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Curry, Griffin and Kloppenburg Find Great Joy in Impacting Others T

he Colorado PGA is committed to leadership and replicating a LEAD program in our Section. Like the PGA of America LEAD class, having a Colorado LEAD program is one way of demonstrating that commitment. The inaugural class of 2019-2020 has 11 members who are a part of this two-year leadership program. In the 2020 issues of The SUMMIT, we are introducing you, the membership, to the members of the Colorado PGA LEAD Class. This month, we are pleased to feature three members: Jeramy Curry, PGA; Matthew Kloppenburg, PGA; and Jamie Griffin, PGA. All three truly appreciate the opportunities given to them and that they can provide to others. Curry loves being around people and views getting to interact daily on a golf course as a blessing. He lives every day to get better at the game of golf and the game called life. It is his life’s passion to teach others and he is always trying to help students enjoy the game of golf. Curry has played golf since he was 10 years old, though he didn’t have much success with the game in junior high or high school golf. It wasn’t until he met PGA Professional Ben Tremayne in the winter of 2012 that his whole life and experience with golf changed. Ben got him a job at Red Rocks Country Club, where he fell back in love with the game and decided to dedicate himself to becoming a Golf Professional. Later, Tremayne helped Curry land the job he currently holds as PGA Assistant Golf Professional at The Links. What is the most valuable thing you have learned since joining the COLORADO PGA LEAD class? Since joining the PGA LEAD program, I have been able to sit in on several board meetings with the Colorado Section Officers and staff. This has given me incredible insight on the inner workings of what makes an organization like the PGA really tick. We see the decisions as Members and Associates, but I have learned so much by just sitting in and listening to how these proceedings take place and the decision making that goes into every aspect of PGA life. How do you see this helping you in the future? The COLORADO PGA LEAD program has been invaluable to helping how I see my future in this industry. Not only from getting a glimpse into the inner workings of the PGA of America, but from the people I have had the opportunity to meet along the way. So much of what we do in the Colorado Section is about networking, and this has been one of the best networking experiences I could have imagined. Kloppenburg grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, playing both hockey and golf. Playing hockey competitively occupied most of his time and energy, which in turn put golf on the back burner. He found a new appreciation for the game of golf after college, which transitioned into a career as a PGA Golf Professional. Kloppenburg has spent time in Wisconsin, Florida and now Colorado. Each of his stops have brought new roles and responsibilities, as well as challenges. He is currently an Assistant Golf Professional at Columbine Country Club. What is the most valuable thing you have learned since joining the COLORADO PGA LEAD class? The most valuable thing I have learned since joining the COLORADO PGA LEAD class is that mentorship goes a long way in developing PGA Professionals of the future. I firmly believe that providing people with the right tools and people to train them up can further enhance their careers. I personally work with 5-7 seasonal PGM interns every year and our operation would not be as successful if we didn’t mentor them properly and give them the necessary tools to succeed.



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The SUMMIT - Colorado PGA Magazine - June 2020  

The SUMMIT - Colorado PGA Magazine - June 2020