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Colorado Open Championships 2012 Volunteer Opportunities Volunteer Package

2012 Season HealthONE Colorado Women’s Open May 30th – June 1st Green Valley Ranch Golf Club

Colorado Open Qualifying Rounds July 11th - Antler Creek GC (Falcon, CO)* Julie 17th - Eagle Ranch GC (Eagle, CO)* July 19th - Legacy Ridge GC (Westminster, CO)* July 23 - Legacy Ridge GC (Westminster, CO)*

HealthONE Colorado Open July 26th – July 29th Green Valley Ranch Golf Club

HealthONE Colorado Senior Open August 29th – August 31st Green Valley Ranch Golf Club

ALL Volunteers will receive:  A tournament golf shirt for the season (New volunteers only)

 A tournament cap or visor for the season  Breakfast (if applicable for assigned shift)  Lunch (if applicable for assigned shift)  Bonus! Redeemable Colorado Open Bucks Bucks are earned for hours of service. 4 Bucks is the maximum potential per day. 10 Bucks and 12 Bucks is the total maximum potential for 3 and 4 day championships respectively.  4 Bucks= 1 18-hole round at GVR  Cart is additional 1 CO Open Buck  2 Bucks=Volunteer Shirt May „purchase‟ a maximum of 3 shirts per season Bucks are valid:  April through September: Monday through Thursday – Anytime Friday through Sunday -- After 1:00 pm  October through March: Anytime

Opportunities listed include, but are not limited to, the following duties: Marshal (1a, 1b, 2): Act as a player assistant on a designated hole on the golf course in order to assist players with the location of golf ball or where the ball last crossed the boundary of hazard. Enforce crowd control and golf etiquette among spectators. Pavilion/Hospitality (1b, 2) Assist Pavilion Supervisor with the staging of pavilion, including but not limited to, set up of tables, trash receptacles, beverages, lunches and clean up. Will greet and confirm player status for meals. Caddie Bib Collection (1b, 2): Greet players and caddies in the official scoring area at #9 or #18 green and collect caddie bibs as players and caddies leave the Scoring Area. Volunteer Headquarters (1a, 1b): Assist at Volunteer Check-In by helping with distribution of uniforms, direction of assignments and duties, check out of any necessary equipment for assignments. Player Registration/Greeter (1a, 2): Welcome and confirm players and media into Green Valley Ranch grounds. Distribute player gift (first round), daily pairings sheet/score summary, and caddie bib (if applicable). Leaderboard (1b, 2) Assist in maintaining manual leaderboards at holes #9 & 18. May have to climb ladders and work on an elevated platform. Player Shuttle (1b, 2): Assist with transporting players between scoring areas, greens and teeing grounds. Score Reporting (technology position) (1a,1b, 2): Assist with internet score reporting via technological equipment and manage mini leaderboard at station in order to provide the most up to date scoring of the championship. Scoring (1a, 1b, 2): Photocopying/transporting scorecards to the scoring area; assisting with posting scores, overseeing the scoring area. Standard Bearer (1b, 2): (Final Round of Championship only) Follow the lead groups with manual scoreboards so the gallery can see the player‟s names and scores in relation to par. Rules Official (1a, 1b, 2): This position is limited to members of the Rules Team who have met the stipulated minimum requirements to be a rules official for the HealthONE Colorado Open Championships. Scoreboard Writer (1b, 2): This position must have golf knowledge and above average calligraphy writing skills. (1a): shift may begin as early as 5:30 am. (1b): shift may end as late as 7pm. (2): Assignment is outdoors with possible exposure to sun, heat and insects. *Qualifying Round volunteer opportunities are limited to members of the Rules Official team.

Colorado Open Championships 2012 Volunteer Application GENERAL INFORMATION Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ First Last Address: __________________________________________________ City: _______________________ St_____ Zip _________ Primary Phone: ________________________________ Cell: _______________________________________________________ Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ All correspondence is through email unless requested otherwise (Please Specify)__________________________________________ Emergency Contact Name: _________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________ How did you hear about us? __________________________________________________________________________________

CHAMPIONSHIPS (All rounds are played at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club) Please indicate any events and shifts you would like to volunteer for. Please note: a “pm” shift may start before 12:00 pm

HealthONE Colorado Women‟s Open Wednesday, May 30  AM  PM  Full Day Thursday, May 31  AM  PM  Full Day Friday, June 1  Full Day Colorado Open Qualifying Rounds (Limited to Rules Officials) Wednesday, July 11(Antler Creek GC, Falcon)  Full Day Tuesday, July 17 (Eagle Ranch GC, Eagle)  Full Day Thursday, July 19 (Legacy Ridge GC, Westminster)  Full Day Monday, July 23 (Legacy Ridge GC, Westminster)  Full Day

HealthONE Colorado Open Thursday, July 26  AM  PM  Full Day Friday, July 27  AM  PM  Full Day Saturday, July 28  AM/Full Day Sunday, July 29  AM/Full Day

HealthONE Colorado Senior Open Wednesday, August 29  AM  PM  Full Day Thursday, August 30  AM  PM  Full Day Friday, August 31  Full Day


The 2012 volunteer shirt is an Adidas red polo. Each new volunteer will receive a complimentary shirt for a minimum four hours of service scheduled. Returning volunteers may wear previous year‟s red volunteer shirts. Additional volunteer shirts may be „purchased‟ with 2 Colorado Open Bucks. Due to limited quantity, a maximum of 3 shirts may be purchased for the season. Each volunteer will also receive a cap or visor for the 2012 season.

Gender:  Male  Female

Shirt Size: Small Med

Large XL XXL Headwear: Visor



We will do our best to accommodate your request based upon availability and experience. RETURNING VOLUNTEERS: please indicate previous assignments you have had in the comment section below.

 Marshal Pavilion/Hospitality Caddie Bib Collection

Volunteer Headquarters Registration/Greeter Leaderboard

Player Shuttle Score Reporting Scoring

Standard Bearer (Final round only) Rules (limited to committee members) Scoreboard Writer (Calligraphy experience)


Please send completed application to: Colorado Open Golf Foundation ● 20309 E. 48th Pl., Denver, CO 80249 Tel: (303) 486-8800 ● Fax: (303) 486-8823 ● Email:

Volunteer Application 2012  
Volunteer Application 2012  

Volunteer Application 2012