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Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Technical High School, Pune

About Colorss Foundation Origin

Colorss Foundation was born from the realization that Vision animates, inspires and transforms purpose into action. A 2nd Dan Black Belt in Karate and Green belt in Kobudo [weapon systems], the founder felt the need to channel his energy to lead a change in the society. Colorss is a direct result of the combination of the founder’s expertise in Karate and his passion and dedication to empower the underprivileged, especially children and women. Lack of education, resources, infrastructure and facilities has continued to limit the true potential of the country’s children. With the help of innovative and creative techniques, the Foundation was formed to address these issues in order to make the lives of the underprivileged more colorful, hence the name – Colorss Foundation.

About Colorss

Colorss Foundation uses a blend of art, sports and technology to provide underprivileged children and women with the much needed life skills and enhance their self – esteem and confidence. It believes in clubbing extensive experience with quality care. Over the years, various projects have been successfully implemented to educate children, provide self-defense training to girls and empower economically backward women. In a span of just 5 years, it has been able to make an impact in a total of 10 cities. Its efforts have been recognized by big corporate names including the likes of Nielsen, Allscripts, Vodafone, L & T and Reliance Industries. With its own research cell, Colorss aims at starting more socially beneficial projects in the future. Registered Address: Donate: Colorss Foundation E/68, Jyoti Park, B/h Navrachana School, New Sama Road, Vadodara – 24 Gujarat. | We accept donations only in Indian Currency Colorss Foundation Current A/C number: 30562854518 IFS Code: SBIN0009737 State Bank of India New Sama Road (9737) Branch Vadodara About the Founder and Karate Trainer

Mr. Anand Koti is a professional with 2nd Black Belt in Karate and Green Belt in Kobudo [weapon system]. He holds a Masters in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from Bhavans College of Communication and Management. He also has done his Masters in Health and Hospital Management from Symbiosis Centre of Health Care. He is a Graduate in Industrial Psychology from MSU, he has worked extensively in the social sector and was a part of many community oriented projects before founding Colorss in 2008. Over the years, he has trained 600+ women in the skills of self-defense. With Colorss Foundation, he is on a mission to reach out to the maximum number of people and make their lives more Colorful. You can reach him at –


Why the need for a “Colors of Life” concept? Healthy self-esteem is like a child’s defence against the challenges of today’s world. Children who know their strengths and weaknesses and feel good about themselves have an easier time handling conflicts and peer pressure. They will be able to tackle problems and adjust better to disappointments and be able to be optimistic and enjoy life to the maximum. These kind of children are realistic and a happy bunch. Kids with low self-esteem find life in general to be a challenge. Everything they do is a matter of major anxiety and frustration. They think poorly of themselves and have a hard time accepting compliments or appreciation because they feel they don’t deserve it. If a child thinks “I’m no good” or “I always end up doing the wrong thing” they may become pessimistic, passive or depressed. If they are given a chance, a new challenge, a new opportunity their immediate response will be “ No, I can’t.” or “No, I won’t be able to ”. Self-esteem is defined as to how much a person values himself or herself. This is not constant and can change from time to time even from day to day or from year to year. One ‘s overall self-esteem doesn’t develop during adulthood but develops right from infancy to adulthood. Self-esteem is a feeling of being happy with one’s self in all aspects and being loved for the same. A child who is happy with an achievement but does not feel loved may eventually experience low self-esteem. On the other hand, a child who feels immensely loved but is hesitant about his or her own abilities is also likely to develop low self-esteem. A good self-esteem is eventually a balance of both. Self-esteem starts very early in life. The concept of success following effort and persistence starts early. For a child to achieve a good self esteem they need to be appreciated and admired for the efforts they take or put in into the various aspects of their life. So, it is a good thing to think about developing and promoting self-esteem during childhood. Only when children experience failure will they succeed eventually. They begin to explore their strengths and weaknesses and realize their limitations. For this we definitely need “Colors of Life”, a concept where children are given their due importance and made to feel worthy about themselves. A platform where children can write down their thoughts, express their feelings, define their opinions and be able to articulate their voice through a medium called media. The results are for all to see. Their article comes out along with their picture, a lot more people see and hear them and their thoughts and feelings. They feel recognized, they feel they belong, they feel their contribution matters to society. Isn’t that what we always wanted? A feeling of belongingness, a feeling of being appreciated and a feeling of high self worth. Parents can promote good self-esteem by encouraging, motivating and supporting their children in the many areas their children are interested in. If parents fail to recognize their children’s aptitude and talent in one area and force them to excel in an area they are interested in. It will only spell disaster. This trend has to change. Parents should avoid focusing on one specific area; for example, academics, which can lead to kids feeling that they’re only as valuable as their test scores, even when they are immensely talented in other areas like sports or fine arts. Self-esteem fluctuates as kids grow. It’s frequently changes in accordance with a child’s experiences and perceptions. So a “Colors of Life” concept will go a long way in promoting a very healthy self esteem and self concept among children by showcasing their talent of writing


about the topics they are interested in and being recognized for it. Recognition of any sort makes a positive impact on adults and even more so on children. By recognizing a child’s talent and appreciating it, makes the child’s feel more confident in himself/herself and will motivate the child to do more work harder, strive for better. On the other hand kids with low self-esteem may be averse to try new things for fear of failure and may exhibit a low tolerance for frustration and may give up easily. They tend to be overly sensitive and overly critical of themselves and get disappointed in themselves very easily. Praise in the form of recognition as in “Colors of Life” for a job well done and the effort involved will encourage the child to work harder. Positive reinforcement in the form of their article being printed and their picture being included will definitely make them think better of themselves and their capabilities. There is no point in being excessively harsh on your children and their abilities and their limitations when it comes to nurturing your children’s self-esteem. Parents have to identify their children’s irrational beliefs about themselves, whether they’re about perfection, attractiveness, ability, or anything else. They have to help their children set realistic goals and appropriate standards and be more realistic in evaluating themselves which will help them have a healthy self-esteem. “Colors of Life” acknowledges a child’s thoughts, feelings and writings and encourages the child to become more confident of their abilities and capabilities and in turn become more confident and capable adults who make the right choice in the future. “Taking responsibility and pride in who you are is a sure sign of healthy self-esteem and the greatest gift parents can give to their child”. - Dr Mini Rao

About Dr. Mini Rao is a Psychologist whose expertise lies in diagnosis and treatment of mental dysfunctions and disorders. She was awarded the Best Outgoing student in her BA and the 2nd rank in the University in her MA as well as stood first in her M.Phil. Her Ph.D thesis was published in the “Journal of Psychological Researches”, an International Journal. She has a successful practice counselling patients with various mental health problems and also develops questionnaires, conducts workshops on personality and motivation, trains contestants of beauty contests and has written over 65 articles on mental health in various newspapers and magazines and has monthly columns in five leading magazines. Dr. Mini Rao is also the Psychologist for the Chennai Plastic Surgery team where she evaluates patients before surgery and counsels them after surgery. She volunteers for Banyan (an NGO for destitute women) where she does individual and family therapy. She won the TEDx Star award for her contribution as a Psychologist to the Chennai Community. She was also recently made member of the prestigious IHAP (International Association of Holistic Psychology). She was also a speaker at SAM UTH a program organized by SAM GLOBAL, (an organization that promotes Science, Art and Management) where she addressed 1500 people and spoke about Mental Health. She was the judge for the sub title rounds of the Miss Navy Ball Queen for the last two years. She recently addressed the Rotary Club members (Rotary Club Chennai Towers) on Women’s Day and spoke about specific women related issues and their psychological consequences. She has represented Tamilnadu as Captain of the Table Tennis Team in School and has been the Captain of the University Table tennis team for three consecutive years in College. She was a panelist at the Women Manager’s Convention 2013, organized by the Madras Management Association (MMA), where she spoke about Re-inventing Equality. She has a television show on Jaya TV where she addresses mental health issues once a week. She also works with film directors who want her inputs for scripts relating to mental illness. She is planning to come out with a book by end of this year (of witty one liner) which will be kept in the waiting room of doctors and dentists.


[“To|draw,|you|must|close|your|eyes|and|sing”] -Pablo|Picasso


‘To draw, you must close your eyes and sing’

A drawing competition was organized on the occasion of 26th Jan 2014 at Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Technical High School. Creative themes were given to the students and the winners from two categories were given prize.


Ambedkar Technical Memorial High School, located in the distant camp area gave me an opportunity to interact with the best gift of god- essentially Kids. I also owe this learning experience the benefits of which I am going to reap all my life to Mr. Anand Koti of Colorss foundation. Such an astonishing experience was that of my work as an amateur teacher that each day spent with those kids has left an indelible mark on my mind and heart. Day 1 started with an interaction with the kids which was aimed at forming a rapport with them so that they could know that the I was there not only to teach but spend time with them and know them better for they were like clay which could be moulded in any way that we wanted and in their hands lies the future of not only our nation but the whole world. What followed for the next few days was a regular curriculum based teaching where, I was basically assisting the School’s English teacher for completing her syllabus and help the children prepare for their Exams in the upcoming week.

Volunteer Speak

“Making a difference, one kid at a time”

Each day, I took two hours of classes at the school. The teaching comprised of topics like Letter writing, Essay writing and paragraph writing. The approach that I followed was based on the lines by Mr. Anand Koti in my reply to his question where he said “Do not put your head but put your heart”. Acting on his lines not only made it easier for me but took all my anxiety and nervousness away. Few other memorable experiences during those days were 26th January celebrations, drawing and writing competitions where the children were not only awarded for being meritorious in various fields but also performed various attics which showed their abilities and capabilities. And also how Colorss as an NGO’s initiative was working in that hard to help in Mr. Koti’s words “Sub Conscious learning”. Another essential aspect that has to be highlighted is the heart-warming nature of the kids, faculty and the staff’s efforts to make me feel a part of them. Each day I was made to realise by the most earnest of the efforts that I was not an outsider but one of them. For this opportunity I for all my life will be grateful to Mr. Koti and his team and would be more than happy to be associated with it in any way. -Abhilasha Rathore


GYMNASTICS - Project Enhance Kathryn Schembri from Melbourne, Australia conducted a week long gymnastic classes for girls as part of Colorss’ Project Enhance. The classes commenced on 14th Jan till 18th Jan, 2013. Kathryn is a trained gymnastic coach and holds Masters in Occupational Therapy.


SCIENCE AND KIDS In this increasingly technology driven world it is highly imperative that the kids today get an equal and comfortable opportunity to acquaint themselves to the present day Science scene and are able to make the best of it. Many scientific innovations, in the form of engineered systems and soft-applications, are aimed at providing a better learning experience to the kids. Their use not only promotes a more practical and sturdy education, but also helps the kids develop a sub-conscious ownership of technological ideas. These experiences help them overcome their inhibitions and gain substantial technological exposure so as not to be intimidated by it. Additionally, it helps to nurture their interest in the field by showing them how interesting, fun and accomplishing an outlet Science can be. Our demonstration session on the Android based Flag Recognition Application for 5thgrade students of Ambedkar Memorial High School was an attempt towards achieving the above said. We started with the thing that 5th graders love the most i.e. drawing. They were each given a drawing sheet and a set of pencil colours/crayons/sketch pens. Next, they were to pick their favourite colour flag and draw it on the sheet. They excitedly drew around 2 to 3 different flags each and were eager to pose with their creations. Once the drawings were done, I got out the android phone with its flag recognition application. We clicked pictures of the flags, cropped them, gave them to the application and got the recognition results as a list of top-10 best matched countries. The students would look at the top-10 options and pick out the country that their flag belonged to. This exercise not only helped them learn about the different countries and flags in a fun way, but also gave them a taste of how a machine can be trained to perform such an activity. The idea is to tickle these young minds and set them thinking. After all, good things start when you begin to think!! Saumya Jetley


PROJECT ENHANCE! This is an extension to our Project Enhance! While the most obvious benefit of this self-defense workshop is the ability to defend you against an attacker, there are also numerous peripheral benefits, such as increased confidence and mental development. At Colorss, we strive to give women the physical and mental strength to surpass any challenges. Anand Koti, the foundation’s director, is conducting the classes. Anand has been practicing martial arts for over 15 years and has a 2nd degree Black Belt in Karate and Green belt in Kobudo [weapon system], which demonstrates his commitment and discipline. This project came to life as a result of recent discussions and demonstrations concerning womens’ and girls’ safety on the streets of India. The girl students of Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Technical High School and Mahadji Shidne High School—were involved a 10 day self-defence workshop. These girls were taught to defend themselves in different situations on the street, bus and occasions which can be threatful. Basic punches, kicks, blocks and combination of attacks were taught.


[“Truth|is|a|deep|kindness|that|teaches|us|to|be|content in|our|everyday|life|and|share|with|the|people|the|same|happiness�]


I have been associated with Colorss for nearly 2 years. It was an exposure of accurate development for both the students and me too. It has been one platform that has helped me as volunteer to develop my own skill sets.

The sharpness and the desire to learn everything from the teacher standing before them, motivated us so much to deliver and provide the best possible education to them. The students value your presence so well, that we want to visit the students again and again. Colorss does not believe in teaching regular subjects, but provide the students a platform to recollect their classes more effectively, while Anand Sir taught them karate. Personally, I have developed into being a person that is calmer, patient and regular with work, as I joined Colorss. Being a student myself, I actually understood my teachers thereafter. I started appreciating their efforts that they make for us. In the last 2 years, Colorss has become an extremely exciting and essential aspect of my life. I would suggest the future volunteers to have this experience. It is something that will transform others while you do the same for yourself. This journey has been worth all the time, hard work and valuable experience. I have seen my fellow volunteers drastically change. We all stand out as more confident, connected, well grounded and extremely happy.

Volunteer Speak

I joined Colorss in 2011, with a senior of mine. The whole thrill of meeting students, teachers or simple, making a short curriculum for a week or month for them. It was indeed one of the most fun experiences, I have ever had. We discussed various topics of interests with students.

Thankyou Anand Sir, for believing in us and encouraging all of us to execute our thoughts into actions and provide results, that is best to our potential. I believe the strength of the objectives of Colorss will help it shine as the brightest star in the future. - Stuti Prasad, Volunteer



Amruta Ganesh Shinde, 9th B. 14yrs

Aparna is one of my closest sisters. She always talks about sports. She is a true sports person. It’s not like that she is only interested in one particular sport. She is interested in all types of sports. Amazingly she has a thorough understanding of most of the sports unlike many people who only understand cricket. Aparna not only is interested in gathering information about all the sports but she also plays the sports very well. I also like her nature a lot. Even if she scolds me, I don’t get angry. She always helps me, my other sisters as well as my mother and father in our work. Her looks are beautiful. This is how my closest sister is. I love my sister


Anjali Kakuram Sarode, 8th B,14 yrs

Human Right: Religion, caste, sex, nationality without depending upon this, living with self respect and making a move to progress means human right.

Not government, group or anyone gives these rights, so I don’t give the right to anyone to take away this right. Human right is global. Each individual should have the freedom to think and express it. Similarly, that individual can progress. For any individual to have the citizenship of the country is the citizenship right. To put any person behind the bars or troubling him without any reason is protest against human right. Because of education, an individual gets to clear his confusion. He succeeds in life. There develops a feeling to protest against the wrong things. So, Right to education is the most important right of any human. The National meet held on 10 December 1984 had clauses for human rights. Each individual has a independent business. Everyone has the right to live and prosper


Ashwini Bhagwat Nanavare, 9th A,14 yrs

ing a bath, she worships god. Afterwards, she wakes me up and my sister. I love the hot breakfast prepared by my mother. She is not well educated, but still she pays attention to me and my sister’s education. My mother works day and night to run the house. She behaves very friendly with the neighbors, she never fights with them. I love my mother very much.


my Teacher,

Mother the Giver”

“Mother my Teacher, Mother the Giver”

Mother is man’s first teacher. My mother is an ordinary women. She wakes up early in the morning. After hav-



Bhagyashree Ram Tupere. Std:9th B, 13yrs

“Hi avadate ni shala lavite

maj lala maj

manapasusanuli bala”

Just like this Marathi poem me too like my school very much. Not only me but my all friends also like my school so much. And why should we not, definitely our school is worth loving. My beautiful school is located in Pulgate Solapur division of Pune. My school name is Dr.Ambedkar memorial Technical high school. Our school is named after the great Bharat Ratna, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. This thing is worthy to be proud of. Our school provides education from 1st to 10th class. We have a big play ground here where we all play a lot. And we have many sports competitions here. The ground is surrounded by trees which included Asoka trees also. On the terrace we have this activity of farming without soil. We also have a computer lab. We also have an initiative of platform for youngsters. In this program the problems of girls related to education are solved. Also there is a karate class especially for girls.


Chhaya Suresh Baagul, Class 9th A , 13yrs

I like my friends very much because they are different from others. They have fun but they also complete their studies in time. They reach school on time and study at school. In our break time we all have lunch together and after that we wash our hands and drink water. We keep our lunch boxes in class and then we sit and talk or we play and have fun. We talk to peon uncle and have fun with him. After the bell rings we go to our classroom. After the school we don’t feel like going home. We feel like sitting together and talking. Sometimes while going home if we have money we eat ice candies. I don’t feel like going home soon after school because when I am with friends I forget all sorrows. We all know each other’s sorrows and pains. When any one of us is sad we ask her why she is sad. We support her. We always share our joys and sorrows. We know and understand each other very well. We respect each other’s feelings. God has given us mother, father, brother, sister but with them he has gifted us our friends. Whenever we want to share something we do not share it with our family, but we

share with our friends. This is because friends understand us very well. Our true friends always stand by us in our good and bad times. Even if a Mogra flower is very far we still get its smell. Similarly good friends even if far away from us always come close to heart, because they understand us well.


[“Imagination|is|more|important|than|knowledge�] Albert|Einstein



Kajal More, Class 8th B, 14yrs

God could not be present everywhere and so he created mother. Mother is a form of God. My mother is different from others. I love my mother. My mother, father and I make our small family. Whenever you come to our house, you will always find it spic and span. The credit for this solely goes to my mother. She is very disciplined and caring. She has taught discipline to me and my father as well. She also takes good care of us. That is the reason why I keep my study room, my book shelf and my cupboard clean and tidy. I learn this from my mother. My mother is a teacher in school. Inspite of working she is a very efficient housewife. Along with the household chores she likes to help others. Even if she goes for work, she manages home very well. My mother cooks delicious food. My grandparents call her , ‘The Cooking Queen’. My mother does not interfere much in my studies. In that also she has made me independent. But if I come across any doubt I ask her for help. She explains me it to me just so well! When I am not at

home, she checks my notebooks and from it she comes to know about my progress. She is a good social worker. The best example that I can cite is on my birthday I wanted to invite my friends and give a party, but she refused. I felt very unhappy about it and kept wondering why she did that? In the evening she gifted me two books and took me to an orphanage. Children younger than me were staying there. They didn’t have parents then who would celebrate their birthday? My mother gave them clothes and food. That brought happiness on their faces. She told me that this was my real birthday party. I understood what my mother taught me through all this. In this manner she keeps teaching a lot of things without saying much. That is why I say she is an idol of love and care.

“Manachya kapyat thevavi ashi don akshare mhanje aai, Nirjal jeevanat vahnara zara mhanje aai”.


Neha Rajesh Khar. 9th Standard. 15yrs

My name is Neha Rajesh Khar, I am 15th years old. I have two sisters, I go to school. I am in 9th. I am in Marathi Medium School. My hobbies is to dance, to sing a song and to chat with my friends. I do my study very hard. I am very hard working in my all activity. I wake early in the morning and I do all my work on time. My routine life is very good. My dream in my life to pursue my education with good score, and to achieve a good position in my life. I want to become an IPS for that I know I have to suffer a lot of difficulties. But I know achieve my dreams. I know I am good human being and I will do good things in my life and will become a good person in this world



Neha Thanval, Class 9th A, 15yrs

My father’s name is’ Rajesh Thanval’. I am very dear to my father’s heart. He immediately brings for me whatever I need. My father is a salesman. Early morning before the sunrise he leaves for work .He works hard all day and comes home in the evening or sometimes even at night. Some amount of money from what my father earns is mine. Focus and dedication are his beliefs. My father loves me very much. He has deep faith in me. He loves me and I like my father very much.


Pranali Ohal, Class 9th B, 14yrs

The names of my best friends are Sonali, Rekha and Neha. We all study in the same school and same class. They are very good at heart. We share with each other whatever is in our heart. We never hide anything from each other. We are good in our studies. The four of us have fun in the classroom and also on the play ground during our break. We eat our lunch together. The three of my friends have interesting hobbies. Sonali’s hobby is singing. She had participated in a singing competition in school. They had been to Chennai for this competition and got 1st prize. Sometimes in our free time we enjoy listening to Sonali’s songs. When we listen to her songs we get refreshed. Her voice is very good. Rekha’s hobby is taking part in any sport and winning. She likes a lot to play, so in our break we play. Neha’s hobby is dancing and my hobby is reading different books. I like reading ghost stories. We were not together when we joined school. Neha is my friend since 3rd standard, Rekha since 8th standard, whereas

Sonali is only since 9th standard. Inspite of this we are best friends. If any one of us does not come to school we get upset. But there is one good thing about us that, we resolve our fights very easily. We do not keep anger in our minds for each other. Sometimes when my mother comes late to pick me from school, Rekha drops me home and only then she goes home. I also have best friends in class who are boys. Their names are Akash and Nilesh. They are also very good. I have been tying rakhi to Akash since 2nd standard, so he is like my brother as well as my best friend. Also I have best friends, Fiza and Ankita, who stay near my house. I feel very happy about one thing that in good and bad times my friends come to me. This is only the meaning of best friends. I love my friends so much.



Priyanka prahlad sonkamble, 9th , A ,12yrs

My mother is a simple lady. She wakes up early in the morning, gets ready and after being done with all chores she wakes me and my sister up with so much of love and care. When we get ready for the school she makes breakfast for us. I really like the food cooked by her. She beautifies each and everything of the home so that our home looks neat and clean. She is well versed in each and everything including stitching and embroidery. She is not well educated but still she keeps track of my studies. She also keeps track of accounts and helps our neighbor. She behaves well with my friends. Really my mother is an idol of love. Everyone appreciates her.

HARASSMENT FACED BY WOMEN Ravina shekhar makasare, 8th, B, 15yrs

It is said with great admiration that men and women are like the two wheels of the chariot called life. For this chariot to run smoothly it is necessary that these two

wheels should be equal and happen women should take the help of law. there should not be any Both men and women are same. A girl can difference between them. become queen of jhasi, Mother Teresa, sunita Williams and most important savitribai phule. In city of Delhi a girl was She is the one who started schools for girls. harassed in a transit bus, she has taken lot of efforts to achieve this. even after all the harass- For this we all are very thankful to her. ment the girl and her friend were thrown out of the bus. There were many people in the bus including driver and conductor but nobody came forward to help her. After a long time the girl and her friend were taken to hospital. the boy was fine but that girl left this world. The world has lost its humanity. girls and women just have to go through these harassment over and over. When a girl child is born there’s no happiness on the face of her parents because they have to pay for the expense of her marriage and also the dowry. In olden times when a girl used to born people used to think it’s something bad and used to burn her. And women had to face sati but now we should have some humanity .If we happened to see any sort of harassment we must help that person. helping others is a good sign. government too should give justice as soon as possible .This is my kind request to everyone. Today women are no less than men in any field including education. Men and women should share the same rights. If this doesn’t



Ritika aawaji. std:9th B, 13yrs

in each and every field like IPS, pilot , Engineer, doctor etc. Even we can see women in the field of astronomy like Kalpana Chawla.

“Abla jivan haay tumhari yahi kahani, aachal me hai dudh aur aakhon me paani”


A women is a replica of god. Existence of life is not possible without women. From olden times women doesn’t have a position in society. They have all the responsibilities work due to burden of family . Every time they had to face harassment from the society. They were treated just like a slave. They had to face this all on the name of downtrodden religions and customs of our society. They were forced to marry at early age. In some families they used to kill female fetus. Women were just a victim of injustice and harassment. But things have changed now. Our previous president Mrs. Pratibhatai Patil have proved that women are not less than anyone. Savitribai Phule had worked really hard to educate women and provide them a status in society. It is said that the place where women are worshiped is holy. Women is a face of self respect, kindness and love. Today we can see women

It was 8th of June, my first day of school after the summer vacation. It was raining when I set out for school, I then opened up my umbrella and held it over my head and walked towards the school Just then I saw a boy of my age standing under a tree, he has his school bag. He was trying to save it from getting wet. I went near to him and asked him where do you want to go. He said “to Poorna Vidya High School”, it was the name of my school. I took him with me and when we reached the school. He thanked me and went to his class. I too went to my class. After sometime, to my surprise the boy was sitting in my class. The boy, Anand was new to our school, I too sat on the same bench with him. After sometime, I found out that he stays near my house. Later, I found out that his likes and dislikes were the same as mine. Soon we become friends and now he’s my best friend.

Sheetal Raju Pandhare, 9th A.

IF I GIVE BIRTH TO A GIRL CHILD Sujata abaji dheba, Std:8th

B, 15..

If am conceived with a girl child I will be so happy. The number of parents who want girl child are so less that we can count them on our finger tips excluding these all other wants a baby boy. But now the things have changed. Girls too are competing guys in each and every sector. A girl is called the laxmi of home she is the one who carry forward the name of family. What’s the point in not having a girl then. She is the support of family . But in this world not everyone thinks the same. Their thinking is just they want mother, they want a sister but they don’t want a girl child of their own. Why do they think so? Then why doesn’t they think that they don’t want father and brother? today girls should not be


given birth just because of the crimes taking place on women or what? A girl have to see the gates of heaven even before seeing this world. What type of rule is this? Every girl have got the right to take birth and face the challenges of this world with confidence. girls are more kind and thoughtful than boys. Girls are the one who understand the problems of her parents. If I happen to give birth to a girl child I will support her in all her happiness and sorrows. I will try to fulfill all her dreams. I will make sure that she doesn’t consider herself less at any point in her life. I will teach her to treat everyone with respect. I will also teach her to be honest. And will inculcate good values so that she will treat everyone as her brother and sister. I will build her personality in such a way that she herself won’t be a victim of injustice and will never do injustice on others. I will try to give her all the things which I was deprived of. I will ensure that she will not behave in a way which may hurt someone. Every person is different so I will never enforce my ideology on her and will teach her the same. I will always guide her but will also make sure that she lives her life in her own way. That’s why I want a girl child.



thank you! 20

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