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Here at Teensoul we are still keeping an eye out for a guy and girl to become the faces of our magazine. You will be given many photo shoot opportunities and will be featured on the up and coming Teensoul website and our blog site. You will also have the chance to meet with Vivien’s Modelling Agency, the people responsible for bringing Gemma Ward to the world stage. So if you live in Perth and are aged 13 to 16 send us your pics (a full length plus a head shot) and you could be the first face of Teensoul! I


ISSUE 3 2011

EDIT R LETTERS // Hi there, My name is Djuna and I’m Teensoul’s assistant editor! I’m excited to be joining Teensoul because it’s such a new magazine! I’ll be working with a group of talented people to really get Teensoul off the ground and bring young people everything they need to read each month. As well as publishing a fantastic magazine, our Teensoul blog is brimming with funny, interesting, informative and useful posts, updated almost every day! Writing is my forte, but through being a Teensoul editor I have been able to build my organisation and time-management skills. As well as editing Teensoul, I’m studying a Bachelor of Communications at UWA, which fits in nicely. Editing is such an important task and one which I’m happy to do as it brings together the work of writers, graphic designers, photographers and everyone else who works behind the scenes to create the magazine. This month we’ll be bringing you heaps on health! From yummy recipes to what’s in store for your school cafes and vending machines, we’ve got it covered. The future of gaming and the fun side of graffiti are also featured this month, so go ahead… Start turning the pages! Djuna Hi guys! It’s been an amazing few weeks over at the Teensoul office – we’ve had a fashion shoot in Kings Park, been visiting schools, setting up stalls and meeting loads of great people. We’re really excited about this issue - it’s our first issue in print and one of many more to come! We’re talking about the best new local music, the coolest new fashion, what to do and where to go! We’ve also been covering important issues like the do’s and don’ts of partying, teen violence and the Year 12 Perspectives Art Exhibition. I hope you guys enjoy this issue as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. Spread the word - this is your magazine - and we really mean that. Bryn

what’s your contents?


goodnight tiger

keeping graffiti legal

you are what perspectives you eat

Teen style

Slipping under the radar

also in this issue .... David Gioia, TEEN ST YLE


w ake u p , s m e l l t he ros es and ...

Chrissy Savage Photos courtesy of Goodnight Tiger

Goodnight Tiger were recently nominated for a WAMI Award, and won the Ampfest band competition showing some serious talent! Perrin and Jill have been writing together since 2009 and have developed a unique indie pop sound. The addition of new members has given them a bigger dynamic and more musical diversity. Having recently recorded a demo and currently playing lots of local gigs, they look to be one of Perth’s most promising folk acts.


Tell me about your experiences recording We recorded guitar and vocals for seven songs but were running out of time so we got our bass player and our drummer to record parts separately. It was a good experience for us. What is your biggest inspiration? Jill is definitely my biggest inspiration! Every song she plays I think ‘I wish I wrote that’. As long as she keeps writing songs I’m sure I will too.

Can you tell me about your writing process? We write separately, and then show it to the other person. Most of the song we will do on our own, including harmonies and other guitar parts, and then teach it to the other person. You’ve been likened to Sarah Blasko and The Audreys – Does this create any pressure? It’s pretty flattering but it doesn’t create any pressure. I suppose it does help the readers get an idea of what we’re like. Do you have a preference for playing large or small shows? The larger shows are a lot more fun, but the smaller ones have their advantages too, and we always enjoy playing, no matter who the crowd is. What are your future aims? Co-headlining world tours with Madonna? To get our music out to as many people as possible, play around the country and keep busy! Check them out at


Keep grafitti art legal

Deanne Walker

When I catch a train I like to look out the window and watch the world speed by.However,this is pretty hard when the window is covered in random scratch marks.Then when I get off the train all I see is the stations buildings covered in squiggles of paint. Graffiti is stupid and pointless not to mention a problem on the rise. To fight the problem the Public Transpor t Authority (PTA) set up the Urban Ar t Project in 2008.


Thanks to the program Per th youths get the oppor tunity to do work with professional ar tists and show off their creative side because there is a big difference between vandalism and ar t. Their last project was the Thornlie Station wall. Youths who took par t in PTA’s Urban Ar t workshops put forward ideas for mural to be painted on the entrance wall of Thornlie train station in Per th’s southern suburbs. The ar t works they produced were

put on Facebook and people were encouraged to‘like’their favorite.The young ar tists with the most‘likes’were given the chance to work with two awesome professional ar tists to paint the station wall. I spoke with one of the one of the winners,Tim Wright,about his experience with the Urban Ar t project. INTERVIEW with :Timothy Wright competition winner. I thought the workshop would be fun. I’ve always really liked graffiti and ar t and I wanted to learn more about it.Working with them (professional ar tists) was a really good experience, because I admire Mike and the others. They are legends to me. My favorite par t of the project was being able to paint the mural on the Thornlie train station wall.It was an orange and yellow gold fish with train doors in its stomach and had train tracks underneath it. I would consider ar t as a future career. I hope to have some sor t of par t in the ar ts for a future job.I always thought it (graffiti) was just illegal ar t but since doing the workshop I realise that there are ways to do it legally.

Inter view with Profession urban ar tist Drew Straker. How did you become involved in this the project?

After the success of Abnormal Design’s Shenton Park Railway Station Mural in 2007 and Clarkson Line murals in 2009,the Per th Transit Authority once again approached us to come up with some ideas for various sites within the Armadale network.I enlisted the assistance of some original old-school Per th ar tists to put it all in perspective for the young ar tists involved. What projects have you been involved with so far? Our most recent mural projects on the Armadale Train line covered thousands of square metres over 7 different locations.The Kenwick Link Mural is the longest of its kind in Australia,coming in at over 400 metres long! Another popular mural is our‘swing carousel’beneath Glendalough station.

What makes this project so wor thwhile? Having the freedom to create!! Let’s face it,the rail network was never recognized for being par ticularly attractive,this,however,is changing thanks to forward thinking staff within the PTA.Abnormal Design have painted over 12 medium to massive murals on what was otherwise just an expanse of grey with the


occasional tag. These ar tworks are acknowledged and appreciated by a large cross section of the community,we always strive to cover a broad range of themes,topics and styles.

getting too good! I find they come out of the projects more confident and keen to get their own ar t por tfolio happening so they can approach local businesses about painting a mural on their premises.

Do you see a change in the teens who par ticipate in the projects?

What do you think about the issue of illegal graffiti?

Ar tistically speaking,definitely! I’ve been lucky to meet so many great young people at our urban ar t workshops,my greatest satisfaction comes when the budding ar tists create an ar twork they never thought they could possibly do, all they need is a little direction and some of our tricks of the trade, sometimes I try to slow down on the schooling because they star t

Graffiti seems to be broken up into a few sub groups,some who vandalise out of anger,others who might do it as a month long phase or others that appreciate the origins of the ar tform and strive to do the best letter based ar t they can,even if nobody sees it! I feel a lot of the history of graffiti ar t has been lost. This has led to an abundance of scribbles.My aim has always been

to hunt out frequently tagged walls and turn them into masterpieces, utilising the assistance of the local youth who are intrigued by mural ar t.Some think graffiti’s solely a male thing but I have to say its the female ar tists I’ve taught that seemed to be the most dexterous when it comes to spray painting!


Every Sunday from 6pm* *Only available from 8pm in WA and not available on Sunday in SA. See for other great specials.


132 263 | AMFBOWLING.COM.AU .11.


What are you eating? By Djuna Hallsworth

In a more health-conscious society it’s hard to keep up with the latest superfood that boasts all sorts of amazing results. When you’re juggling school, work and social life, maintaining a healthy diet of food you can snack on, on the bus or whilst doing homework can be challenging. The Government is introducing a new “traffic lights” system, where the healthiest foods are given a “green light”, with “red light” foods to be limited as much as possible and those with an “amber” label to be consumed carefully. This is an across-the-board method to educate and monitor what foods are readily available at school canteens, vending machines, work place cafes and, pretty much everywhere.


Healthy eating starts with the right attitude, but it also starts with our parents. If you think you’re stuck in a trap where dinner has less nutritional value than a lollypop, maybe have a chat about the foods you’d rather be eating. Maybe even offer to cook one night? Teensoul would love to know what kind of recipes you’re seeking out, so drop us a line at and, with the subject “recipes” tell us what you wish you were eating! EAT MOST

EAT some

EAT little

Green foods include things like bread, legumes, fruit and vegetables, low-fat dairy and dairy alternatives, cereals/nuts/seeds and lean meat/poultry/eggs. These should comprise 50% of what is available for purchase (in vending machines/cafes), and can be eaten readily throughout the day.

Amber foods are the intermediate alternative between red and green. Foods like breakfast cereals that have added sugar, and full-cream dairy options, as well as processed meats, muesli bars and toppings (like gravy, mayonnaise, margarine) are amber, as are healthier biscuits, cakes and muffins.

Red foods are the most unhealthy. All instant meals and many ready made canteen choices such as sausage rolls, chips, spring rolls and pizza have high amounts of sodium and have a high GI, meaning they provide a very quick energy release, rather than a sustained one.

Here’s an easy recipe for starters!

Easy Beef Tacos Serving Size : 4 Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

600g heart smart beef mince 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon mild paprika 1 teaspoon dried oregano leaves Salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 cup tomato paste/tinned tomatoes, drained 2 cups shredded lettuce 2 tomatoes, chopped 1 carrot, grated 1 cup tasty or cheddar cheese, grated 1 avocado, peeled, stone removed & chopped Hard and/or soft tacos shells Salsa, to serve

METHOD Preheat oven to 180°C. Heat a large nonstick frypan over high heat. Add mince and cook until browned. Break up large pieces with a spoon. Add cumin, paprika, oregano leaves and salt and pepper. Mix well to combine, then add tomatos. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes. Add some water if the mixture becomes too thick. Taste and add more salt if necessary. Heat taco shells in the oven for 5 minutes (wrap soft shells in aluminium foil). Place warm shells on a serving platter, with the toppings in separate bowls and add at your will.










a e m r c s e t c i o n re a t s Mo r e t h a n j u w w w. n e w z e

Playing for the next generation by Michael Speranza

Are you one of those people who have all their old gaming consoles lying around the house collecting dust? It is without a doubt that one day the seventh generation of game consoles such as the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 will be added onto that pile to be replaced with the latest and greatest. We have seen the older consoles go out of date which generally takes about five years. This generation? Word is they are going to last six to eight years!


In the Beginning… Let’s take a quick trip down “nostalgia lane” for a moment. In the beginning, gaming consisted of playing cards and hopscotch. And then they invented electricity! Generations one and two were well and truly past our time. I was born when third Generation was dying out so let’s start from

The last Generation we may remember included the Playstation 2, Xbox, Dreamcast and Gamecube released.

2005 to 2006

Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo Entertainment systems were the big two. 3D graphics came about on the Nintendo64, Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn.

Early 2000's

1989 to 1995

Generation four.

We saw the introduction of the consoles we have today, such as PS3 and Nintendo WII

So what can we expect right now? Well, it looks Wait a minute! This might be good for us as

like no home entertainment systems are confirmed

our hard earned cash can be saved up a little

as of yet but we can anticipate new portable game

bit longer. Talk around is that the industry

consoles on the horizon. Rumour is that Nintendo

is working to make updates for the current

3DS will be released in March 2011 and will have a 3D

consoles and creating more enjoyable games

effect when playing games. Sony’s Next Generation

to play. For those who have an Xbox 360 you

Portable (NPG) will be released around November and

may notice that it freezes while you’re in the

be very similar to our iPhones with touch screens and

middle of a game. Microsoft is working on a

a lot more interactivity with one another when playing

way for the console to not over-heat meaning

our friends.

we won’t get frustrated because we have just lost all our progress. Sony is working on some

The bad news is that the talk surrounding making

better games too and Nintendo are making an

our gaming experience better is up in the air, so it is

update to enhance their graphics.

still very unclear what we can expect for the future. Whether this means releasing a brand new console

But how far is too far? Have you noticed there

altogether or making the ones we have enhanced is

is a big uprising in 3D movies? Some players

still yet to be seen. I think it is going to come down

want this type of technology for games.

to giving the seventh Generation a bit more room to

Imagine how awesome that would be! Motion

further develop more interactive ways to play games

sensing technology is big right now like Xbox

for the consoles we already have.

Kinect and Wiifit. The game play for this is excellent and no doubt will continue to make

Do you think that this is a good thing for Generation

more fun games. If anyone has had a go at

seven game consoles to stick around a little longer?

Kinect Dance Central you’ll know all about the

Let us know your thoughts at

fun you can have.



Fremantle headspace provides mental health and wellbeing support, information and services to young people and their families.


tle hea

w w w. f

re m a n







PH: 08 9335 6333

Kids Get Creative Year 12 Perspectives

in Detail Karina Reeves

Established in 1991, each year the Art Gallery of Western Australia showcases Perspectives, the artistic talent of graduating Year 12 students who study Fine Arts in Western Australia.

Starting from the gem of an idea, the exhibit features the creativity of young minds that have put in their heart and soul to these pieces, presented in a wide range of forms from sculptures to paintings to books. Each year Perspectives has proven to be one of the most popular exhibits, and a chance of artistic expression for prospective young artists. Teensoul caught up with budding artist Serena Pangestu, and chatted to her about her piece featured in the Perspectives collection.


s it t ing dow n w ith S eren a P a n g es tu . . . T: What was the narrative behind your

T: How did you feel when you found


out your artwork was selected for the exhibition?

S: The narrative behind my artwork is based on modern society’s obsession

S: Hearing about how prestigious

with beauty. For both men and women,

Perspectives is and to have your own

it is, for most of the time a struggle to

works selected to be a part of; that

accept and be satisfied with the way

is HUGE! One thing that I always learn

you look, act, dress and feel. Due to

to do before I submit my work for

pressures of contemporary society,

an exhibition is to have confidence in

continuously updated trends and social

it and ultimately; love it, but to have

groups; what may begin with a small

judges and random people love your

obsession to look beautiful may turn

work as well? It is a definite bonus!

into a never ending wreath which forces

Perspectives is definitely one of my

people to act physically and mentally

biggest achievements so far.

against who they are. T: Do you see art as a form of self T: Did you have inspiration for the piece?


S: Honestly, this painting was very

S: Art is if not the BEST form of self-

spontaneous and unplanned, the

expression. Painting, sketching, drawing

narrative behind it changed constantly; I

etc. is so greatly controlled by your

had big breaks between completing this

emotions, who you are or even what

series, for the plain fact that I got bored. I

mood you are in that one piece of

have to give big credit to my teachers at

artwork may contain many different

school for helping me and inspiring me

styles and moods in itself. The self

to complete these works of mine.

expression which an artist paints/ draws with can be seen by the pure fact that no two artwork are the same and that they are all unique in their own special way.


T: Is art something you want to

a right or wrong (true artists should

pursue as a career?

know this)... work big and make a mess! It is much more fun! Challenge

S: Art has always been a passion and

yourself by having time limits or the

hobby of mine, but for the time being,

“no eraser allowed” rule. Perfection

I am studying interior architecture

and accuracy is not worth striving

at Curtin University, pursuing my

for, what’s more important is the

childhood dreams of becoming an

message/depth and emotion your

architect/ interior architect. My art

artwork holds. Your imagination will

however is already proving to be a

always be your number one tool.

great advantage as creativity and imagination is heavily relied on in

Be inspired and catch Perspectives

order to come up with new concepts

and more at the Art Gallery of Western

and ideas.

Australia , annually as well as at www.

T: What advice can you give to teenagers who aspire to become artists like yourself? S: My best advice is to probably to have fun! Always do things spontaneously and out of the blue (an A5 sketchpad will come in handy when on-the-go) break rules and stereotypes because there is never







WEAR RED - anonymous




CHARISMA - anonymous



REMAINS - coco chanel



PHOTOGRAPHER Adelle Cousins @ Retro Trash Photography ASSISTANTS Holly Byrne Kirsty Mackenzie


CLOTHES Indulge (Mt Lawley) and Divine (Mirrabooka) ACCESSORIES Metropolitan Accessories (Mirrabooka) MODELS Cassie Butler Isabella Sharp Emma Ewers Ben Ebsworth


STYLISTS Jordyn Lucas Kayleigh Allen

MAKEUP Carla De Gouveia Margareth Leong





SEX ED - Do those words make you cringe? It’s certainly not the most exciting class you could take at school, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important that computing or sport. In fact, it’s probably more so! I mean, who ever caught a lifethreatening disease because they tuned out in computing lessons?

ar e y ou sl ippi ng

u nde r th e

radar? B Y D J U NA H AL L SWORT H

There are some alarming statistics about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), teen pregnancy and sexual harassment. Somehow, we all think none of these things will affect us. Family Planning W.A. (FPWA) struggles with the issue of how to get the message out to young people every year and, along with the Government, are pushing the safe sex message not to preach, but to help. The State and Federal governments have launched numerous campaigns with catchphrases such as “STIs are spreading fast… always use a condom” and “Get tested… play safe”. Why isn’t it working? FPWA informs us that 50% of chlamydia sufferers are aged 15-25. Rebecca Smith from FPWA suggests this is due to a number of factors, including lack of knowledge, lack of access to contraception, lack of sex education from schools and parents, peer pressure and, of course, being a teen and wanting to push the boundaries. The experimentation with drugs and alcohol by young,


impressionable teens can escalate into situations that they may not wish to be in, including unplanned sexual activity. In Western Australian in 2009, 73 new mothers were girls aged 15 or younger. That’s the equivalent of about six whole Year 10 classes. Imagine every girl in your year at school, and it starts to seem closer to home than you might think. Bear in mind that the legal age to engage in sexual activity is 16 (and 17 in South Australia) and you might

50% of chlamydia


are aged

15-25 start to wonder how this happens; that so many young girls and guys are either unable or unwilling to practice safe (and legal) sex. This can be prevented by better sexual education earlier in life, says Rebecca. Then there’s the myth-busting part. Many teens believe that STIs cannot be contracted through oral sex. Wrong. Better communication, and not treating the topic as taboo, can make it easier to find out what you

need to! While the rates of STI cases have increased, so, too, have the rates of people getting tested, which means that people are taking heed of the message and looking after themselves. Want to find out more? Who doesn’t? Isn’t it better to be in the know, instead of making a bad decision you could have avoided? Remember, seeking help does not mean you are helpless, it means you are body-savvy and care about yourself and others. STAY SAFE!

USEFUL LINKS healthinformation/links/ http://www.condomman. com/articles/tag/safe-sexdiscussion/





Saxophonist and Student!

DAVID GIOIA is one on the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra’s (WAYJO) success stories. At just 16, David balances his Year 11 studies at Churchlands Senior High School with playing alto sax for WAYJO, which is a nonprofit training organisation for 14-25 year olds. On top of alto sax, which he played for two years WAYJO’s Swing Band, and now plays in the Big Band, David’s also pretty savvy with trombone, clarinet, soprano sax and guitar. We caught up with David to ask him how he manages to score gigs with Jazz legends like Fred Wesley and complete his homework on time!

DAVID : I auditioned for WAYJO when I was 14 because I wanted to play in a jazz band that was a better standard than the school band. Making it Work The thing I find most challenging about being in WAYJO is learning how to play as an ensemble and to be extremely musically sensitive so that the band can work together extremely well. WAYJO doesn’t have a huge amount of impact on my school work. Well, we have the occasional gig on a school night but that’s not too bad and as far as rehearsals go, you just have to learn how to get all of your work done before hand. The Benefits The best time I had playing with WAYJO was in my first year when as part of the swing band I got to play a solo


By Djuna Hallsworth


at the concert for schools at the concert hall with Fred Wesley. It was a great opportunity and when he asked me to play it again that night I got to meet some great people and had a lot of fun. Playing with WAYJO has heaps of benefits. Most importantly, it has really improved the way I play in ensembles and given me a much greater knowledge of big band playing than I used to have. It is a lot of fun and a great way of meeting a heap of other people who like the same music as you. WAYJO improves your connections with people in the music industry and gives its members a lot of experience doing performances. The Future I’m still not sure what I want to do with my career, but I’m sure if I chose to go with music WAYJO would be a great aid in improving me as a musician and in opening further opportunities. For me, WAYJO is all about finding a jazz band that will really help my playing and challenge me beyond what you can get in school. In the long term I hope WAYJO will be useful in preparing me to play with other bands. You can find out more about WAYJO on and watch out for their Concerts for Schools coming up!

WANT TO CONTRIBUTE? Have an interesting story to tell us? Doing something cool and unique? Tell us about it at because we love hearing from you! If you want to contribute to Teensoul, here is how. Whether you want to submit a creative writing piece, poetry, music/movie review or photographs and videos, then follow the directions below. Send your work on disc with your full name and contact details to PO BOX 8310 South Perth, Western Australia 6151. Or if it’s something small then email it to We look forward to hearing from you soon! Stay tuned with teensouls blog at for more details on all things TEEN!




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