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“Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” Gianni Versace

“The Classic Luxury Orange” How does the meaning of the orange as a luxury color change when she enters into her 40’s? She still wants to keep the youthful image of herself she had in her 20’s, but express it in more mature and elegant way. Instead of over-expressing herself, she would like to sophistically show her personality and social status. By re-interpreting the classic luxury orange, this book introduces creative harmonies of orange with other colors and materials that evoke the image of classic orange, but still modern and unique.

“The Modern Luxury Orange” What does “the modern luxury orange” mean to the lady who is in her 20’s with young and hip spirit? For her, the image of luxury is a tool for expressing her lifestyle, creative mind and unique characteristics.She wants to differentiate herself from others by finding her own way of using unusual combinations of color palettes and unexpected material uses. This book explores various ideas about how the color orange could be used with unique combinations of other colors and materials to create her 20’s sparkling image of modern luxury.










Emilio Pucci Soothing Analogous Lower contrast with less saturated analogous color combination was used to create mature and feminine image of luxury. This combination will not overwhelm her; instead she will be able to sophistically express her spirit within this soothing color harmony.

Issey Miyake Brave Analogous To express her unique, hip and young characteristics of 20's, analogous color harmonies were used in more brave way than its classical use. By using great contrast with highly saturated analogous colors, it creates fresh and vibrant images.

Hermes Royal Complementary In this harmony, much darker blue color was used to create mature luxury image of orange. Deep tones of royal blue reduce the image of causality and increase the feeling of classic. Blues lightened with grays keep balance between dark blue and bright orange.

Kate Spade Fresh Complementary By using vibrant blue schemes with highly saturated orange, it creates the image of fresh and clean. Light skin tone that has slight orange tints creates interesting contrast with light blue collar that has unique cut out patterns.

Gucci Blooming Split Complementary In this advertisement, creamy violet colors are used to create more mature, sophisticated harmony. This harmony creates the scent of blooming flower that expresses her 40’s elegant sprit.

Hermes Juicy Split Complementary with Accent In this advertisement, pinkish violet color is creating delicious harmony with orange and yellow accent. This color combination creates the taste of juicy what represents her 20's fun, youthful spirit.

Burberry Calming Neutral In her 40’s, neutral colors of orange can be used very effectively to create elegant and classic image of luxury. Burberry shows how orange color can become more mature by adding neutral color threads to orange textile to slightly de-saturate it.

Fendi Sparkling Metalic Orange with unusual material combinations like metallic leather and textiles are often used as a strategy of expressing modern, hip image of modern luxury orange. This sparkling metallic leather creates various tones of the neutral metallic orange families in a unique way.

Heys Found Objects Foggy Contrast Blue colors de-saturated with gray tones and light orange are creating soft and relaxed feeling of color harmony. The foggy image of this color harmony is somewhat mysterious and unique.

Louis Vuitton Found Objects Dynamic Harmony This color combination is creating very adventurous image of the modern luxury orange. Blue and green color with similar intensity of orange creates balance, but it also creates high contrast that represents her 20’s dynamic lifestyle.

The Classic Texture For classic, elegant image of the luxury orange, it is more desirable to use materials in their natural status. By dying the materials in solid colors that are less saturated, it can maximize the texture of the material itself. Adding slight changes in stitches or coatings can provide the feeling of uniqueness to classic textures.

The Modern Texture Unique application of texture and color on materials are very important key to create the modern luxury image of orange. By distorting the natural look of materials combining with unexpected colors or materials like plastic, beads and stones, it creates dynamic texture and unique surface reflection. combination of analogous colors.

The Modern Texture

The Classic Texture

Invention of The Modern Texture To create unique, hip and young Characteristics of luxury for her 20's, Analogous color should be used more brave than it's classical use. By providing high contrast with analogous colors with high saturation, it can create brave combination of analogous colors.

Found The Classic Texture Less contrast with low saturated color combination is recommended for creating more mature and feminine image of luxury. This combination won’t overwhelm her, but make her feel confident when she is in 40’s.

The Classic Pattern Patterns for classic luxury orange are more delicate. It doesn’t pop out of the designed objects, but it blends into them and become one body. Moves of the shapes in the patterns are more calm and quite.

The Modern Pattern Patterns for the modern luxury orange are like pop art. Patterns are not a part of design anymore, but the patterns themselves become a designed object. Color combination for the patterns are very brave, dynamic, youthful and fun.

Invention of the classic luxury pattern

Invention of the modern luxury pattern

Quiet Bling In this pattern with less saturated color combinations, stones bling in quite, calming way. This pattern can be applied to textiles like silk or cotton.

Candy Crush This fun pattern and color combination create the image of sparkling stones with sweet taste of candy. It can be applied to textiles, plastics, or even printed on leather to provide hip image of the modern luxury orange.

Soft Beads Less contrast with light tints of colors are used in this pattern to create more feminine and sophisticated image of luxury for her 40’s. This pattern is not over expressed, but still adds vibrant images to her 40’s fashion.

Sugar Jewel Triad color combinations in creamy vibrant green, pink and orange are creating the image of milky sweet candies. Objects with this pattern can become a very interesting focal point luxury item to her 20's fashion.

Application of the classic luxury pattern

Application of the modern luxury pattern

“Be brave and be creative both in your 20’s and 40’s. By playing with texture, pattern and unique color harmonies of the modern & classic luxury orange, you can effectively express yourself that reflects your age, personality and your lifestyle. In that way, you can fully own your fashion” Hana Lee

COLOR CODES Fendi Sparkling Metalic

Issey Miyake Brave Analogous C:16 M:8 Y:100 K:0

C:1 M:48 Y:76 K:0

C:1 M:87 Y:92 K:0

C:17 M:100 Y:84 K:7

C:33 M:76 Y:77 K:30

C:24 M:29 Y:66 K:3

C:7 M:33 Y:74 K:1

C:12 M:70 Y:98 K:2

C:55 M:60 Y:78 K:50

C:53 M:65 Y:72 K:56

C:44 M:51 Y:57 K:15

C:36 M:79 Y:45 K:85

C:21 M:73 Y:100 K:9

C:4 M:75 Y:74 K:0

C:50 M:18 Y:0 K:0

C:40 M:4 Y:100 K:0

C:2 M:57 Y:88 K:0

C:24 M:56 Y:76 K:5

C:40 M:69 Y:95 K:61

C:76 M:55 Y:27 K:6

C:58 M:42 Y:45 K:9

C:37 M:27 Y:57 K:1

C:0 M:51 Y:78 K:0

C:2 M:63 Y:78 K:0

Burberry Calming Neutral

Emilio Pucci Soothing Analogous C:2 M:5 Y:70 K:0

C:2 M:57 Y:37 K:0

C:0 M:49 Y:66 K:0

C:1 M:87 Y:92 K:0

C:39 M:43 Y:45 K:4

C:76 M:19 Y:13 K:0

C:54 M:3 Y:15 K:0

C:25 M:0 Y:5 K:0

C:3 M:61 Y:90 K:0

C:0 M:87 Y:100 K:0

C:87 M:77 Y:21 K:6

C:74 M:36 Y:16 K:0

C:42 M:28 Y:20 K:0

C:0 M:51 Y:65 K:0

C:0 M:79 Y:89 K:0

C:57 M:51 Y:49 K:17

C:16 M:8 Y:100 K:0

C:13 M:87 Y:17 K:0

C:0 M:66 Y:67 K:0

C:0 M:79 Y:89 K:0

C:60 M:77 Y:21 K:4

C:32 M:75 Y:29 K:2

C:17 M:47 Y:44 K:0

C:0 M:51 Y:78 K:0

C:9 M:80 Y:84 K:1

Hermes Juicy Split Complementary

Gucci Blooming Split Complementary

C:36 M:50 Y:72 K:13

C:2 M:7 Y:92 K:0

C:0 M:7 Y:97 K:0

C:33 M:84 Y:79 K:36

C:0 M:34 Y:22 K:0

C:0 M:64 Y:52 K:0

C:47 M:13 Y:1 K:0

C:0 M:37 Y:85 K:0

C:49 M:40 Y:34 K:2

C:19 M:41 Y:51 K:0

C:9 M:32 Y:76 K:0

C:11 M:52 Y:80 K:0

C:8 M:13 Y:56 K:0

C:62 M:12 Y:84 K:0

C:44 M:0 Y:99 K:0

C:0 M:51 Y:0 K:0

C:0 M:37 Y:51 K:0

C:0 M:59 Y:78 K:0

C:36 M:13 Y:45 K:0

C:3 M:16 Y:11 K:0

C:14 M:22 Y:21 K:0

C:1 M:31 Y:36 K:0

C:8 M:37 Y:31 K:0

Quiet Bling C:38 M:97 Y:8 K:0

C:0 M:73 Y:100 K:0

C:5 M:16 Y:98 K:0

Sugar Jewel

Found the classic Texture1

Heys Foggy Contrast

Hermes Royal Complementary

C:53 M:22 Y:12 K:0

Invention of the Modern texture2

Louis Vuitton Dynamic Harmony

Kate Spade Fresh Complementary

Candy Crush

Invention of the Modern texture1 C:22 M:22 Y:35 K:0

C:40 M:65 Y:91 K:38

C:52 M:49 Y:34 K:5

C:44 M:28 Y:42 K:1

C:0 M:49 Y:75 K:0

C:7 M:25 Y:72 K:0

Soft Beads

Found the classic Texture2 C:51 M:65 Y:26 K:4

C:8 M:65 Y:81 K:0

C:8 M:40 Y:89 K:0

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Pattern Application/ Store front Image2 (, Bergdorf Goodman Storefront 2011)

The modern luxury orange  

Color Studio, 2014 Pratt Institute, Prof. Hinebrook

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