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͞ϰth EEh>Ϯϰ,KhZ^^h>d͟

͞ϰth EEh>Ϯϰ,KhZ^^h>d͟

Noon, 8  November  2010  to  Noon,  9  November  2010 Warner  Barracks,  Bamberg,  Germany Email    ROBERT.B.MULLINS@US.ARMY.MIL FOR  RACE  PACKETS   AND  EVENT  INFORMATION

Noon, 8  November    to  Noon,  9  November  2010 Warner  Barracks,  Bamberg,  Germany Open  to  all.  Registration  for    correct    T-­‐Shirt   sizes    deadline  is  8  October,    Late  Registration   accepted  day  of  race.

24 Hour  Relay,  7  person  teams,  One  person   running  at  all  times.  Team  members  carry  a   Bayonet  as  the  baton  throughout  the  5  mile   wooded  trail  loop.  Walkers  welcome  and  trail   bike  routes  for  kids  available.  Unit  tailgate  area   available

1. _____________________________        S      M      L      XL 2. _____________________________          S      M      L      XL 3. _____________________________          S      M      L      XL 4. _____________________________          S      M      L      XL 5. _____________________________          S      M      L      XL 6. _____________________________          S      M      L      XL 7. _____________________________          S      M      L      XL TEAM  CPT  EMAIL  ____________________________ EMAIL  COMPLETED  REGISTRATION  FORMS  TO ROBERT.B.MULLINS@US.ARMY.MIL

͞ϰth ANNUAL 24 ,KhZ^^h>d͟

8th of November  Run  Route  (7.6  Km) Asphalt,  cobblestone,  graveled  trail  through  woods

Outbound Route Inbound  Route

Running of the herd sign up sheet  

sign up for 24 hour run in Bamberg starting 8 Nov

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