no idea how lucky you are !!!


Nature Milan


Istrian red soil, full of iron, for Refošk and Teran, similar to Kras.


the colour of earth. the sea. peace in the air

Nature Michele

Burgundy colour soil, pale gray stone, vineyards and olive groves .. the perfect combination for a magical land, my Istria! :) Nature Natasa

....Beautiful country, dear Istria :)


Why Northwestern Istria?

Nature Aldo

I’m coming tomorrow, chill a Malvasia and put a turbot in the oven …

Nature Josip

a beautiful soil bearing the divine Malvasia!

Nature Stefan

my beautiful Istria :-))))) I’ll be back





Heaven on earth, extremly fertile and beautiful red soil, I’ll always carry its scent in my heart ...

nature & camping

The people, the wines of Istria, the landscape...


wellness & sea


Why Northwestern Istria?

The pleasant Mediterranean climate of northwestern Istria, its crystal clear sea, picturesque coves, bays and promontories with stone and pebble beaches awarded Blue Flags and safe harbours will leave no one indifferent. From swimming, exploring the secrets of the deep blue sea, windsurfing and fishing, the Adriatic offers an interesting and active holiday to all. On the other hand, if it’s total relaxation you seek, we offer you an unforgettable holistic wellness experience and enjoyment in the hands of professionals. Finnish biosaunas, hydromassage, wave dream, seawater indoor swimming-pools and gyms, authentic Ayurvedic rituals and a number of other benefits for the body are all at your disposal. If you wish to learn more about the history of seafaring in Istria, you shouldn’t miss Gallerion, a maritime collection of the old Austro-Hungarian and royal war fleet, and use a stroll around the old centre of Novigrad to get to know the culture and tradition strongly linked to the sea. A Savudrija lighthouse dating back to

...body and mind relaxation... 1818, offers the quiet and the mysticism of the times gone by. With the diverse facilities offered in northwestern Istria, the combination of wellness and the sea is ideal for relaxation of both the body and the mind, and should you decide to get to know its history and culture as well, you will have a complete holiday experience in Istria. Pure delight is the feeling that has inspired fans to write wonderful comments:

wellness & sea



beautiful Adriatic sea and beaches in Northwestern Istria.. Valda

In Istria? Adriatic... Very clean coast and beaches.


Wow! so beautiful and colourful


a desire for scents


Why Northwestern Istria?


Maestral,Novigrad! Best staff! Best SPA best prices!


wow ♼




incredibly amazing.

wellness & sea




I`ve been to Melia COral last autumn. Best wellness vacation ever!


A fantastic pool in the Melia Coral Hotel in Umag




Couldn’t imagine a better gift for my body and soul right this moment and a better place to experience it than in Northwestern Istria. Here I come! :)



O lala, wish I could be there right now..

Why Northwestern Istria?

Sea Marjana

Great summer moments, a lot of fun, water sports... Sun, sun, sun... Sea




Peace and serenity ♥

Sea Irina

Heaven on Earth :-)

Sea Aleksandar

The sea and the sail - it’s a dream!

Sea Annette

I feel nostalgia when I’m not close to it and happiness when I am. Sea Valeria

The most important ingredient of my perfect holiday





The sea, blue sea… is there anything more beautiful.

wellness & sea

the best place to be

I can spend all day just looking at it...



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... our Facebook fans told us ...


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