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Assistant Editor Letter Hey guys! We have been really busy over the last couple of months organising our fundraiser, Off the Edge Festival! It’s going to be a great party and you can find details right here. That’s not the only exciting thing happening for us. We are also working on our official website and our first ever Teensoul mini-mag. Of course none of this would be possible without you guys and your support! Remember we want to know what’s happening with you so feel free to email us at Don’t forget to join us on facebook too for all the latest news! Just search Teensoul! Thanks again guys for all your support and I hope to see you all at Off the Edge! Deanne Walker

Volunteer space Hey, my name is Cyndi and I’m a volunteer at Teensoul! I love space, fashion, friends, family and food. I also love life, and love to laugh :):) And as you can see, I like being sneaky with my use of alliteration ;)  Currently undergoing my first year of uni, studying journalism and screen arts, I came across a Teensoul ad and wanted to see what I could do. My main role is to manage the online stuff, like the blogs, Facebook page and upcoming website! Teensoul is a great platform  to get experience in many different areas working with many different people. Come join us!


e Cyndi

HEAD DOWN, THUMBS UP by Brooke Hunter

Photo by Alexandra Engels

Does your phone ever leave your side even while you are sleeping? I doubt it! Do you wait on the edge of your seat for a reply or text constantly at the dinner table at your parent’s annoyance? If this sounds anything like you, then you could have an addiction to texting. A recent study by Boost Mobile found text messaging has increased in Australia by 89 per cent in the past two years. Some researchers even identify serious physical and mental disorders linked to ‘text addiction.’ Urban dictionary defines a text addict as someone who constantly and obsessively communicates with others via text messaging from a cellular phone.” According to Australian researcher Jennie Carroll, text addiction can lead to financial problems, anxiety, insecurity, depression, low self esteem and even repetitive thumb syndrome”. Think back to when that special someone didn’t reply to your message for hours. You probably felt very anxious, over analysed why they hadn’t replied and spent the rest of the day checking your phone obsessively every 5 minutes. Anxiety can also occur when you can’t send a text because of low reception, a faulty phone or lack of credit. Again, this

can make you feel insecure and leave you wondering whether you are missing out on events. When you feel left out of the social loop, sending numerous and unnecessary texts to a large amount of people can make you feel like one of the crowd. However, these text fests are also a sign of text addiction, low self esteem and feelings of being left out. There are even physical problems that can develop from excessive text messaging. Repetitive thumb syndrome is just that- repetitive straining of the thumb from too much unnecessary texting over a small period of time. Also, beware of the dangers of walking into solid objects while being completely wrapped up in your mobile! So what can you do to counteract these issues? - Try to see more people face to face. - Refrain from texting unnecessarily. - Find a hobby (like a sport) with your friends. - Get a limited text plan. - Try to think about other things than why ‘so and so’ hasn’t replied. - Think about how much money is wasted on texting. - Call people more often.

vox pops ...... Here is what you guys had to say about your text addiction

Aaron, 1 3

I don’t own a phone because my parents don’t believe that I need it at this age. If I can cope without a mobile, I’m sure others can cut down on texting a little bit. I wouldn’t text a lot if I had a phone because it is a waste of money, especially if I don’t have a job.

A. J. 14 No I don’t think I’m a text addict. I’d rather see my friends face to face than stay home constantly texting them. It is definitely a bad thing because it is like any addiction and can get worse if you let it.

Brooke, 1 3 (Laughs) I think I am definitely a text addict after reading this. I was like omg I do that! It is a really bad thing and it is sort of scary. If I text someone, I keep checking to see if they have replied and my phone never leaves my side. I get anxious if I don’t receive a reply within 5 to 10 minutes.


Hollie, 14 Yep I’m a text addict. I lose track of how many messages I send during the day and I am always on my phone. I think it can sometimes be a good thing because then you know what is happening in the world. But, it can be a bad thing if you stay at home texting rather than going out to see your friends.

Nicole, 13 Yeah, I am definitely a text addict. It is kind of sad really and I don’t know why I’m like this. I think it is a bad thing because it shows that I rely too much on texting friends rather than seeing them face to face. If I don’t change I think it will only get worse.

Shenae, 1 4 I probably couldn’t

survive without my mobile but I wouldn’t call myself a text addict. If I’m out somewhere it’s easier just to text someone rather than calling. But, I don’t send constant and unnecessary messages mainly because I just don’t have the money.

POND By: Chrissy Savage Photo: Matt Saville, taken from

POND seems an unlikely name for such a talented band but at the same time, it’s unquestionably perfect. It’s unassuming, yet memorable and simple, which seems to be the unwritten spirit of the band.

This psychedelic rock act play without the large egos that can often come hand in hand with talent. They make music for the sake of enjoyment, and they do this with an ease that ignites both jealousy and inspiration. This local bands third album was served up at their sold out album launch (July 17 Norfolk Basement Freo) as a five track sampler, a preview as to what the final product promises eager fans. Yes, they launched their album without having completed it, but this was a week after returning from touring in their other band Tame Impala, supporting MGMT’s US Tour. The first track, ‘Cloud City,’ kicks off the album with a light-hearted buoyancy that sounds like musicians dancing on clouds. Carefree and coy, it invites you to bop along to its energetic guitar riff and witty lyrics. ‘Duck and Clover’ begins with a dreamy organ line, which is then borrowed by the bass and guitar and offset by the heavier chorus that balances the song. This pleasant, dream-like state created by the second track is quickly swept away by the upbeat tempo of ‘Annie Orangetree,’ whose rhyming lyrics, swirling organ line, and driving rhythm section encourage you to get lost in the music. The atmosphere changes swiftly when ‘Sunshine Cardigan’ (instrumental) announces a lofty fuse of sixties-inspired pop that meets seventies longwinded rock. The final track is like the soundtrack to an epic journey of fearless triumphs and dangerous adventures in some exotic land to complete the listening experience. The only thing missing on this record is the band’s onstage energy, guided by singer Nick Allbrook’s untamed ‘dance moves’ that’d make Mick Jagger wild with envy.

To get caught up in POND’s trippy excellence head to:

Photoshoot (p.10,11,12) by Alexandra Engels Coverphoto by Nick Fitzpatrick Designed by Stanka B.

Photo by Molecule Blue Studios

MODEL SEARCH Here at Teensoul we are still keeping an eye out for a guy and girl to become the faces of our magazine. You will be given many photo shoot opportunities and will be featured on the up and coming Teensoul website and our blog site. You will also have the chance to meet with Vivien’s Model, the people responsible for bringing Gemma Ward to the world stage. So if you live in Perth and are aged 13 to 16 send us your pics (a full length plus a head shot) and you could be the first face of Teensoul!

Photo by Alexandra Engels

WANT TO C ONTRIBUTE ? Have an inte resting story to tell? Doing and unique? something co Tell us about ol it at teensoul be marketing@ cause we love hearing from you! If you want to contribute to Teensoul, he Whether you re is how. want to subm it a creative w poetry, music riting piece, /movie review or photograph videos then fo s and llow the dire ctions below on disc with : Send your w your full nam ork e and contac PO BOX 8310 t details to South Perth, W estern Austr Or if it’s som alia 6151. ething small then email it teensoulmag to azine@gmai

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