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Getting Burned

Game Changers to Avoid Burn-Out


ith the days longer now and temperatures rising, we all have to take stock of how to best take care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually to not just last through the season, but to conquer it. So, what might you consider doing this season that you haven’t done in the past? Let’s explore a few possibilities. Take a moment at the beginning and end of each day to remind yourself WHY you do WHAT you do. We all got into the business because of the love of the game and the desire to bring that same joy to others we get to serve each day. That can easily get lost in the middle of the heat and exhaustion. Gratitude is mind-altering and contagious. Take a minute to say what you are grateful for or even take it a step further—write it down. Go back to look at your “WHY” when the days aren’t going well and you are questioning your career choice. Gratitude is game-changer #1. According to www.themuse.com, it’s also a great practice to look around you at the team of people who work with you on a regular basis. Get connected with them and with the customers you serve. Knowing more about the life of your teammates and your customers often is what makes your daily tasks worthwhile. After all, you spend more time with them than with your family in many cases, so don’t forget to “do life” with them. We have all heard the expression, “I don’t care how much you know until I know that you care.” Caring about your teammates changes the dynamic, but you can’t fake it. You have to be genuinely interested in their lives. Just like Tim Novak told us at the Annual Meeting, “be interested, not interesting.” Caring is game-changer #2. Dan Price wrote in Gravity Payments, “I would burn out way faster working five hours a day at a job that was hurting my soul than I would working 15 hours a day at a job that’s feeding my soul.” Relationships are what feeds our soul, so take time to work on relationships as much as possible. You never know where a conversation with a co-worker or member will lead, but often it can provide the nourishment your soul needs and, in turn, try to be a healthy resource for others when they need encouragement or validation.

Keith Soriano, PGA is a PGA Career Services Consultant serving the Colorado, Utah and Nebraska Sections. He can be reached at (720) 841-1006 or ksoriano@ pgahq.com.


Another idea would be to have a team meeting where the staff can openly discuss who is good at what tasks and who might be better suited for another type of project. When we hate to perform a daily task, over time it impacts us personally and impacts the success of our team. If a schedule of responsibilities can be worked out that caters to each team member’s strengths, it is only natural everyone feels more reward in their work. Even more importantly, the team becomes more high performing for the club. Validating other’s strengths is game-changer #3. Physically, the season we are entering is draining. It is critical you schedule down time to do something that relaxes you on a daily basis. Note that I said you must schedule this! It is just as important as a lesson on your books, a date with your spouse or your child’s baseball game. For you to be able to renew and refresh yourself, take a walk with your pet, hit a few balls or putts, work out, go to a movie or even schedule a short nap. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you as will your spouse, teammates and customers! If every day is not possible, map out 2-3 times per week for you to accomplish this. Scheduled downtime is game-changer #4.


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