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Home Front The Place to Get Home Station Information 1 7 3 D B R I G A D E S U P P O R T B AT TA L I O N 2 August 2010

Volume 1 Issue 4

Ripcord!!! We finally found Ripcord and learned that he had a little too much fun on R&R with CPT Kirchgessner!!! He now has to do PT twice a day as a result all the food and fun he had while on his R&R.

Redeployment Info from LTC Johnson As we draw closer to redeployment back to Italy and Germany, I wanted to take a moment to address everyone's question: "When are we coming home?" I touched briefly on this last month and would like to provide everyone with an update. We are continuing to make progress with our plans and preparations for redeployment. The team here in Afghanistan has started to identify tentative flights and dates. We anticipate that the BSB main body will begin to depart Theater mid-October with our last flight leaving Afghanistan around the end of October. We still plan on sending some select personnel home early on the Torch and ADVON party. Additionally, there will be a few personnel that will remain until mid to late November to facilitate the Brigade's redeployment. All redeploying personnel will go through 7 straight days of reintegration starting the day after their return. That plan is still being developed by the Garrison Community in conjunction with our BDE Rear Detachment. Upon completion of the 7 days of reintegration, there will be some time until we go on block leave. I'd like to thank everyone back home in Bamberg, Italy, and the U.S. for their continued support. Every day, I'm amazed when I witness the sacrifice, commitment, professionalism, and overwhelming accomplishments of our Troopers on the battle field. I recognize that these sacrifices are not theirs alone, and that the families back home share this burden. I can't thank you enough for the service you're providing to us, your families, and your Nation as we continue to move forward in the accomplishment of our mission. To Our Utmost! Sky Soldiers! LTC Curtis A. Johnson (Repel-6)

Home Front 2 August 2010

Volume 1 Issue 4

Chaplain’s Corner – Good-Bye and Hello If there is one thing you learn in the military, it is how to say “good-bye.” After a few tours you get pretty good at it. That doesn’t mean it gets easy, it’s just that you learn to accept it as a part of the military lifestyle. We like to soften the blow with words like, “The Army is a small community and we will see each other again.” That helps, but there is still some sadness when you say farewell to good people. In a few days I will leave for my next duty assignment. I will be serving as a Chaplain Recruiter stationed in Great Lakes, IL just north of Chicago. My tour here was cut short in order for me to take this assignment. I had a great time serving as the Rear Detachment Chaplain for the 173rd ABCT in Bamberg. The three battalions I worked with all have excellent command leadership and wonderful Family Readiness Groups. I was truly honored to serve with such fine Soldiers and Civilians. The one thought that has guided me in this “saying good-bye” process is the importance of cherishing the special times I have had and the lasting memories of the people I have met. Although it was only for seven months, my life has been impacted in a positive way from my service to the 173rd. I say good-bye as a better person and as a better Chaplain. I hope my words encouraged you and helped you through the first half of the deployment. I also am pleased to let you know that my replacement is an excellent Chaplain who has a deep concern for Soldiers and their spouses. Her name is CH (CPT) Terri King. In the second half of this article she will have an opportunity to greet you and say, “Hello!” Let me close by saying thank you for letting me be a part of your lives. I truly do hope that I will see you again. For God and country, CH Peter Strong … AND HELLO! Greetings 173rd BSB Community! I come to you of late from my home in sunny Denver, Colorado. I have been working as an Army Chaplain now for about 5 years and in ministry for about 16 largely focusing in the areas of cross cultural communication; helping folks figure out how to bridge cultures well. I spent 2008-9 deployed to Kuwait and Afghanistan helping your spouse’s figure out how to cope, stay strong in their relationships, seek God and occasionally have a good laugh! I am very excited to get to know our community better. I was blessed to have a 7 week training tour right here at USAG Bamberg in 2006/7 over the Christmas Season and was able to even meet a few of you back then! Everyone always asks me where I’m from – this is NOT a simple question for me!! I was born an Air Force brat in Elmendorf AFB in Alaska, but moved shortly after I was born and my Dad ETSed. From there I lived in Texas (for a minute), New York, Rhode Island and now, most recently, Colorado. I’m 36 years old and have moved 32 times (not including deployment)! Yes, I have amazing packing skills. Some of my academic and military background: I joined the Army in 2005 as a Chaplain Candidate while I attended seminary. I was blessed to be able to participate in several practicum trainings including a MEDCOM practicum at WBMAC (Army Hospital) next to Ft. Bliss, TX; Bamberg Army Garrison and, finally completing the Chaplain Officer Basic Course at Ft. Jackson, SC in 2008. I asked (ok, begged really) to deploy ASAP and was asked to be the BN Chaplain for the 1/487th FA BN with the Hawaii National Guard at Kuwait Naval Base (KNB) where I was the Joint Forces (JTF) Chaplain on post and served with them for 1 year. As that tour closed, I wanted to continue to serve downrange and asked to extend to Afghanistan. I was then picked up by the 48th IBCT (Infantry Brigade Combat Team) headquartered in Kabul. From there I had the privileged to work with the 1/121 Infantry BN in the Paktika, Paktia, Khost, and Ghazni provinces (central and eastern provinces by the Pakistan border) over the course of 5 months. I received my Undergraduate degree from the University of Rhode Island in Music Education, a Masters of Divinity with a concentration in Chaplaincy from Denver Seminary and have 1 unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from the Samaritan Counseling Center in Denver Colorado. I was in campus ministry with a group called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for about 11 years and am an ordained Reverend in the Evangelical Covenant Church. My love and passion in life and ministry has always been to see people connect better to each other, God and themselves. Future Hopes: We are within sight of seeing our loved ones come home – just a few short months now! It is my fervent hope and prayer to be a strong resource to our community in offering pastoral counseling, mentoring and training as you have needs. If you see a need in your group or leadership for counseling, training or resourcing, PLEASE let me know and I will do my best to provide it or find the needed resource. You can reach me at the Chapel at DSN: 469-1570/8140 or on my Cell: 0162-1838-469. I will be attending your monthly Steering Committee meetings and can attend any smaller unit meetings by request. You had an EXCELLENT Chaplain in CH Strong and I hope I will continue in his great work! You guys have given me an AMAZING welcome and I am SOOOOO excited to be working with the 173 rd, the Bamberg community and the members of the BSB!! For God and Country! As always, if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to support you, please call or write. CH (CPT) Terri King Rear Detachment Chaplain 469-1570/8140

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Home Front 2 August 2010

Volume 1 Issue 4

Happenings in the FRG Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to say that we are basically in the finish line towards the redeployment and getting our Soldiers back home safe! With that, I am sure there are a lot of preparations going on in every Sky Soldier’s home! If we were to look at it as a PT test on the 400-meter track, where you have to run 8 laps for the test, we only have maybe two more laps to go! LTC Johnson on the first page of this publication has already put out a rough window when you can expect your Soldiers to return. I want to make sure that we have the correct contact information for everyone so we can notify you when your Soldier is en route. I have tasked my Soldiers and FRSA, Ms. Clark to politely call and verify family members contact information so we have the right numbers and email address for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any changes to your numbers; do not wait until we call you up! It is vital that we have good numbers for all of you. In some recent incidents we unfortunately found out that a spouse’s contact information have changed, but we did not receive the update. This in turn slowed down some processes which affected every family. Please help us so we can help you! I would also like to ask for your assistance and recruit volunteers for the following projects: -getting the gym decorated for redeployment -“picnic cup” project on the fence lines -setting up the rooms for the single Soldiers in the barracks -donating items that could be useful for returning single Soldiers in the barracks upon their immediate return, eg. shower gel, cans of soda, mouth wash or homemade cookies that last for a few days. This is strictly on voluntary bases I am only asking for help here! At every FRG meeting there will be more and more information available about the redeployment, so please come on out, have a slice of cake marking yet another month down and collect all the new information in person! We are also planning on organizing a town-hall meeting to provide you with information on services available to families to assist the redeployment and ETS/PCS as well as the Brigade Rear Detachment Commander, Maj. Elrich will provide a briefing on the entire redeployment process. We are having one more spouse get-together before school starts and before our Soldiers get back home. It will be on 28 August, for all details please see last page of this publication. The theme of this party will be “Little Black Dress” based on the success of the last get together we had with the “Denims and Diamonds” theme. We will have a quick guest speaker presentation while we munch on the first round of our meal. There will be of course Karaoke! I will try to set up some sort of a photo station so the ladies can have their pictures taken in their pretty black dresses! I am very proud of how well everybody held up during this redeployment! Happy about the events we had together and very proud of many spouses’ accomplishment during the Walk to Afghanistan initiative. Thank you for making our jobs on the rear detachment easy! Hope to see you all at our next FRG meeting! Sky Soldiers! CPT Monika Comeaux

FRG Meetings The last Thursday of every month is the Battalion FRG meeting. This is the best place to get information and to meet people from other companies. Augusts' meeting is on the 26th at 5:30 at the FRG Building. Meetings are potluck so please bring a dish to pass.


Our Walk to Afghanistan Winners. They walked that most miles to help the participants of the group reach Afghanistan! Left: Stacy Stump

Right: Giullianna Soares

If you haven’t heard yet the Bamberg Chapel is putting on two more retreats for the 173rd Spouses. The next retreat is 16-18 August and then 24-26 September. Both are at Edelweiss in Garmisch. All cost but lunches are included. If you would like to attend either retreat please contact your FRSA Heather at 0951-300-8537 or

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Home Front 2 August 2010

Vanguard's Corner

Volume 1 Issue 4

Travel Destinations Courtesy of HHC Want a great place to stay

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany 330 Comfortable Rooms and Suites Conference Center Multiple Restaurants Indoor Pool and Wellness Center and Day Spa Guided Recreation and Tours Video Game Rooms (Arcade) and Casino Internet Lounge Underground Parking Garage Hausberg Sport Lodge Reservations can be made Mondays- Fridays except for US holidays. Prices from $86 (E1 - E5) and $139 (all other ranks).

Fun for the whole family!! Page 4

Home Front 2 August 2010

Vanguard's Corner

Volume 1 Issue 4

Fun Times in Italy Courtesy of HHC Riggers For hours of operation please visit website. Hours vary with time of year and month. Gardaland is located in the province of Verona. Address for GPS Castelnuovo del Garda 37014. Attractions include: Palablu the dolphin exhibit. Get up close and personal with the dolphins. Shows are 5 Euro and the Gallery is free. For the kids head on over to Fantasy Kingdom for rides and fun activities. Other attractions include rides for fantasy, adventure, adrenaline seekers. Shows, shops, bars and restaurants. Prices (alls prices are in Euro): 1 Day Ticket 35 2 Consecutive days 45 Special Family Rates: Family of 3 cost 85 Family of 4 cost 113 Family of 5 cost 113.50

Official Website:

Out Door Rec Trips for Vicenza, Italy Trips through Outdoor Rec is the best way to travel and sightsee. The following trips are occurring in August: 3rd Nordic Hike $10

7th West Coast Discovery Tour: Cinque Terre$75

8th Via Ferrata $60

12th Jesolo Beach $25

13th Wakeboard and Beach: Lake Garda $25

15th Sea Kayak $45

20th Medieval Times Dinner & Show $30

21st Innsbruck and Ambras Castle $75

21st-22nd Horseback Riding Weekend $150

22nd Kayak Fishing $65

For more information please call the Out Door Recreation 634-7453 or visit their website at :

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Home Front 2 August 2010

Wildcard’s Corner

Volume 1 Issue 4

Time To make a Splash!!! Palm Beach Indoor and Outdoor Water Park Nuremberg Germany Opening times: Mon-Thru and Sun Friday and Saturday Prices (Prices are in Euro): 2 hours Adult 9.50 Youth (6-15) 6.50 Children (under 6 years) 3.50

9:00 am – 10:00 pm 9:00 am – 12:00 pm 4 hours 13.50 9.50 3.50

Day Ticket 16.50 11.50 3.50

Kids can have fun in the pools while Adults enjoy saunas, tanning beds and more!!! Official Website

Palm Beach’s indoor wave pool… Page 6

Home Front 2 August 2010

Bandit’s Corner

Volume 1 Issue 4

Time for Fun and Adventure Europa Park- amusement park in Rust Germany Opening Times: March 27th until November 7th 9AM to 6PM Prices: Children under 4 years of age Children ages 4-11 years old Children on the birthday (up until the age of 12) Adults Guests aged 60 years or above

free 31.00 euro free 35.00 euro 31.00 euro

See website for more offers and packages Official Website

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Home Front 2 August 2010

Lifeline's Corner

Volume 1 Issue 4

Courtesy of Charlie Company Hydrate! The heat of the summer months attracts folks to get outside and into sport and outdoor activities. However, that heat can cause a few health problems if you do not plan and prepare for your events, especially if you are not properly hydrated. Your body is up to 75% water by weight, and even the loss of 1-2 % of body water can cause an increased heart rate and decreased performance. At the loss of 6% of body water weight, you lose muscle strength and endurance. (Read….minutes added to your 2 mile run time, fewer pushups, shorter volleyball spikes, passing out on the hill up to Neuschwanstein). More than 6% Loss of body water – HEAT INJURY leading to HEAT STROKE and DEATH. You can lose body water through “peein’, poopin’, breathin’ and sweatin’”. Hydration means drinking enough water to sustain your body during any activity. Some sports obviously drain you of water in the form of sweat – like a hard game of basketball in the heat, or a long run (or lawn mowing) on a hot day. But, recent developments in sports clothing can wick so much moisture away that you do not notice you are sweating profusely –good for cooling and fashion, but bad for keeping track of your hydration status. Now, I am not advocating that you ditch all of your UnderArmor shirts, and spandex pants, but you must be scientific about fluid replacement and drinking while you work out. Dehydration during swimming is also a real threat, as well as during winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. If you are working in high altitudes, dehydration is particularly dangerous and hard to detect. An athlete training and working in warm or high altitude environments may need up to 10 liters of water a day! All of this leads up to an individualized fluid requirement for each person and each level of activity. For instance – Gatorade or Water? For most moderate activities lasting less than 60 minutes, water is best. Exercise lasting more 60 minutes = water + carbohydrate (Gatorade). Sports drinks containing 4 to 8% carbohydrates are recommended for intense exercise events lasting more than 60 minutes, because they enhance palatability (taste) and the drive to drink (thirst). CrossFit sessions usually last 20 minutes, so we are stuck with WATER. Hydration comes at 3 intervals – PRE-EXERCISE, DURING EXERCISE AND POST EXERCISE Fluid Replacement. PRE-EXERCISE: You should drink about ½ liter (16 oz) 2 hours before the activity, then 8-16 oz 15 minutes prior to exercise. To replace fluids DURING EXERCISE, then drink 4 - 16 oz every 15 minutes depending on sweat rate (16 oz {½ Liter} per 15 minutes = 2 quarts (Liters) per hour) POST EXERCISE: You need to figure out your SWEAT RATE! So MATH TIME!!!: Calculate your sweat rate: Pre-exercise weight – Post exercise weight = Sweat loss. Example: Pre-run Wt =160 lb, Runs for 1 hour, Post-run Wt = 155 lb. What is the “sweat rate”? …… 5 lb = 80 oz = 2.5 quarts/hour Fluid and electrolyte replacement after activity helps athletes recover. Water quenches thirst but may not rehydrate effectively, So….Drink water with sodium containing foods or a sports drink and drink 16 - 24 oz (½ to ¾ Liter) per pound of weight loss to restore hydration, and remember how much weight you lose during specific workouts in hot weather to rehydrate correctly. If you don’t want to replace many carbohydrates because the goal of your workout is weight loss, then DON’T Drink GATORADE!! It has about 60gms of sugar in ½ liter. Instead, Drink V-8 – all the electrolytes you need with less than 5 grams of sugar. The best indicator of proper hydration (other than feeling GREAT before, during and after your workout or event) is… OK, I know it is gross… CLEAR URINE. If your pee is dark yellow and smelly, you are WAY under-hydrated and need to drink a liter of water (2 x 16 oz bottles) STAT!!! (NOW). It should start to clear up , then KEEP it that way…. For better performance and health during your workouts! MAJ Dave Hamilton, PA-C, (LIFELINE 6)

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Home Front 2 August 2010

Field Trips

Volume 1 Issue 4

Skyline Park Munich Germany For anyone looking for something to do with the kids over the holidays, or for thrill-seekers in general, I can highly recommend a trip to the Allgäu Skyline Park near Bad Wörishofen. Skyline Park is an amusement park for adults (rollercoasters, bungee sphere (4.5G), 4-D Cinema), for children (water slide, bob racing, bumper cars, pool/ waterplay area) and also for toddlers (ball pool, mini-zoo, carousels). Entrance Fees Per Visitor exceeding 150 cm height : €15 Children (100 - 150 cm) : €13 Children shorter than 100 cm get in free. Opening Times April – October from 9:30am – 6:00pm Peek Months JuneAugust closing time 7:00pm skyline-park

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Home Front 2 August 2010

Volume 1 Issue 4

General /Community Information PCSing/ETSing Will you be moving after the deployment or is your husband leaving the Army??? If so here are some helpful tips to help you along your way. We recommend visiting the Army OneSource website a few months before you move and use the “Plan My Move” tool (copy and paste this address into your address bar All you have to do is answer 3 questions (where you are, where you’re moving to, the date you’re moving) and it will generate for you a comprehensive 90-day calendar of all the tasks you need to accomplish for a successful relocation. Each task is linked to a detailed explanation of that task and is tailored to the installation you’re moving to (and from). You can also generate checklists and contact lists from the calendar. It’s a comprehensive and convenient planning tool. You can learn more about community resources and services available to US I.D. card holders by going to your new garrison’s home page or visiting the Military Installations website (google: military homefront) and typing your new duty station in the location data field. Please remember that ACS is there to help reduce the pain to Soldiers and Families associated with the major life stressors of Army living (like frequent relocations or job hunting) so if you need help, please contact your local ACS or your new duty stations ACS for assistance. For more information contact:

Jeffrey Card, Relocation Readiness Program Manager Army Community Service, USAG Bamberg DSN: 314-469-7777 Commercial: 49-951-300-7777

Vehicle registrations There are still several vehicle registrations that need to be picked up at the S1 office. You can stop by S1 from 0930-1700 every day to pick up their registration (they are closed for lunch from 1130-1300 and closed on training holidays). You will need to sign a log as proof of it having been issued out! The S1 Office is located in the Battalion Building located to the right of the FRG Building. Head in the set of doors on the right and it is the door at the top of the stairs on the right. If you have any questions about this matter please contact your FRSA Heather Clark 0951-300-8537. Personal Opinion Disclaimer This document was prepared as a service to the U.S. Army Forces Command community. Neither the United States Government nor any of its employees makes any warranty, expressed or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, products, process, or services by trade name, trademark manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the United States Government. The opinions of the authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Government and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY 173rd Brigade Support Battalion Page 10

Home Front 2 August 2010

Volume 1 Issue 4

General /Community Information Command Sponsorship 1.

Service member must have 12 months left on their current assignment in order to command sponsor a new dependent.


New born babies are automatically command sponsored if the service member already has command sponsored family member, but they still need to file necessary paperwork.


Enrolling your child in DEERS does not make them command sponsored. You must file specific command sponsorship paperwork in order for your dependent child to be included on your PCS orders (this is one of the most common issues with command sponsorship).


The S1 will have the checklist and paperwork needed to submit to the MPD, but common documents required are: Current DD93 with dependants current location, ERB/ORB, military Orders, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Copies of Passport, VISA/SOFA if applicable, DA 5888-R, Endorsement from Battalion Commander.


If a service member is going to be TDY en-route, then they need to file ILS (Individual Logistical Support). Less than 90 days ins locally approved, but over 90 days goes up to IMCOM-E so it will take longer time to process.


If a service member wants to re-command sponsor their family member, and bring them back to Germany then they are required to serve 24 months from the time they family member return to Germany.


If you have current EROD for your family member and plan to go to another OCONUS location then they will be on your orders to travel from their stateside address.


Please make sure that all family members passports are current, up-to-date, and will have plenty of time left on them in order for the family member to travel back to the US, or their next duty station.


If a SM needs a VISA for their wife or children then they need to start ASAP!!!

Restrictions: 1. Infant family members less than 6 weeks old will not be authorized to travel on AMC aircraft unless considered medically sound and so certified by a responsible medical officer or civilian Physician. 2. Pregnant women who are under 240 days gestation will be permitted to travel by military aircraft unless this mode of travel is medically inadvisable.

Parents Day/Night Out: Germany Want a couple hours child free on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon for free? Head on over the they CYSS Parent Ventral and sign up for the following dates. Located in building 7340. Phone number is 0951-300-7716/8660. Deployed spouses get priority but make sure to make your reservation as soon as possible. For parents night out from 1830-2130:

For parents day out from 1130-1530

3 Sep.

7 Aug.

5 Nov.

2 Oct.

4 Dec.

Outdoor Recreation Trips: Germany Trips through Outdoor Rec is the best way to travel and sightsee. The following trips are occurring in August: 7th Annual Mountain Bike Race $25 12th Tour Under Bamberg $20 14th Trip to Rothenberg o. d. T $60

21st Prague City Tour $60

28th White Water Kayak Trip $25 窶認or more information on the trips please visit the home page or call 0951-300-8659/7450 Page 11

Home Front 2 August 2010

Volume 1 Issue 4

Little Black Dress Dinner LADIES, time to pull out that little black dress (or whatever color you have hiding in your closet)! Who: You! What: Party! Where: Steak Ranch in Strullendorf. When: 28 August 2010 from 1730-2200. Why: To have a great time with other spouses child FREE!!!! If you are planning on attending please RSVP to your FRSA Heather Clark by 12 August 2010 at 0951-300-8537/0162-272-8797 or email at If you will need/want child care you must send an email to Heather by 9 August. Any names given after that date will not be able to use the care at the CDC. You have two options for the child care payment. Use 5 hours of your free 16 hours or pay out of pocket. Cost for ticket is 12 Euro this includes dinner and one drink (beer or soda) and glass of champagne to start off the night. Menu includes: Tortellini, Rigatoni, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Chicken wings, Garlic Bread, Salad, and for dessert Ice Cream. Karaoke Joe will be there again and while champagne is being served we will be having a small brief. Will also have photo opt with feather boas and fancy hats! Ladies Please come and join us for a evening of fun with no children! Don’t forget to RSVP by 9 August for child care and 12 August for attendance.

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173rd BSB FRG Newsletter, Issue 4  

FRG Newsletter

173rd BSB FRG Newsletter, Issue 4  

FRG Newsletter