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What is the COLOSOUL GROUP? The Colosoul Group inc. is set up as a not-forprofit media and arts training centre, which aims to support and enhance the experiences of young people, and to bring the communities within Perth together so that everyone is involved, connected and acknowledged.


what is the film department? Colosoul’s film department gives young people the opportunity to express themselves through films, as well as supporting local artists in the area providing creative exposure. We make up a team of young professionals in the industry working together to create industry standard and creative material. We believe that everyone has a story to tell.


Our Goals are to provide coverage of the many great artists in Perth that are struggling to find exposure, as well as establishing a film community here in Perth.

Sponsors involved will be paving a way into the future of media



artistic inspiration The film department relies heavily on the artistic inspiration of Colosoul Group Inc. through which we receive support from graphic artists, P.R and advertising bodies that help us link to artists who are big and to those need help getting out there. The department is linked to the Colosoul webpage, as well as links to the artist’s pages, creating a social film community. Our aim is to foster relationships amongst the creative community. The film department is a gateway for graduate film-makers to help out in the community and use their skills for others. We are dedicated to finding new talent and exposing those in our community that deserve recognition for their work.


Talk back

The film department is all about


with our Perth audience, creating a social, visual hub.


The Colosoul film department is currently producing a talk back show run by university graduates. The show will look at social issues faced by young people today and be broadcast in conjunction with West-TV and webcast on a weekly basis. The show is aimed towards sixteen to twenty five year olds, as concluded from our market research, we appeal to a growing community hungry for fresh content made for them.


Mentorship is the core ethos of the Colosoul Group. The Mentorship Program is one

of the group’s main avenues for promoting the talents and skills of young people, while at the same time producing the best results for each project by bringing together the experience of industry professionals with the creative insight of young trainees. Colosoul Group supports nonprofit organisations as part of our ethos of caring for the local community. Organisations we support include: The Esther Foundation – Halo Leadership – Extinction Sucks –

The film department operates alongside the Colosoul media group, which is home to a team of

PROFESSIONALISM professional innovative & effective individuals with a passion for creative expression among young people.



transmedia platform The film department utilizes a large Transmedia platform in order to reach its viewers, aside from Colosoul’s promotion we make use of: Youtube Facebook Colosoul’s social network West TV We are living in a multiplatform society, reaching our audiences becomes a task which must remain as flexible as we are today. Audiences are watching more videos on the Internet than on TV, so the market potential for this kind of distribution is enormous, coupled by the near zero costs of putting it out there. We have a very large social network through these branches and it is expected to grow in the coming year as we take on further projects as part of what we do that involves the audience making our network a community of ideas and artistic expression.

contact Ian Bensley

Colosoul Film Dept. Head 0417790019

Tricia Ray


Executive Producer 0422411499