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BENEFITS OF CHOOSING DENTAL IMPLANTS IN COLORADO SPRINGS Should you pay more money for dental implants, or will cheaper dentures suffice? This article explains why you might consider dental implants instead, and save costs over the long-term.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, or if you are in danger of losing a tooth from decay or injury, you may feel alone and embarrassed. However, it’s fairly common for adults to lose a tooth at some point, either due to injury, illness, or difficulties keeping the tooth clean (often the case with crooked teeth or those close to the back of the mouth). There is no need to feel too embarrassed to seek out a dentist to help you. And in fact, dental implants in Colorado Springs can replace any missing teeth, and the implant will look just like a natural tooth. No one will ever have to know it isn’t your natural tooth, unless you tell them.

There are other benefits to choosing dental implants in Colorado Springs over less expensive dental products such as dentures and bridges. Because the implants contain titanium rods that are inserted surgically into your jawbone, the implant eventually fuses with the bone, making it stronger. In contrast, your jawbone will become weak and osteoporotic over time if you simply leave an empty space

where your tooth once was, or if you choose dentures and bridges instead. This causes the jaw to recede, conveying images of “old” cartoon characters. A dental implant prevents this kind of problem.

In addition, the implant is permanent. It won’t come loose or wobble, and you don’t have to remove it for cleaning. You brush the implant just like you would brush your natural teeth. There is no need to worry about your implant coming loose if you bite into a candy apple or corn on the cob! Smile, laugh, and talk without fear of a wobbling or clicking tooth! Quality of life is definitely easier with an implant than with dentures. This is one reason why more people opt for the implants instead of cheaper products from a dentist in Colorado Springs.

No one wants to have “false teeth” or to have to hide the fact that one’s teeth “aren’t real.” Dental implants in Colorado Springs do not look like false teeth. The titanium rod is covered with a crown that is usually made of a high-quality ceramic material, just like porcelain veneers used in cosmetic dentistry. No one will recognize the implant as a “false tooth.” A cheap acrylic crown may turn yellow over time and need to be replaced, and these are what most people are seeing when they recognize a “false tooth” in a person’s mouth.

Even if you are missing multiple teeth, you can still get dental implants instead of dentures. You may be missing all of your teeth because of serious health conditions that caused you to lose them, or because of an accident. It’s more common than you think, and dentists trained in surgically placing dental implants see this kind of thing all the time. The quicker you are able to get implants, the better the prognosis will be, and the healthier your jawbone will be.

Oftentimes, you can receive all the dental implants needed for your mouth in one day. If the dentist in Colorado Springs who places the implants shares an office with a ceramicist, you are likely to have a quicker procedure if little wait time before the crowns are placed onto the rods. The drawbacks to dental implants are that they do require a surgical procedure and you will need to seek out a specialist in implant dentistry. They are more expensive than non-permanent products, but they do not need to be replaced every few years. Therefore, they can be less expensive over the long-term.

Benefits of choosing dental implants in colorado springs  

Should you pay more money for dental implants, or will cheaper dentures suffice? This article explains why you might consider dental implant...

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