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Quarter Century Club

Cary Callihan, PGA

Head Golf Professional at Aurora Hills Golf Course Where did you grow up? I was born in Durango, Colorado, and grew up in Grand Junction. What was your first introduction to the game of golf? My dad was an avid golfer and introduced me to the game when I was young. Why did you choose to become a PGA Golf Professional? I started in the business picking range balls and washing carts in 1981 when I was 16. I loved everything about working at a golf course, so it was a natural progression for me to obtain my PGA membership after I graduated from college. What makes you most proud about being a PGA Professional? I am proud of being associated with this great sport, along with my peers as being an “expert” in the game and business of golf. What golf facilities have you been employed at and in Cary Callihan, PGA, with his wife, Juanita, this year at a charity what capacity? tournament at The Bridges in Montrose. • Lincoln Park Golf Course, Grand Junction, CO Assistant Golf Professional • Quail Valley Country Club, Missouri City, TX Assistant Golf Professional • Weston Lakes Country Club, Fulshear, TX - 1st Assistant Golf Professional • Houston Oaks Golf Club, Hockley, TX - Head Golf Professional • Saddle Rock Golf Course, Aurora, CO - Assistant Golf Professional • Meadow Hills Golf Course, Aurora, CO - 1st Assistant Golf Professional • Aurora Hills Golf Course, Aurora, CO - Head Golf Professional What do you feel is the most meaningful contribution to the game of golf you have made? Managing a golf operation that caters to a wide diversity in demographics and making them all feel welcome and comfortable playing at my facility is the contribution to the game I have made. What hobbies do you have outside of golf? My wife Juanita and I like to travel. I also like to read and be outdoors. I’m an avid Denver Broncos fan. If you could have a dream foursome, who would it be and why? My dream foursome would be Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Lee Trevino. Jack was my hero as a kid and the ‘86 Masters is still my favorite golf tournament of all time. I was never a fan of Tom when I was younger simply because he beat Jack on a regular basis. As I became older, I began to appreciate how good of a player and ball striker that Tom was. To me, Lee Trevino is one of the all-time great personalities of the game.

This or That? Short par 5 or short par 3? Short par 3

Music on or music off on the course? Music On

Favorite fast food chain? Burger King

Match Play or Stroke Play? Match Play

Morning or evening person? Morning

Shorts or pants on the course? Shorts!

Pizza or tacos? Pizza


Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla with chocolate syrup


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