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Tips for Having Perfect Fraser Island Tours

Before booking a 4 wheel drive guided safari or scouting some budget Fraser island tours, it should be ensured that you are aware of the things that will make the most of the Fraser Island trip. Given below are tips that will help in having a truly enjoyable and a unique Fraser Island tour. •

Travel light by packing light

The common guided tours in Fraser means that the vehicle is being shared with backpackers. Generally, more than 8 backpacks don’t fit inside a 4-wheel drive. Thus, it is a good alternative to use soft bags. Essentials for travelling and packing are: 

Sleeping bags. They are usually available for rent as well.

Shorts and shirts depending on the number of days you stay.

Sneakers and flip-flops

Sun block spray or lotion

Anti-mosquito lotion or spray

Flash light

Bread or drinks that are canned.

Camera should be protected

Always take care that the camera is protected. Due to the water and sand, many a times, the digital cameras are damaged. Extra protection should be taken and they should be sealed in zip lock bags, when near the beach, sand or the lakes. However, if you are very busy with pictures, you would miss out on bonding with others and sight-seeing. So, photos should be taken only when there is something great, otherwise, the entire experience would be ruined.

Storing and playing around Eli Creek

Eli Creek is a shady and a nice creek and has various wooden bridges. The level of water is not very deep. It is definitely perfect for tug-of-war and water games. The whole ambience is very relaxing.

Enjoy sunrise near the beach

Camping in Eurong is definitely a good option. It is great to be waking up in close proximity to the beach. Everything around is very quite and only sea waves can be heard.

Swimming at McKenzie lake

After going swimming, the cool blue-green waters of McKenzie Lake. This is a good part of Fraser Island. It has safe waters, white sand and blue-green waters.

Eating Pasta and Barbeque

Barbeque and pastas should be eaten for dinner. It is yummy and one would definitely enjoy freshly grilled barbeque.

Party hard

Cheers and beers are involved in the Aussie lifestyle. One should drink and party hard. On colder nights, you would be kept warm with spirits and wines.

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Tips for Having Perfect Fraser Island Tours