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Membership News

Membership News

An update on our Colorado PGA Members By the Numbers Members - 727 | Associates - 93 | Total - 820 Male Members - 773 | Female Members - 47

124 – Management positions (MP, A-4, A-9, A-11, A-13) 276 – Club Professionals (A-1, A-2, A-7, A-8) 111 – Instructors (A-6, A-10, A-12, A-14) 25 – Expanded Career Paths (A-15 thru A-24) 139 – Life Members (LM, LMM, LMA, LMC) 52 – Other Categories (A-3, A-5, F, RM, RSV)

New Members and Associates

The Colorado PGA welcomes new members and associates to our Section on a regular basis. For some, this is the first time they have joined our Section, while others may be returning. Please join us in welcoming them! Members Mark S. Franz, PGA | A-8 | Saddle Rock Golf Course

Associates Andrew K. Donner | B-14 | Haymaker Golf Course Madeline F. Kern | B-8 | Columbine Country Club Bryan A. Mattingly | B-8 | Red Rocks Country Club

Classification or Location Changes in Colorado

Colorado PGA Members are always on the move. The following members have changed classification or location within the Colorado PGA. We wish them the best of luck. Rick D. Cole, PGA | LM | previously at Eaton Country Club Daniel C. Craparotta, PGA | RSV | previously an A-8 at Broadmoor Golf Club William C. Hancock, PGA| LMA | previously an A-1 at Littleton Golf & Tennis Club Bryan R. Marshall, PGA | A-1 | Kearney Country Club | previously an A-1 at Ironbridge Golf Club Brett R. Wolf, PGA | A-8 | Hillcrest Golf Club | previously at The Kittansett Club Narudol P. Yoadjarust, PGA | A-6 | Golf Galaxy - Englewood | previously an A-8 at Littleton Golf & Tennis

Welcome Wagon

Welcome to the following members who have recently joined the Colorado PGA. Ronald L. DeJacimo, PGA | A-1 | Red Rocks Country Club | previously in the Northern Ohio Section Bruce E. Wilson, PGA | RSV | previously in an Unaffiliated Section

On the Move

The following members have relocated outside of the Colorado PGA. Joe Glasser, PGA | LM | currently in the Southwest Section Daniel J. Lee, PGA | A-1 | previously at Cornerstone Club | currently in the South Florida Section Meghan P. Whittaker, PGA | A-8 | previously at Cherry Creek Country Club | currently Unaffiliated

Specialized Professionals

The following members have recently become specialized in one of the three career paths of the PGA Specialized Professional Program. Christopher J. Williamson, PGA | A-8 | Ptarmigan Country Club | Teaching and Coaching


Our deepest sympathies to the family who experienced a loss recently. Chris Swinhart, PGA | November 15, 2020, at age 48.



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