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Unique Club Structure Allows Bear Creek Staff to Flourish How did you go about developing your merchandising philosophy and why? by Kirk Rider, PGA | Head Golf Professional | Bear Creek Golf Club Each facility in the golf industry is different in terms of the customers that play at their course. At Bear Creek Golf Club, our club is extremely unique in that it focuses on men of all ages and abilities. Developing our merchandise philosophy starts with personally getting to know our members and guests. I have emphasized to my whole staff, whether they work in the golf shop, outside operations or valet, that we are one family at the club and we treat everyone like family when they come to our club. This atmosphere has created a very comfortable and relaxing environment for all. This customer relationship is what it’s all about! Listening to them day-in and day-out has “This customer relationship is what it’s all about!” noted Kirk Rider, PGA given my golf shop operation a blueprint for Head Professional from Bear Creek Golf Club. Rider was awarded the 2015 merchandise purchasing. Knowing your customer Colorado PGA Private Merchandiser of the Year Award. allows you to formulate a precise buying plan for the whole golf shop. Train your staff to be observant of everyone who walks through the shop and engage them personally. Make mental notes of their dress appearance and what they are currently wearing from head to toe. By paying attention to what your customer is wearing day to day, you can possibly adjust your buying efforts to stay ahead of the curve to adapt to their buying habits. Personally owning my golf shop definitely gives us the freedom to make more creative merchandise decisions and allows us to sell lots of products based on our members/guests needs. These decisions have outlined our buying plan to offer a variety of goods that directly match our customer. I emphasize continuing to create this family-oriented setting in my golf shop daily, which generates a more loyal customer. This merchandise philosophy has established me as a successful entrepreneur, thanks to my whole staff.

Rider notes that training your staff to be observant of everyone who walks through the shop and engage them personally is a key to his operation at Bear Creek Golf Club.



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The SUMMIT - Colorado PGA Magazine - March 2019  

The SUMMIT - Colorado PGA Magazine - March 2019