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Colorado Springs Dentists Snap into Gear with the Latest Orthodontic Technologies This article informs patients about “Snap on Teeth Teeth”” and it explores the benefits of Snap on Teeth in contrast to traditional dentures. As one gets older there are a multitude of physical changes to contend with: the loss of your youthful figure, the weakening of joints and the appearance of grey hair and wrinkles, to name but a few. With so many changes to adjust to your removable dentures, you should not have to add to your problems. Well, at Colorado Springs dentists they no longer have to. With the latest technology in dental implants, the Dentist in Colorado Springs offers a modern solution to your traditional denture woes with their “Snap on Teeth” procedure. In just two visits your traditional denture troubles will be a thing of the past with a brand new set of stable and secure teeth. Where Exactly do your New Teeth Snap to?

Colorado Springs Dentists offer the latest in dentition technology in the form of dental implants. With “Snap on Teeth”, two to four implants are strategically placed in the jaw bone. These implants serve as the support for your new dentures. Once the implants have healed, your new dentures are attached to them, providing a much sturdier structure and thus much fewer complications than with traditional dentures. The dentist usually requires one session to place the implants and one more to fit your Snap on Teeth, making it a quick and relatively easy process.

” to Avoid the Shift... Change to “Snap Snap” According to the dentist in Colorado Springs Springs, traditional removable dentures tend to be loose and shift around in your mouth. This shifting has all sorts of uncomfortable effects. One such effect is the pressure placed on the gums. This pressure can often be painful and annoying, resulting in your dentures being a hindrance rather than a help. In fact, 50% of denture wearers say that they eat more comfortably without their false teeth. Another possible problem lies in the probability of the removable dentures falling out at the most inconvenient times, causing huge embarrassment. Colorado Springs Dentists can change all that with just a few implants placed in the jaw. By attaching the dentures onto the implants, it stops it from coming into contact with the gums, thereby relinquishing all irritations related to the pressure caused by traditional dentures. On top of this, dentists in Colorado Springs say that the “Snap on Teeth” are less bulky and have a more natural looking aesthetic, making it difficult to tell which are false and which are your own teeth. A Big Smile and a Full Wallet...

With “Snap on Teeth”, not only do you save time, but you save money as well. Usually dental implants require multiple visits to the dentist, a number of surgeries and possibly even six or seven implants in the jawbone. All of this adds up to being quite a costly experience. At Colorado Springs dentists, the procedure for Snap on Teeth usually places only two to four implants and is typically done in two visits. This results in a much more cost effective solution to your denture woes. Snap to It... So what are you waiting for? Jump up from your seat and run down to the dentist and snap your new, shining smile into place. Or at the very least, pick up the phone and make an appointment!

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Colorado Springs Dentists Snap into Gear with the Latest Orthodontic Technologies