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living tree paper


Timeless Craft, Timeless Paper Peripa is the new addition to the Living Tree Paper Company’s collection of products. It is tree-free and is made through an elaborate process entirely from sheep’s wool. It is a stain-resistant paper, which doesn’t yellow. peripa-, Greek root of the word peripatetic, which means meandering, itinerant, much like a herd of sheep and its shepherd.

living tree paper


“Ever Close Follower of the Flocks� Son of Appolo, he is the Greek god of bee-keeping, hunting, and most importantly sheep and shepherds. He pionneered the modern methods of domesticizing animals and husbandry.

“Aristaios, when he had grown up, the divine Mousai found him a bride, taught him the arts of healing and prophecy, and made him the shepherd of all their flocks in the cornlands of Haimonia�


“When the sheep strayed in strings with wandering hoof, lagging behind on ways they could not find or trust, to the flowery pasture, he joined them on one path sending a goat ahead to lead the concerted march.�

“When he was grown, he sailed from Libya to Boeotia, where he was inducted into further mysteries in the cave of Chiron the centaur.�


“From the wellwooded pasture of the shady forest-slopes he brought the herdsmen to meadows and ealings, and taught them to feed their flocks from sunrise to eventide.�

“There are sheep in it wandering and grazing unguarded, and their fleeces sprout with the glory of pure gold,in the valley of the Sacred River Apidanos.�


Still to this day the etesian winds from Zeus herald the sacrifice of Aristaios, and cool the land when the ripening vine grows in mottled clusters.


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