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Colors of Life

26th January / Pune Edition 1

From the Principal´s desk On the onset of the new year, I take the pleasure to wish one and all a very bright and a prosperous new year. On the behalf of Mahadji Shinde High School I am proud to introduce to you a very innovative and colorful project that’s been conducted at our School by Colorss Foundation. Colorss; works with disadvantaged children with a focus on education and rehabilitation. ‘Colors of Life’ is one such innovative project being conducted by them. The children in this project have given contents for this newsletter and they manage this newsletter with their creativity. ‘Colors of Life’ has proved to be a stepping stone to recognize and highlight the talents and creativity of our students. Though they come from an underprivileged background facing enormous hurdles, their thrust for education continuous. Our only attempt is to cater to their needs and groom them into good human beings and responsible citizens of our nation. We could attain these heights only under the able guidance of our CEO Mrs Rachel Koshy who aims to the overall development of our students and help them to explore newer vistas of knowledge and show their creativity through this newsletter.

Mrs Farande Suhasini (M.A M.Ed

This newsletter has surely been an added feather to the history of our school. And I am sure this small effort of ours is going to raise the flag of Mahadji Shinde High School into flying colours.

Founder Welcome to Colorss, we are a registered trust in Vadodara, Gujarat and working in Pune, Maharasthra. Colorss is working with disadvantaged children focusing on Education. Colorss Foundation is an organization which works to integrate marginalized populations, into mainstream society through various programs which include martial arts training, vocational training as well as psychological and social guidance. Mahadji Shinde High School one of the schools located in Pune Cantonment Board at Wanorie, Pune is one of our new project site. We are having two projects; ‘Project Enhance’ and ‘Colors of Life’.

Project Enhance Project Enhance has 46 girls who would be in under martial art training along with creative arts. A one-of-a-kind project for disadvantaged children, with the goal to enhance their physical and mental health, as well as to reduce the negative social stigma and discrimination towards people with disabilities. The physical and mental benefits on these types of therapies have been well studied in developed countries, which include: improving physical strength, muscle control, coordination, discipline, self-esteem, self-confidence, and reducing stress and anxiety, and so on. The objective of Project Enhance is to empower children with disabilities and otherwise marginalized children by training participants in martial arts and encouraging them to express themselves through creative arts, while educating the general public about disabilities.

Anand Koti has been teaching, assisting, and caring for special needs children since 2005. In addition to providing vocational training, teaching basic life skills, and working to rehabilitate those suffering from chemical dependencies, he has mastered an unusual method to train the disabled in karate. Armed with more than 15 years of martial arts study, a second-degree black belt, and a passion for using his talent to help others realize their potential, Anand has even successfully led a team of deaf and mute children to a tournament victory. Anand also has significant experience in HIV/AIDS care and support, including his work with affected and infected children and women, and his efforts to organize job training for those afflicted with the virus. He is a graduate in Industrial Psychology, postgraduate in Hospital and Health Management, postgraduate in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management and has completed the Rehabilitation Council of India’s foundation course in teaching special needs children.

Colorss Foundation Registered Office: E/68, Jyoti Park, B/h Navrachna School, New Sama Road, Vadodara, Gujarat M: 097257 21217 (Baroda) / 096049 41020 (Pune) / Branch Office: Sai Seva Dham, Village Kanhe, Tal Maval, District Pune

Project Enhance uses karate and creative arts as tools to promote the physical and mental well-being on children with various types of disabilities, as well as to create a safe environment for disabled and non-disabled children to interact with each other. Issues addressed: Focus is on better mental health, physiological and psychological wellbeing, vocational training, inclusion, self-defense for girls and education. The first girls batch who will make and mark a difference. The girls have been selected from 5th grade to 7th grade. Along with martial art training, personality development, creative arts, discipline and other attributes would be focused.

The first girls batch who will make and
 mark a difference.

Colors of life Colors of Life : The Colors of Life project combines the use of technology and art to encourage children to stay in school while learning useful vocational skills and improving their communication and interpersonal skills through the creation of Colors of Life, the bimonthly e-magazine. A trained psychologist assesses each participant on his physical and mental abilities at the beginning of the program. Currently, the

Saurabh leading the team of ‘Colors of Life’

This is our first E-zine being launched today and our children in the project have made it. Thank you everyone for giving Colorss the opportunity to serve you and for having trust in us.

Thanking you, For Love, Anand Koti

Participation to Science Exhibition ~ Wind energy


Akshay Shinde 9th C

children take part in a one-hour session twice a week. At the beginning of the program, the teaching staff takes on a facilitating role to lead the teens to write or draw based on a given topic. The topics are chosen by a psychologist on purpose to encourage the participants to open their mind by exploring their inner-self and to get them to be in a more relaxing and comfortable mode. Their artwork will be featured in the Colors of Life E-zine, which will be a motivation for the participants as well as giving them a sense of pride and increase their self-confidence. Issues addressed: Focus is on school dropouts, to motivate the child for further education and vocational training.

Akshay Chormule 8th B

Indians are more concerned for personal hygiene than social hygiene. In order to clean our houses we throw garbage on roads, spit on public properties, cutting down of trees. Every reason is disturbing the balance of environment, causing more pollution and trouble. Pollution means dirty, pollution are of four types; air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution and land pollution. Unplanned and uncontrolled development of industries has caused deforestation resulting in more pollution. This is cause for creating many health problems for the people staying nearby industrial areas. Used water from industries is polluting rivers and seas; causing danger to the marine Life. The exhaust fumes of industries and the vehicles in city emitting smoke are causing air pollution. Air and water are necessary for the human being without this the existence is not possible. Even the water in the villages are polluted due to industry pollution. Planting trees on heavy scale and thoughtful distribution of industries can reduce the problems. Sound pollution is a new threat to the environment these days. Considering the craze of festival celebrations, loud speakers, crackers even rising number of vehicles are contributing in a big extend to sound pollution. The life layer i.e. ozone layer which is very important for the life on the Earth, is getting attacked by carbon-di-oxide. This is being highly generated due to increased pollution. Apart from environmental Pollution I would like to mention a new type of pollution which is highly increasing resulting in a big threat to humanity that Is “thought pollution”. Without controlling pollution having a balance of life becomes difficult. The only way to make our Mother Earth free of all pollution is to create awareness and providing required education to everyone. To make the change we will have to be the change.

Swati Dhankute 9th C

 Pratiksha Gaiwkad 9th C

On 22nd December we Visited science exhibition in ‘b.t. shahane –new hind school’. 132 schools had participated in this exhibition with very Interesting and innovative ideas. We got to see many projects like universal temperature, solar cycle, solar ship, water purifiers, smoking hazards pollution control etc. 
 The project that we presented there Shradhha Pawar 9th C was ‘wind energy-a new energy source’. We see that in today’s time all the existing resources are becoming scares day by day. Wind energy can be a new hope to provide energy. Wind energy is recyclable That is it can be used over and over again. In a way its an un conventional source of energy like solar energy, sea tides, bio-gas. Wind energy can generate Electricity on large scale. The best part about wind energy is it generates electricity without causing any type of pollution. It was first used in England. One Windmill tower can generate 12 to 40 kilo Watt energy. In India we have windmills from Nagarkoila to Madhurai. Same project is also being developed in Mahableshwar and Pathan. Electricity is being generated in Rajsthan, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra from wind energy. Suzlon is an American Company which is using this technology to generate electricity in india. This science exhibition has given us an opportunity to see and learn new things which we were not aware of.

Colorss Foundation Registered Office: E/68, Jyoti Park, B/h Navrachna School, New Sama Road, Vadodara, Gujarat M: 097257 21217 (Baroda) / 096049 41020 (Pune) / Branch Office: Sai Seva Dham, Village Kanhe, Tal Maval, District Pune

Sports day and importance of sports

Holi - When good wins over evil

Akanksha Adagale 9th C

Mayuri Mohite 6th B

India is country of festivals of different cultures and traditions and rightly shows unity in diversity. Indians love to celebrate festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Lohri etc and of all the festivals, our favorite – Holi. Holi brings people of all casts and communities together forgetting their differences and spreading colors of 
 happiness around. Sagar Kamble 8th C Holy is celebrated to remember the devotion Pralhad had for Lord krishna. In order to burn him alive, Prahlad was made to sit on the lap of evil monster named Holika. Lord Krishna did not let bhakta Pralhad suffer. In the fire, Holika was burnt instead of Pralhad. Thus, his devotion and love for Lord Krishna saved his live. To celebrate this triumph of love and devotion over evil, Holi is celebrated every year.

My school, My playground

Swapnali Tayde 8th A

Akshata Jadhav 7th A

Renuka Pujari 9th A

Health is wealth. Just like food, shelter and clothes, exercise is equally important to have a healthy and a wealthy life. Sports are a very good way of exercising. Sports make us go out in open air and open space to play. It makes your body fit through a fun physical activity. It also improves concentration and helps to 
 have a fit mind. Ishwar Sonawane 8th A Sport also improves team spirit and leadership qualities as many sports are played in teams. In today’s world, when man is a social animal, team spirit and leadership qualities help an individual in his personal as well as his professional life. Every year in December we celebrate sports day to create awareness. We play langadi, running race, cricket and kabaddi. My favourite sport is cricket. During these events on sports day, sometimes we win sometimes we lose. But important thing is that we play every year and try to improve our game in every possible way.

Christmas, a festival of carols and gifts

Ashwini Rajguru 8th B

My school’s name is Mahadji Shinde High School. It has 20 classrooms, 25 teachers, one laboratory, one computer room and one big play ground which is looked after with love and care by Mrs Suhasini Farande. Every year we celebrate sports day. It helps us understand the importance of sports. We play kabaddi, langdi 
 and other games. Sports also improve Akshay Cormule 8th B concentration. Once every year we have annual function which is very fun. The school is cleaned and the walls are decorated for the annual day. Our school looks new and fresh. At that time, we get to perform skits, plays and dance on the sports day. It helps us to overcome our stage fear and nurture our talent. We also go for a picnic once a year. All the kids and teachers go in buses. We sing songs and play antakshari. While travelling and play games, we get to see beautiful places and have lot of fun with classmates. I like my school. Here, not only do I learn subjects here but also learn how to live. I get educated and my talent which is in sports and dancing is also encouraged. I like my school a lot.

Aniket Tamchikar 6th C

Khajameen Naganchur 6th C

Every year on 25th December we celebrate Christmas to honour and celebrate lord Jesus Christ’s birthday. Christmas is mainly a Christian festival but since India is known for Its unity in diversity, the festival us celebrated by all. People decorate their houses with a tree and lots of lights. The Christmas tree is also very beautifully decorated. 
 People visit the church to pray and also Salim Naganchur 6th C sing Christmas carols. All the families try to come together and exchange gifts to make this day very special. Santa Claus comes on this day wearing red coat and red pants with a bag full of gifts. He gives gifts to kids. He not only gives gifts but also blesses them with joy and happiness. Thus Christmas brings joy and happiness to all.

School picnic to Mahabaleshwar It’s unbelievable that I got to visit a beautiful place like Mahabaleshwar in my school trip. We left very early from school around 6 o’clock in three buses. One bus is for each class and every bus has a teacher assigned to take care of the children. On the way to Wai’s Ganpati temple, I could see big trees, green mountains on both sides. On the way we halted at a food stop to have breakfast. Our teachers informed us about the place we were heading to. When we reached the Ganesh temple it was big, clean and beautiful. Then we visited a factory where we saw many tasty strawberry food items being

Shubhangi Shinde 7th C 

produced. We had lunch there and a strawberry ice-cream. Then we went to Shiv temple in Mahabaleshwar. It was big and beautiful. Then we reached Panchgani where five rivers meet. There was a very old temple in Panchgani. We also visited lover’s point, suicide point and sunset point on the way back. We all were tired. We reached back around 10.3o pm. It was an amazing journey which i will never forget.

Colorss Foundation Registered Office: E/68, Jyoti Park, B/h Navrachna School, New Sama Road, Vadodara, Gujarat M: 097257 21217 (Baroda) / 096049 41020 (Pune) / Branch Office: Sai Seva Dham, Village Kanhe, Tal Maval, District Pune

Dance your stress out

Akash Sakat 9th C

Akshay Kakade 9th C

Respect what we have

Dance is one such talent that is not easily available in everyone. Its important that we our expressions of face ‘happy’ while dancing. As our face is seen by everyone when we dance. There are different stunts in dance and its necessary that every good dancer knows stunts. A dancer who knows stunts is considered to be very lucky, as stunts adds value to the dance. There are different styles in dance i.e hip hop, classical, western, There is an attraction towards dance that belongs to different countries i.e India, Europe, Africa, France, America and Brazil. Every country has its own dance and they are very attractive. While dancing there is a different energy that generates in our body. Every person who dances should feel that energy within him. Now a days people also use dance to feel good and to release stress. Michael Jackson is one of the greatest dancers, he is King of Pop. During his programs there is an ambulance that carries the people who faint while seeing him dance. This is his popularity and craze. Last year in 2010 the students of our school had participated in one dancing competition Inter school level. Our school won first prize. The winners said that they faced a lot of hardships to learn dancing. They felt very proud while dancing in front of the judges. Every dancer should have the confidence of dancing in front of the judge and audience. When we got the trophy we felt very happy and proud. Our confidence level has increased a lot due to dancing and wining the first prize. Dance has got power and it helps to connect with body. Every dancer while dancing feels happy and enjoy it very much.

Exploring Career to be a Doctor

In ancient Ramayana, when all of Sugriva’s monkey subjects began to search for Sita, and in this quest Hanuman leaped over the ocean to Lanka. On the way he encountered a she-demon named Surasa, who demanded that he go in her mouth before she would let him pass by. She wanted to eat him up. So, what did Hanuman do? Hanuman, with his powers made himself very large, and Surasa opened her mouth wider and wider to accommodate him. Hanuman then made himself very small, and dashed in and out of her open mouth. Surasa was pleased with his ingenuity and courage, blessed him, and allowed him to continue on his way. In life, there will always be many Surasa’s who try to obstruct our path. These obstructions would come in the form of people as well as situations. But the valuable lesson we can learn from Hanuman is to not give up, but find a way to beat our problems. Because ... where there is a will, there is a way! But for there to be a will, there needs to be faith. Faith in yourself. We also need to be happy with our life. God is there looking down on us and we believe it or not, HE will make sure we get our dues. At times, what seems unfair isn’t really unfair. Once when I was young, I wanted a new bicycle for my birthday. I was sure my parents would give it to me this year. When my birthday arrived, I woke up, had my bath and dressed up. I rushed to my mother expecting my gift. I got a new dress … a very beautiful dress. I should have been happy and should have thanked my mother. But I was being a naughty child. I had tears in my eyes, threw the dress to the floor and ran out of the house. I was angry. Why didn’t I get my bicycle? Oh! I dearly wanted that red bicycle! Tears in my eyes, I ran and reached the park. I sat on a bench and started crying, filled with self-pity. I kept thinking of what all I would have done if I had my bicycle with me right now.

I once had no food to eat Then I met a man who had no teeth I once had no shoes to wear Then I met a man who had no feet Someone came and sat next to me. I didn’t bother to see who it was. I was too upset. A hand touched me on my shoulder and a voice of a young boy asked, “What happened? Why are you crying?” I didn’t answer. Why would I? My mother didn’t love me. I didn’t have my bicycle. Now again, I will have to walk to school tomorrow morning! My heart swelled with self-pity. Something stirred next to me and I realized the boy next to me had got up and was going away. I looked at him and was shocked. What I saw left me speechless. The boy, a six-year-old, was walking on crutches. He didn’t have a leg! I couldn’t have been more ashamed. Here I had a pair of perfectly good legs and I didn’t want to walk to school and there was this little boy who couldn’t even walk properly.

A mother is a dependable source of comfort; A mother is your cushion when you fall. A mother helps you in times of trouble; A mother supports you whenever you call.

Harshali Gaikwad 9th B

After your 10th grade choose the science stream to get admission in Medical field. To be a doctor you need to take admission in Medical Course after your 12th grade. This medical course is of 5 years and there are different fields you can choose.

That evening, on my tenth birthday, I learnt the biggest lesson of my life –When you’re down on your luck and you just spent your last buck, remember, there is always someone else who has it even worse. From the park, I decided to go back home and say sorry to my mother. All the way I wondered if my mother would be angry with me. I was ashamed of my behavior. I walked in through the gate and I saw my mother standing at the door, worried! I rushed to her crying. She took me in her arms and comforted me until I cried myself to sleep. That night I learnt the second lesson of my life – how forgiving mothers can be. Love and respect your mother (and your elders), be confident in yourself, work hard and be true to yourself – and there is nothing you cannot conquer in life!

Gynecologist - A doctor who treats women Pediatric – A doctor who specializes among children ENT – Specializes in Ear, nose and throat related problems Psychiatric – Specializes in mental health

Samarpita Mukherjee-Sharma is a professional freelance writer-editor and her qualifications include a degree in mass communication as well as Masters in Economics. She is also the Associate Creative Director of the Indian edition of Youth Leader Magazine and has won the United Nations Online Voluntary Award in 2010.

Dermatologist - Specializes in skin related problems BDS – Specialize in checking up tooth related problems Cardiologist - Specialize in heart related problems

Colorss Foundation Registered Office: E/68, Jyoti Park, B/h Navrachna School, New Sama Road, Vadodara, Gujarat M: 097257 21217 (Baroda) / 096049 41020 (Pune) / Branch Office: Sai Seva Dham, Village Kanhe, Tal Maval, District Pune

Celebrating the Colors of Life

Live with a purpose Do not just survive, but…. Live…. Consciously Do not just live…. Smile Too Do not just smile….But Laugh…With abundance Do not just laugh…But Rejoice Too Do not just rejoice….But live to live Live with graciousness, gratefulness & dignity Live with blessings, happiness & joy Live with peace, abundance and excitement Live with hope, faith and dreams Live with truth, sincerity and honesty Live but not to..... just survive :)

I clearly remember that laugh on a crisp December morning a decade ago. A young boy on his way to school in an auto-rickshaw, throwing his head back and laughing at something his companion said. A laugh as free and delightful as a gurgling stream or a playful lion cub in the Serengeti; it remains with me still. Despite the manic consumerism and artificiality that define our lives today, childhood remains unfettered, innocent and inquisitive. Sadly, the systems that govern our lives do their best to stamp out the flame within the young ones, to homogenize them for the rat race. Talk about the young who happen to be disabled or come from underprivileged background in the same breath, and the walls start closing in, miserably. Colorss lives up to its name, bringing a vivid breath of fresh air into the lives of the young, especially the disabled and marginalized. Speaking to the potential buried deep within them, Colorss helps these youngsters overcome the limitations imposed by their condition and more importantly, the invisible but palpable attitudinal shackles imposed by society. Rather than adopt a conciliatory or patronizing approach, the organization through its projects works with these youngsters to build their self-esteem and equip them to lead lives as ‘normal’ as possible. Whether it is encouraging them to paint and write or teaching them martial arts, the emphasis is on celebrating life to the best of their ability and not finding reasons to feel sorry for one’s being different. Development of a child’s personality and selfhood is not just about IQ (intelligence quotient) anymore, but EQ (emotional quotient) too, which Colorss achieves superbly. Blending the worlds of the disabled young and children who do not live with similar limitations serves to increase the empathy levels and worldvi Mother Nature celebrates differences and validates the significance of every single creation – strangely, the human species still needs to be taught to imbibe such sentiments. It would not be in the least bit grandiose to say that organizations like Colorss are on track to put the ‘humane’ back into ‘human’.

Mamta Mamta is a born entrepreneur currently sourcing fashion accessories (jewelery, chappals, bags, etc) from N.G.O’s, SHG’s, designers, crafts persons. Marketing & Promoting Indian & Islamic fashion. Representing few designers manufacturing jalabiyas, tunics, Indian skirts and terracotta jewelery and Indian tribal art.

Aishwarya Pillai, a postgraduate in English Literature from Delhi University, is an experienced documentation expert/editor with over 14 years’ experience in the field of information technology, print media, as well as the development sector. She is currently associated with a US-based not-for-profit public health organization as its technical advisor for documentation, publication and advocacy.

Scholar search exam

Admission cum scholarship test for IIT-JEE/AIEEE/BIT-SAT-2013 was organized by Shri Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan, Aurangabad. Two of our students had participated in this exam and have got qualified. We congratulate them for passing this scholar search examination and bringing laurels to Mahadji Shinde High School. This is for the first time in the history of Pune Cantonment Board School that anyone has appeared in this kind of examination. This achievement has opened the doors to other schools and given them all the opportunity to explore. Once again Mahadji Shinde High School has been a pioneer to other schools of PCB. 

Budde Manisha Ramrao

Shaikh Heena Nasir

Our principal Mrs. Farande congratulates everyone for this achievement. The hard-work and devotion of our teachers have helped us achieve this milestone. Under the guidance of our teachers Mr. Londe and Mrs. Dhekane these children have passed this difficult examination. Congratulations for the hard-work.

Colorss Foundation Registered Office: E/68, Jyoti Park, B/h Navrachna School, New Sama Road, Vadodara, Gujarat M: 097257 21217 (Baroda) / 096049 41020 (Pune) / Branch Office: Sai Seva Dham, Village Kanhe, Tal Maval, District Pune

Glimpses of 2010-11

Drawing competition

Picnic Trip to Mahabaleshwar

Mahadji Shinde High School Gathering

SSC Results 2010

Trip to Harihareshwar

Mrs Rachel Koshy CEO PCB with our children who won the dance competition

Rangoli Competition

Colorss Foundation Registered Office: E/68, Jyoti Park, B/h Navrachna School, New Sama Road, Vadodara, Gujarat M: 097257 21217 (Baroda) / 096049 41020 (Pune) / Branch Office: Sai Seva Dham, Village Kanhe, Tal Maval, District Pune

Colors of Life - Pune Edition  
Colors of Life - Pune Edition  

Colors of Life : The Colors of Life project combines the use of technology and art to encourage children to stay in school while learning us...