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Inspired by Colorado. Shipped all over the world. Back in 1976 we made our home in a tipi. We set our lodge on a mountainside in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, watched the stars pass, the seasons change. We were hooked on the simple life. It wasn’t long before some of our friends wanted the same experience, and the adventure called Earthworks Tipis began. Thirty years later this enterprise has evolved into the Colorado Yurt Company. Located in Montrose, Colorado, our tiny workshop is now a small campus, and our staff is a group of talented craftsmen and craftswomen. We feel incredibly fortunate that our yurts, tipis and tents are known and respected worldwide. What gives us real satisfaction is providing all kinds of folks with the opportunity to wake up out in the woods, where, at least for a moment, there are no buzzes and beeps demanding attention; no sound of traffic and no to-do list. If you are moved to live, work or play in a unique structure and enjoy the gifts nature has to offer, or you want a little piece of the Colorado Rockies, no matter where you live, let our experience be your shortcut to the backcountry. We would love to help you design and build a dream of your own. You’ll find some pictures of the beautiful sites around our home scattered throughout our brochure. Most of this spectacular scenery is right in our neighborhood. We hope it inspires you as much as it inspires us.


the yurt is a place

to escape the daily

routine and live simply, connected to your

surroundings. our yurt is a gathering place

for friends and family, a place to share stories and make memories. A

A place we long to go


to and hate to leave.

Make It Your Own

thanks colorado Yurt company! marK & Catherine stewart, COlOraDO sprinGs, COlOraDO

Create your space: luxurious, simple, or somewhere in between. With its circular design and spacious interior, the yurt encourages both social activity and quiet contemplation. Build it yourself in a couple of days. Wire it. Heat B

it. Plumb it. Create big family meals in

A An Alaskan yurt “upstairs.” (courtesy: Seavey, Alaskan home for 7 years) B Home away from home. A cozy getaway. (courtesy: Stellema & Price, 24’ yurt at 8860’ in Colorado)

the kitchen. Add a bathroom or a luxurious spa. Based on the traditional Asian design, the affordable, durable, modern yurt can be just

Black canyon of the Gunnison in colorado

what you’re looking for.


Four Seasons and Two Hemispheres Colorado Yurts are lived and played in from Alaska to Honduras. By selecting from our list of custom features, your yurt can be designed to suit your climate and fulfill your dreams. We make five sizes serving a range of functions: a smaller yurt makes a great backyard office, guestroom or weekend getaway; the biggest one—30’ with 706 square feet of floor space— can seat up to 60 people and function as a mini-conference center or as a home for a small family. You can combine and connect yurts too. Surfside, mountainside or alongside



your favorite trout stream…get out in one!

A WORLD OF PRACTICAL POSSIBILITIES • Hunting and Fishing Camp • Lake Cottage

• Office

• Mountain Cabin

• Guesthouse

• Rental Cabin

• Retreat

• Kid’s Camp

• Bed and Breakfast

• Classroom

• Ski Hut

• Art Studio

• Hot Tub Spa

• Yoga Studio


• Your Home

We loved our first yurt from Colorado Yurt Company so much we had another one shipped to New Zealand to create a great beach getaway.

Jim Grange, Denver, COlorado


C A A 30’ yurt in the desert. (courtesy: Raleigh, “Rock and Ice” magazine) B Durability and comfort all winter long is a must for this Keystone, Colorado yurt. C This year-around getaway on the Sweet River is beautiful in the fall. D The yurts at Orvis Hot Springs, Ridgway, Colorado. E Kitchen and dining yurts at a fishing resort in Belize.


Craftsmanship + Engineering The handcrafted, wooden framework of Colorado Yurts is made from clear, vertical grain Douglas fir with machine stress rated rafters. Just like home, our doors are a full thirty-six inches wide. All wood components


are protected by natural penetrating oil. Certified engineering ensures that they are capable of withstanding heavy snow and high winds. Colorado Yurts are strong and beautiful. State of the art industrial fabrics cover the yurt framework and insulation. With a palette of twenty-eight different colors you can choose a combination that will blend perfectly B

with your environs—in a spruce forest or by a turquoise sea.

C A A seaside eco-resort in Baja. (courtesy: Baja Air Adventures) B 12-sided compression ring with CORR brackets. C A cozy home in the aspens. (near Telluride, Colorado) D Majestic Mount Wilson in southwestern Colorado. E Some back country skiers enjoys each other’s company in the James Peak Yurt during a Colorado hut trip. (courtesy: Ron James)




Go Out and Get It STANDARD FEATURES • Domed Skylight: five-foot diameter clear dome lets in loads of natural light. • Complete Framework: a 12-sided Doug fir compression ring; engineered rafters on galvanized aircraft cable; vertical grain Doug fir lattice wall; and a handcrafted Doug fir door. • Roof Cover: industrial fabric with a valance that covers for a watertight seal; your choice of three colors. A

• Wall Cover: your choice of three tough fabrics in multiple color combinations. • Three Windows: includes screens, removable vinyl storm window and a zippered privacy flap, 48”x30” on standard yurts, 44”x44” on taller wall yurts. Custom sizes available. • Rain Cricket: standard over every door, channels rainwater away from doorway. • Natural Finish: all wood components are


finished with rich, natural, penetrating oil.

B A The remote location of the James Peak Yurt affords spectacular star gazing. (courtesy: Ron James) B Furnish and decorate your yurt as rustic or refined as you like. Dining room in a 30’ yurt. C A view along the Uncompahgre River in Colorado, with Mount Sneffles in the distance. D Yurt window flaps convert to awnings. (courtesy: Manitoba Provincial Parks) E French doors, available as an option on your yurt.








Winter Stout Alpine Yurt

OPTIONS • Taller Wall: increases wall height from 5’10” to 6’9”. • Duro-Last Roof: 15-year warranty; your choice of three colors. • Sky Path: translucent, rainbow shaped panel in the roof.

• Additional Doors and Windows: up to 12 windows and 3 doors on a 30’ yurt. • Wooden Operable Window: wood framed

reflects summer heat, holds in winter heat.

door or simple screen curtain for doorway.

four exclusive packages depending on yurt size and conditions. • Winter Stout Alpine Yurt Package: for extreme snow conditions that may become unbalanced due to wind or freeze/thaw conditions. • Stovepipe Outlet: allows vent installation for wood or gas stove, composting toilet, clothes dryer.

design that handles real-life, unbalanced

ceiling window. • Screen Door or Curtain: heavy duty screen

• Snow and Wind Load Packages: choose from

in load bearing capability. With an exclusive

• Roll-Up Wall Section: 8’ section of floor-to-

• Insulation: wall, roof and window insulation, • Cistern System: captures rain water.

The Colorado Yurt Company offers the ultimate

window that cranks open from the inside.

snow and wind loads, the Winter Stout Alpine

ert t n i WStou

• Dome Insulation, Shade or Mosquito Net: shade or insulate the dome opening. • Dome Lifter: operated from floor level, raises

requirements of the International Building Code. Site specific engineering reports are available.

dome up to 8” for ventilation.

Call for details or visit

• Tinted Dome: significantly reduces heat gain.

• Door and Window Awnings: keep sun and rain out while letting breeze in. • Ceiling Fan Mount: allows you to install a A Crank open the window from inside the yurt with a wooden operable window. B Stove pipe flashing for venting wood or gas stoves. C A ceiling fan enhances natural ventilation. D Engineered comfort for four seasons. (courtesy: Kettner, solar powered in Colorado) E Alpine Yurt illustration. The Winter Stout is engineered to handle extreme and unbalanced snow loads.

ceiling fan under the dome. • Handicap Access: grab bars, tread-plate door thresholds and more.

• French Doors: 42” double doors with full window in each side.

Yurt meets the structural



Building Your Yurt… Get Into It A yurt can go up in a day or so—after your

• Gather some friends…two or three or a whole

deck is ready— with a couple of helpers,

bunch, and pull out the complete yurt

a good ladder and a few tools. Complete

setup instructions.

instructions are provided but, in a nutshell,

• Stretch out the lattice wall like a baby gate

here’s how it’s done.

around the edge of the deck. B

• Clamp both ends of the lattice to the door to complete the circle. • Lay the cable into the top of the lattice. • Raise the compression ring, either with three rafters (small and medium yurts) or a scaffold (big yurts). • Connect the rafters—one at a time—to the ring at the top and the cable below, to complete the framework.


• If you have insulation, put it in place. It’s precut to fit and has a sewn liner. • Lift the roof covering up through the ring and spread it out over the rafters. C

• Fasten the outer wall to the roof and slide it into the door tracks. • Secure the dome on top of the ring. • Attach the bottom of the yurt to your platform. • Locate a comfortable chair and the beverage of your choice. Admire your handiwork and try to fathom that in a weekend, you built your own house!






A An exploded view shows all the basic elements (without insulation). B These yurts are available for overnight rental at East Canyon State Park near Salt Lake City, UT. (courtesy: East Canyon State Park) C A remote yurt is framed and ready for its fabric cover. D Engineered comfort for four seasons. (courtesy: Kettner, solar powered in Colorado) E Rafters connect to the compression ring with optional CORR brackets. F All rafters include a keeper screw which secures the notch over the cable. G Yurts can accommodate a full kitchen layout.


Why Choose a Colorado Yurt? We believe in manufacturing the highest quality B

yurt at a fair price. That makes it easy to stand behind our product. When you call our toll free number or visit our web site, you’ll be drawing on over thirty years of experience and a philosophy that success comes from making a quality product and treating people right.

Colorado Yurt Offers More: • More standard features and color choices. • Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. • Expertise and options to design for your specific climate and needs. • Certified engineering ensures



structural integrity. • The Winter Stout Alpine Yurt has the highest, unbalanced snow load rating available in the fabric yurt industry. • Experience in shipping all over the world.

• Exceptional phone support during planning and set up.

A Beautiful Alta Lake in southwestern Colorado. B A 30’ yurt at the Plains Conservation Center in Arvada, Colorado. C A 30’ yurt in the Alaska winter. (courtesy: Conkel) D Three yurts at Cornerstone Golf Course near Telluride, Colorado.

• Environmentally responsible manufacturing and operations processes.




our tipi is two miles high in elevation. Yearly it gets covered with feet of snow and battered by the wind. our canvas has lasted through such abuse for nine years now. the interior has a wood burning stove with a stone floor, a raised platform bed with a living room underneath, a kitchen


and battery and solar electric capabilities. We lived in it for

Temporary or permanent, traditional B

five years and now use it as a guest house for friends and

Pitch it at a campground for a weekend in

family. there is nothing better

the woods, or on an elaborate deck adding

than listening to the wind crash

all the amenities of the finest resorts.

through the trees like waves on

Perhaps the best way is right on top

the ocean and be safe inside.

of Mother Earth in your own backyard.

ashleY werner alma, COlOraDO

the pool below colorado’s tallest waterfall, Bridal Veil Falls


or modern, make your tipi your own.

Make It Your Own

Craft your own mural in the round. Our artists can walk you through painting your tipi and liner yourself, or, create a unique design and paint it for you.

Authentic and Functional Earthworks tipis are patterned after the three-pole Lakota design with the addition of graceful, elongated, Cheyenne smoke flaps. The design innovations made by the buffalo hunters of the Great Plains are what distinguish true tipis. The cone is tilted into prevailing winds, making it nearly vertical in back. This makes the tipi stand strong against the weather, A


and increases the headroom and usable living space inside. The smoke hole is moved slightly down the more gently sloping front to control the draw for the fire. To the Native American of the Plains, the tipi was home; warm in winter, cool in summer: rugged, portable and easy to set up. It satisfied the owner’s aesthetic and spiritual sensibilities. The circular plan mirrored nature: the earth, the sky, the seasons, life itself. Although we use more modern, durable materials, we have been reluctant to tinker with the original design of such a perfect structure.



Opposite Page: A A corporate retreat near Telluride, Colorado. (18’ tipis) B Buffalo hide reinforced door opening reveals an enchanting retreat. (Colorado, 28’ tipi) C A traditional design stands out against the red rocks at Zion National Park. (courtesy: Redwine, Utah Trails 18’ tipis) This Page: A A comfortable tipi interior featuring a loft and a 9’ liner. (courtesy: Feddersen, Colorado, 28’ tipi) B 16’ and 20’ tipi against the aspens, Breckenridge, Colorado. C A painted tipi near Aspen, Colorado. D A classic, noble lodge.


Size and Substance • Smaller tipis (12’, 14’ and 16’): weekend camping, backyard retreats, and playhouses. • Midsize tipis (18’, 20’, 22’ and 24’): year ‘round

How Earthworks Tipis Work The tipi is a highly evolved and highly functional structure composed of the

retreats for a couple or a family.

tipi cover, the poles, and the tipi liner working

• Big tipis (26’ and 28’): ceremonies, family

together. The poles form the framework to

reunions, fulltime tipi home.

support the cover and hang the liner. When

• Custom tipis (up to 36’): ceremonial and

a tipi is properly pitched, the cover is staked

architectural use.

several inches above the ground. The liner

We offer materials that are high tech, but have

hangs against the inside of the poles, seals the

low environmental impact and we inspect

bottom of the tipi, and creates a double wall

every yard before sewing it into your tipi.

for a chimney effect to draw the smoke from the open fire out through the smoke flaps. The


We offer two distinct fabric types in the heaviest

smoke flaps adjust with the direction of the

weights. Whether you choose Sunforger or Tuff-

wind to enhance the draw for the open fire.

Star fabric, we combine the best fabrics with the highest quality workmanship to create a tipi with the durability to last many years.

B This Page: A Three painted 18’ tipis in a meadow. (courtesy: Bower, Moab Outback) B A blazing fire and a liner are the keys to tipi comfort. (Colorado, 28’ tipi) C Soccer at day camp. Kids love tipis! Opposite Page: A Fall creeps into the Colorado high country. B A designer interior. (courtesy: Anchondo, Colorado 18’ tipi) C A classic geometric design on an 18’ tipi nestled in the woods. D Painted tipis in the desert at Canyonlands Institute in Utah. (courtesy: Bower of Moab Outback)





Tipi Components:



• Cover: the outer canvas covering. • Pole Set: tall, thin, peeled lodgepole pine tipi poles forming the framework to support the cover and hang the liner. • Liner or ‘dew cloth’: fabric, tied to the inside of the poles, that hangs on an angle from a height of six (or nine) feet and extends onto the floor; creates a double wall to control


the draft. • Ozan: a canopy covering the back third


of the tipi; holds in heat and shelters the living area below. OZAN




During a four-year encampment in northern Colorado our tipi weathered high winds and heavy snows, the fire blazing inside— sometimes in a wood burning stove. To withstand the conditions, we reinforced vulnerable areas of the tipi with buffalo hide, hand rubbed with beeswax. It is the key to the long-lasting strength and beauty of our lodges.

Pitching Your Tipi Pitching a tipi is one of the most ingenious

After you hammer the last stake and tie up the

things you can experience. The method—

liner, stand back and take in the tall, slender

simplicity itself—draws on mechanical

cone of diffuse light. You’ve just created one

advantage and the spirit of cooperation. Once

of the most beautiful and functional

you get the hang of it, a mid-size tipi can be

shelters ever invented.

pitched with the help of a friend in about an hour. But be sure to set aside an afternoon to get over the learning curve your first time. Complete instructions are provided.

Dan and Emma Kigar owners of Earthworks Tipis




C This Page: A Tipi pitching accessories: wood stakes, steel stakes, ropes and lacing pins. B This beautifully painted tipi offers a peaceful retreat. C A summer encampment near historic tipi site on Dallas Creek, Ridgway, Colorado. D Make your tipi your own with a comfortable chair (courtesy: Anchondo, Colorado) E Dinnertime at camp. (courtesy: Hoge, Provo, Utah) F Thanks to the genius of the plains Indians, pitching a tipi is easy. Opposite Page: A A tipi encampment under the grandeur of 14,150’ Mount Sneffels. (Ridgway, Colorado, 24’ tipi) B Big, painted tipis with liners for privacy and warmth. (courtesy: Stanley, Colorado 24’ tipis)





Why an Earthworks Tipi? We make Earthworks Tipis in the spirit of the

• A door flap that works: six ties (two on the

Native American—with a practical nature and

inside) to keep the door securely closed.

the heart of an artist. Our tipis are as beautiful

Two additional ties hold the door flap secure

as they are serviceable. Our lodges can be

when rolled up. Dowels sewn into pockets on

used for anything from camping to providing a

the door keep it rigid across the opening.

stately, permanent dwelling. They combine a noble, classic shape with outstanding durability. • Buffalo hide reinforcing at stress points. • 3,000 lb. break strength hem adds strength and maintains the tipi’s shape. • Webbing stake loops butterfly-stitched into

• Double lock stitched main seams and details distribute stress and build in fullness. • Fitted Gores: long triangular gores inserted between the body of the tipi and the smoke flaps allow the tipi to fit snugly around the cluster of poles.

the hem make this stress point strong and pitching easy. A



Warm, easy to put up and it makes me feel like a kid when I stayed in a tent all summer with my parents in upper Michigan. ralph CrOmell, nUCla, COlOraDO

chimney Peak & courthouse Mountain viewed from ridgway reservoir

Make It Your Own Bright and breezy or warm and cozy—we have a classic wall tent to fit almost any climate. Make it a weekend in the woods with just you and your favorite hound. Or stay close to home; add fresh flowers and a daybed for a charming guest room or bed and breakfast. Our tents can house full kitchens and dining rooms so fire-up the stove, and put the kettle on. If a tropical locale is more your style, create your own personal beach retreat with a grass thatch


roof and screens on all

A Platform pitched wall tent at Mary Jane’s Farm, Idaho. B Platform tent with extended rain fly.

sides. You dream it, we’ll make it. A




Cimarron Tents: Simplicity and Functionality • Bed and breakfast • Backyard bonus room • Campground rentals • Beach bungalow • Eco-Resort • African safari • Hunting adventure • Scout camp


• Worksite shelter

A At home in the aspens near a high-country meadow. B Platform tent at the horse camp, Cornerstone Resort. C Exploded view of a tent. D Cozy interior at Mary Jane’s Farm in Idaho.

• Temporary home





Why Choose a Cimarron Tent? With two styles in five sizes and dozens of options, you can design your custom tent. Add


windows, mosquito netting, floors, a fly, stove pipe outlets and roll up walls. Choose from a

We’ve got a way to get you where the only

variety of fabrics and colors. Go with a

sounds are the winds in the pines or the waves

metal frame for easy pitching and portability or

lapping against your canoe—and we’ve got

a wood frame for a more rustic look.

over thirty years experience helping people

Need something bigger for commercial use?

get there. Let us be your shortcut to the

Give us a call.

back country.

D A Covered porch makes a welcoming entry. (courtesy: Huckleberry Tent and Breakfast, Idaho) B Outfitter wall tents for barbeque dinners. (courtesy: Redwine, Utah Trails, Zion National Park) C Custom resort tents with sewn-in floors, oversized windows and palapa frames on the water’s edge. (Kailuum, Mexico) D A furnished guest tent with wood stove at a resort in Idaho. (courtesy: Huckleberry Tent and Breakfast, Idaho)


From Our Family to Yours At Colorado Yurt Company, we have a family of employees who take great pride and care to craft each and every product that leaves our shop. We all love it when clients drop in to see us and check out our shop. So give us a call, and come on by. Be sure to visit our web site to view hundreds of photographs and use our online tools and resources.

We ship our shelters all over the world. 800-288-3190 or 970-240-2111 28 W. South 4th Street in Montrose, Colorado

get out in one!

PMS 274 & PMS 614


Colorado Yurt Company | 28 W. South 4th Street, Montrose, Colorado 81401 | 800.288.3190

Colorado Yurt Company brochure  

Full color catalogue for tipis, tents and yurts.

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