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Say bye-bye to the neon colors of yesteryear, and hello to pastels. Even though the color of the season is orange, be prepared to see colors in the likes of mint, lavender, pale pink, beige, white, and fuchsia. Wearing head to toe color will be huge this year. Saint Laurent Paris and Gucci proved the all over look can be done in a fashionable way without looking tacky.

how to wear head-to-toe color First pick a color that compliments your skin tone. The key to creating an all over color look is all about contrasting, by combining the dark side of the color’s spectrum with the lighter side. Feel free to add jewelry to the ensemble, but don’t choose the same color that you are wearing for your jewelry. This is an outfit not a costume.

crop top

This is a trend that has never really gone away. Just a few seasons ago this was big at fashion weeks everywhere and now it has returned, but in a more classy, demure way. It used to be about exposing your stomach, but now it is more drawn to exposing a peep of your toned midriff. Crop tops have taken on a more sophisticated approach to completing a look.

how to wear a crop top In order to know how to wear a crop top, you must understand the different types of crop tops. There are the feminine crop top, crop tops that are usually worn with a high waist pencil skirt to give off the vintage retro vibe. The boxy crop top, which gives off a more futuristic feel, but still can be paired with a fitted bottom that accentuates your waist to show off the different structure of the top. And the sporty crop top, which shows off your abs completely. Almost looks like a sports bra, it can be worn with skirts, as seen on the runway of DKNY. Sporty Spice would be proud.

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ColorBlind Digital Magazine Spring/Summer 2013  
ColorBlind Digital Magazine Spring/Summer 2013  

Spring/Summer issue of ColorBlind magazine