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l Note from the Editors

This is our final wrap-up of the year for our e-zines, which we hope you have enjoyed reading. We have held many events this year which have helped other young people doing charitable aid work here in Australia or overseas. We have had the opportunity to produce our printed publication a few times this year, with the latest edition out in stores December, which also includes our urban hip-hop mag Wordplay. Colosoul has moved its office space into Subiaco, which we are all super excited about and when you have some time come in and visit us – you may even like to get involved in some way. Without all the amazing and dedicated volunteers, Colosoul would not be where it is today. We have a new partner, Concero, who has joined forces with us, looking after all things business and Colosoul all things creative – so together we are a great team. We would like to extend a big thank you to the ABN Group for their contribution in supporting Colosoul’s printed publication and to World On Line Print Cannington for all their amazing support throughout the year. We would also like to thank Bunnings Subiaco for their contribution in supplying us with some material for our new office and to Declin and the team from the Monford Group for actually putting up the walls and installing the doors. A personal thank you to my friend Chris from Greece who helped to sand back the walls, I have to say I could not have done this job without him and I’m glad this job is finished, not my favourite thing to do. Colosoul would like to send their best wishes to you for the Christmas break, drive safe and enjoy the festive season, and we will look forward to catching up with you again next year.

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2011 Events 01

battle of the bands


WA born fashion festival


a night in arcadia


fair tradies ball


go local


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e l t t a B of

Teensoul is one of many publications under the Colosoul Group Inc. It is a magazine that is specifically made for young teenagers 13-16 years old. Teensoul encourages teenagers to contribute and express themselves through the areas of creative writing, photography, media, music, art, gaming and sport. Teensoul is community oriented and aims to explore the raw culture of youths in Australia by giving local artists the opportunity to showcase their work at our underage events. ‘Battle of the Bands’ was a band competition presented by Teensoul at the Cockburn Youth Centre on the 24th July 2011. The event was a social event for teenagers with the aim of connecting and entertaining young people in a safe and drug free environment. It was also an opportunity for our young volunteers to conduct a fundraiser and learn skills in event management. Battle of the Bands was a fun, fantastic night that offered music entertainment from local bands and DJ as well as affordable refreshments. The event has given our local bands the opportunity to perform live on stage and gain some exposure. The aim was

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to help them build industry contacts that could be useful to further their chosen career path. To top that, some lucky audience members came home from the night with raffle prize wins courtesy of our sponsors.

‘Battle of the Bands’ was a fun, fantastic night that offered music entertainment from local bands and DJ The profit that was raised at the event went toward our Mentorship Program. The Program provides youth with the opportunity to be involved in the media and arts industries. They gain industry knowledge, confidence and build their profiles after having done the program. Our events are a place where we can give local artists the attention they deserve. They are also a chance for the Colosoul Group to give back to the community with the funds raised at the events. We believe that Teensoul can make a positive contribution to the Perth culture and community.

By Tran Nguyen

t he

B an d s

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WA born


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WA Born managed to escape the unfounded pretension of Fashion Week with colour and vibrancy, appropriately echoing Australiana

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Perth Fashion Week goes relatively unnoticed by the majority of the Perth population. Let’s face it; it’s all a little uninspiring, falling far short of the awe invoking high-end couture performances in Paris or New York. WA Born decided to look at this quasi-fashion week for what it was – numerous designers clambering for big name success. Wheels and Dolls Baby and We Are Handsome may be an exception, but on the whole there are few labels to scream about coming straight out of Perth. So why not indulge our ever-growing population of student and up-coming designers. It is not glamorous, indulgent or elitist. It is a showcase of the raw talent that comes out of Perth year after year. WA Born showcased artwork, dance, music and – most importantly – fashion, with influences from all over the world, but coming straight from our home state. Proceeds went towards the Halo foundation, whose focus is raising money for indigenous youths. WA Born managed to escape the unfounded pretension of Fashion Week with colour and vibrancy, appropriately echoing Australiana. Models sported tailored dresses to huge works of art, and music varied from a didgeridoo to French hip-hop.

“It is a showcase of the raw talent that comes out of Perth year after year.” The event was held at The Bakery, which only further leaked the Australiana vibe, decorated accordingly with lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and trees and fire lining the stage. With a line at the door before they even opened, it seems quiet apparent that this showcase of young talent is an exciting new alleyway that should be incorporated into PFF.

“Numerous designers clambering for big name success” I feel I have been all too harsh on the Perth Fashion scene. However, it is true they have come far yet have far to go. But with such talent that was showcased on this night, hopefully one day in the not too distant future, the Perth population will pay more deserved attention as Perth Fashion Week comes around.

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Photography by Proof27 photography

Clothing for Men & Women

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PHONE: (08) 9227 8944 FAX: (08) 9227 8933 EMAIL: 557 Beaufort Street Mount Lawley, Western Australia, 6050

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live statue models posed gracefully for everyone to admire 18 l Colosoul Ezine

October 2011



Arcadia in

This spring, we celebrated Colosoul Group Inc.’s 5th Anniversary with the Greek inspired theme – A Night in Arcadia. Flooded with live vines and flowers, we transformed The Forrest Centre into a magical garden of Arcadia, with the aim of raising awareness for Colosoul Group Inc. and to introduce our move into a new office located in Subiaco. Supported by many local businesses and talent, our beautifully transformed atrium was filled with interactive stations, such as a professional photo booth sponsored by ArtHaus and a Make-Up Booth by Gorgeous Artist Designs, ready to keep patrons happy and busy all night.

with the aim of raising awareness for Colosoul Group Inc. and to introduce our move into a new office located in Subiaco As the doors opened, guests slowly filled the atrium dressed in white to fit the theme and were greeted by enchanting Gods and Goddesses at the door, who dressed each person with head wreaths as they entered. Positioned all around the room, live statue models posed gracefully for everyone to admire. Spray-painted in silver and gold by Exotic Hair Extensions and Beauty, the models were a huge attraction throughout the evening and photos were a must, which kept our photographers trigger-happy the entire night. Entertainment for Arcadia included DJs Roughsoul and Steve who pumped upbeat party anthems, a sizzling performance by Nigel Wynchesstary – Colosoul’s very own fire twirler, and an amazing contortionist act and seductive feather dance from The Twisted Vaudeville Circus. From the support of our generous sponsors who contributed their goods and services to assist us with putting together this cocktail, we raised a considerable amount towards our move into the new Subiaco office. If you are an aspiring creative individual looking for experience, you can always help us out by jumping on board and coming along for the ride of your life with Colosoul’s Mentorship program! By Serene Cho

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Fair Tradie Ball Wanting to make a difference seems to be an insurmountable goal that nibbles at the corner of the mind, but is too perplexing to try to start, let alone finish. Yet when non-for-profit organisation Fair Tradie Project (FTP) approached Colosoul Group Inc., the opportunity to actually ignite change and make a real difference was brought to life. “change the lives of children in the third world” FTP is a WA-based charity that utilises the skills of our Australian tradies to re-build impoverished communities. They needed a charity ball coordinated and organised, to raise much-needed funds for their upcoming project. This ball would change the lives of children in the third world. It would let FTP construct a series of houses in Jinja, Uganda – which would provide security, stability and a family oriented environment to orphans. Eight children were to be placed inside each family home, alongside two foster parents committed to nurturing and encouraging these children to develop to their full potential. And Colosoul was going to enable it to happen.

“re-build impoverished communities”

On the 15th October, at the Melville Bowling Club, the Fair Tradie Project Charity Ball commenced. 160 suited-up guests stood under a sea of lanterns and fairy lights. Patrick Smith opened the evening with his acoustic, mesmerising sound, complimenting the delicious delicacies provided by EstherGirls Catering. Main act, the Triple J rising, Antonio Paul only needed one song to get bodies up on the dance floor, where guests stayed until the indie rock vibe turned to DJ rhythms, courtesy of DJ Jeremy. Major sponsors who came on board were ShedWorx, Golf Sanctuary Resort and Accessorize Now. With the help of these benevolent companies, as well as other contributors and the generosity of the guests with raffle tickets and auction prizes, the ball raised just over $9000. What a colourful, warm feeling it was, to contribute to the rebuilding of lives.

“Whole ballroom full of people have been shown that they also have the power to make a difference” But what felt most exciting was that this year was just the beginning of change, because now a whole ballroom full of people have been shown that they also have the power to make a difference. By Jessica Smith

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Go Local was an ambitious showcase of creative talent within the Perth community, highlighting a selection of small fashion labels, emerging filmmakers, artists and quality musicians across a refreshing mix of genres.

I think I’m a bit in love with THE STOOPS. Every time I see them, they make me feel awesome. Vocalist Natalie ‘Bonita’ Alley just blows me out of the water with her beautiful, powerful voice and the MCs always make me smile.

The Breadbox Gallery was set up with stalls from Colosoul’s own Fox Feet, Bird on a Wire, GFTed, Captain of the Ship, Alreis, Rachel James, Molly Scott and Unsunk Funk. Meanwhile, in the Artrage Complex, DJ Klean Kicks and Chibuuka were spinning tunes, and Fudge (from GFTed) was creating a live aerosol art piece.

“Go Local was an ambitious showcase of creative talent within the Perth community.”

SUGARPUSS were the first band up and the four shaggyhaired dudes in ripped denim were a great way to start the night. PLACE OF INDIGO followed with ambient rock. In between sets, short silent experimental films, provided by ECU film students, played. SAM PERRY’S unique, captivating sound had the crowd packing in as he beat-boxed, sang, rapped and wailed his way through a very demonstrative set. The ESOTYRX dance crew cleared room at the front to display some vigorous krumping. The five guys played it up to the cameras and had everyone gasping at their flexibility, ability and energy.

ANTONIO PAUL took to the stage next. Their infectious pop songs with sweet melodies and catchy hooks were crowdpleasers, in particular singles ‘West Coast Kids’ and ‘Sweet Wine’. Rounding up a night of great local acts was THE PANDA BAND. Having played at Southbound, Big Day Out and South By Southwest music festivals, it was clear these guys were experienced in putting on a dynamic live show. Their indie rock set, peppered with tracks from their album Charisma Weapon, was a great way to finish up the night. Colosoul would like to thank their major sponsor, Healthways, as well as Student Edge, Lick The Wall, Pulse Modern Urban, MH Productions, The Darkroom Concept and Odyssey for making the night of boosting the local arts scene possible. Part proceeds from the night went to The Esther Foundation. By Lisa Morrison

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Help Save A Child

Presenting Catch Me earlier this year in July, Colosoul worked alongside Judah Tana’s organisation, Help Save the Kids once again, to help raise greater awareness within the international community about the ongoing conflict along the Thailand and Burma border. Partnering with JEM (Justice Empowerment Missions) from Melbourne, Help Save the Kids aims to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by the ongoing civil conflict within Burma. The organisation aims to assist people who have fled conflict zones by providing emergency aid, medical assistance and establishing an orphanage. Lining the show with Saffy Saf, Solomon Pitt, Elise McDermott, Kib Kibrom and DJ Cu$$ D@t Vill@!n, Catch Me was generously supported by amazing local Perth talent who volunteered their time to band together and sing their hearts out at Wolfe Lane Bar.

We also had some amazing support from local businesses around Perth, such as BLAH Skateboards, Orange Studio and Odyssey Sunglasses, with their donations of a custommade skateboard, three photo-shoot vouchers and two pairs of sunglasses respectively. These items helped us raise additional funds for the cause via raffle tickets throughout the event. With a full house throughout the night, Catch Me was a huge success – raising $1,988 for Judah Tana’s organisation, contributing towards the creation of an orphanage and to help stop child slavery. An additional $297.50 was also put back towards Colosoul Group Inc.’s Mentorship Program. After such a success, Catch Me has now been adopted by WordPlay Magazine from Colosoul and will be held annually to continue supporting this great cause. Stay tuned for updates on this event and we will catch you next year! By Serene Cho

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"Make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by the on going civil conflict within Burma"

atch e night, C h t t u o h hroug ll house t ss" u f a h it "W ucce a huge s Me was

"Generously suppor ted by amazing local Pert h talent"

es" nflict zon o c d le f e o hav eople wh "Assist p

"We also had some amaz ing support from local businesses ar ound Perth"

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Designed by Jodie Palmer

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Designed by Jodie Palmer

EZine 12 // December 2011  
EZine 12 // December 2011  

EZine 12 // December 2011