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EDITOR’S LETTER Well, it’s that time again! This month we chat to local theatre company, “Dark Psychic Productions” about their spooky name and their brand new show, “Maul of the Dead,” featuring everyone’s favourite undead characters at the moment; zombies! We also look into how to take your look from day to night and make fun of ourselves and our never ending lists of “first world problems”. This month has been full on in the city of Perth in all areas and we’ve got bits and pieces to catch you up on.


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So when you’re caught up during the day and you still have to attend evening catch-ups with family or friends and you’re unsure what to wear, do not fret.

Wear chunky jewellery pieces Sport a small clutch or bag Say hello to your heels Put on a tailored jacket to seal the look!

robert de long


Robert DeLong has struck gold. His huge single Global Concepts has made it to our shores, his debut album came out last month and he’s on the bill at the 2013 Ultra Music Festival in Miami next weekend, playing the same stage as the likes of Hot Chip, Bookashade, Disclosure and Azari & III. The LA-based multiinstrumentalist’s work has been critically acclaimed across the board, with his unique approach to live music setting him apart. He is known to use a drum kit, guitar and a piano on stage along with the other more common devices for producing electronic music like laptops and so on, he sings and he even uses gaming controls for added appeal to computer geeks and the younger generation. It is astounding to think one man can perform with such a wide array of intstruments and tools on his own in a live setting, and this amazement factor has seen him explode onto the scene. He uses looping to great effect in his music, allowing him to move around to the different instruments and utilise each aspect of his songs. In many songs he uses his own prerecorded backing vocals to layer the sound as he sings the lyrics.

Listening to his album makes you feel like you are experiencing a mash-up of genres and instruments which somehow comes together to form songs. He doesn’t overuse instruments or play them just to show-off – each sound works to give the album a well-formed punchy tone while the lyrics go deeper, delving into questions surrounding the search for purpose and happiness in life. He offers answers to his questions as well, going beyond the standard answer and simplifying things. This is an album to appreciate fully, not only due to the man’s talent and extensive apparatus but also his take on life. In the words of his song Perfect: “Don’t hurry through it.”

Album review by Tom Kitson Designed by Sarah Hession

As if this wasn’t enough, DeLong also writes his own material and his lyrics come across as insightful and relevant to today’s youth. Who needs a band when you can do it all yourself? DeLong is making the most of all the possible ways to make music – he plays traditional instruments and knows his way around electronic music production as well, and brings them together to create a fusion of indie-dance pop-rock that grabs your attention. He crosses multiple genres, always in an upbeat and youthful way through his lyrics and the fast tempo of his songs. The defiant chorus of his hit Global Concepts hit you as hard as the drop that follows. He questions the purpose of life, then brings it down to one question that overrides all the others: “Did I make you f***ing dance?!”

white whine

White Whine is a blog that will make you spit whatever you’re drinking across the room and laugh til the rest comes through your nose. With all the Iphones, Ipads, mod cons around us going into overdrive with new advances and new features, we find ourselves dropping the term “first world problems,” (a term credited to Canadian musician Mathew Good) when we find ourselves complaining about these things. White Whine is essentially a sizeable collection of screenshots, real life posts and conversations showing people complaining about plain stupid inconveniences. Sure, there isn’t too much to actually read on this site, but with language shrinking due to text-speak and everyone in restaurants on their phones anyway, it probably doesn’t matter! It’s a quirky blog that grabs your attention and even allows you to submit your own first world problem complaint.

blog review

It’s a quirky blog that grabs your attention and even allows you to submit your own first world problem complaint.

There are categories from technology to food and a couple of offensive ones but let’s face it, it’s offensive that people like us in a beautiful side of the world with the opportunities we have still complain about every conceivable thing! (LOL) That’s what makes this blog so funny; you can judge other people and pretend your first world problem complaints aren’t as shocking. Updated daily, White Wine is a great idea and is a sad but funny running commentary on the way people think. Like it on Facebook and join the other 21,000 ppl, follow it from the actual blog site and get ready to laugh. Hey, maybe you can use it at the dinner table to interact with your family, you’re going to be on your phone anyway! Find White Whine @ and WhiteWhines

Dark Psychic’s vision looks bright The name of this new and upcoming theatre company alone suggests that the Perth community are in for some new and exciting ‘experiences’. Dark Psychic Productions is promoted as a new group ‘wanting to step outside the box’. Utilising performance styles from cabaret to improvisation and even dinner shows to explore themes such as pirates and murder, it is clear they live up to and potentially exceed their mandate. Colosoul got a chance to chat with Ryan McNally, one of the managers of DP Productions, about where the company came from, its unique styles of performance and themes as well as their plans for the future. What has your theatre company brought to the Perth community theatre scene?

So far we have one full-length show under our belt, ‘The Mocky Horror Monsters’ Ball!’ It was written by the team in four weeks as requested by Phoenix Theatre Inc-tm to fill a spot for the season in 2012. We are now attempting a new spin on an existing show ‘Maul of the Dead’ by Mitch Brian and later this year will have another crack at writing with ‘When The Lights Go Down!’ a cabaret, Moulin Rouge inspired musical. What is the story behind the birth of DP Productions last year? DP Productions became a reality in 2012, but has been in the works for over five years. The main reason that it started was to bring something different to the theatre scene and also change the way people see ‘community/amateur’ theatre. We wanted to bring a more professional level to the scene. Why the ‘dark’ and creepy

overtones? No creepy over tones, well I guess they are. When I came up with the name it was based on ‘Dark;’ what you are in when putting on new productions and ‘Psychic;’ the vision that you have for what you are creating. That is honestly where the name came from. We seem to have started with a Horror style show and stuck to it, but in October, we plan to break tradition and show something way left of field from what was before. With the Fringe Festival, there has been a lot of attention on cabaret, interactive I think it is and it is something that people love and have missed. It used to be everywhere and then it disappeared. We are glad that it is back. Have you found adequate public support for your theatre company? We have had an amazing response, people have been

awesome and we have had a heap of support. We have some great contacts that have helped us out with sets and costumes and have been very lucky so far. Have there been any challenges starting a new theatre company in the Perth arts ‘climate’? Yes there has, one being that we took on our launch at a bad time of the year and didn’t have enough prep to blow people away with our vision, that is not to say that people didn’t enjoy it. We cannot wait to take on ‘Maul of the Dead’ and ‘When the Lights Go Down’ and show what we want to change in theatre. What are you looking for in an actor for your upcoming Zombie epic ‘Maul of the Dead’? Two words: commitment and honesty. We value people who give it their all. We had the auditions on the 10th Feb and there are so many talented people in Perth and we are so excited to have such a large cast. What can the audience look forward to (or fear) in this next performance? That is our little secret! Let’s just say, that I don’t think I have ever seen it before on this scale. 9. Do you have some, not so dark, prospects or goals for the future that we can look forward to?

All I can say is keep doing what you love, if you can’t go a day without thinking about it, then you are missing out!

We want to eventually open our own theatre and create new work that people love and want to come back to. Our own venue is something that we are looking forward to. We also have a couple of plans for next year, you will just have to stay tuned.

Here’s hoping DP Production’s visions become a reality in the near future. The Perth community theatre scene would not only become more diverse and youthful but it will also see to some much needed inspiration for new then you are missing out!

Any words of advice for those interested in theatre wanting to get involved in the Perth theatre scene?

Here’s hoping DP Production’s visions become a reality in the near future. The Perth community theatre scene would not only become more diverse and

youthful but it will also see to some much needed inspiration for new experiments and enhanced enthusiasm and involvement. By Annie Blatchford Be sure to keep updated on the innovative and wild projects of DP Productions by liking their Facebook Page DarkPsychicProductions.

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