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Transforming the RMCMA!

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Re-Imagine the Rocky Mount


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.� - PLATO

View of renovated Lobby and Founders Hall Entry

ain Center for Musical Arts... and Help Make that Dream a Reality! The RMCMA was founded in 1995, inspired by the vision of providing a welcoming and inclusive haven for excellent music instruction and performance. Music for all…for life! is the guiding ethic of our commitment to sharing the joy of music-making with everyone, regardless of age, ability, cultural background or financial circumstance. Over the last 15 years, the RMCMA has grown more than 55%—from 13 students on opening day to 600 students each week. People of all ages and ability levels participate in instrumental and vocal lessons, classes, ensembles, recitals, and concerts. Our students are 70% school-aged, 10% pre-school, and 20% adult. The halls of the RMCMA are alive with scales, songs, and sonatas—classical to jazz to rock and beyond—sung and played by students, faculty, and guest artists. In 2000, a generous gift from an anonymous donor enabled us to move into our current location at Baseline & Harrison in Lafayette. Over the past decade, we have grown into the 10,000 square foot former church building, slowly converting it into a community home for music. In 2009, the RMCMA merged with the Colorado Music Festival, creating a one-of-a-kind organization that can reach and inspire more people by providing access to the best of the world’s music through education and performance. In 2010, CMF & RMCMA initiated a threephased renovation plan to transform our building from adequate to state-ofthe-art. Dramatic improvement is ahead, creating new, sound-controlled studios, two intimate performance spaces and a lobby. We’ve completed the most critical building repairs in Phase One – replacing the 1972 roof, renovating 4 studios, and upgrading the entire HVAC system. Phase Two is on the horizon – with your help, your community music school will soon have the environment that matches the music already inside!

Transforming the Rocky Mou Our phased approach to the renovation to the RMCMA allows for full functionality during the academic year, enabling us to serve our students without interruption. Thoughtful design considerations by project architects Hartronft Associates, P.C., will ensure the result is energy efficient, fully functional and inviting.



COST: $165,000


• Re-build Teaching Studios 9 - 12, including acoustic isolation, improved climate control and ventilation, and new paint and carpet;


• Install new Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Units; • Replace the 1972 Roof.



EST. COST: $350,000

DOWNSTAIRS: • Re-build Teaching Studios 1 - 8, including acoustic isolation, improved climate control and ventilation, and new paint and carpet; • Update the community space/waiting area adjacent to the downstairs studios; • Create a dedicated Music Library for use by students and faculty; • Improve restrooms with new finishes, low-flow toilets and fixtures, etc.; UPSTAIRS: • Separate lobby and performance space with a new full-height sound wall; • Expand and upgrade the main lobby to accommodate pre-function activity; • Create new Donor wall; • Upgrade lobby restrooms with new finishes, low-flow toilets and fixtures, etc; • Create new Student Services Office (reception/registration), adjacent to the main entrance;

• Install new front doors and windows along west facade.

I love coming to the RMCMA because I get to make beauty here.” - HOLLIE BENNETT, AGE 8, FORMER FLUTE STUDENT (CURRENT MUSIC MAJOR AT CU BOULDER)

ntain Center for Musical Arts...

In Thre e Movements

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.” - LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN



EST. COST: $500,000

• Final improvements to 150-seat Founders Hall, including new lighting, stage upgrades and storage; • Upgrade 75-seat Grimes Hall for better functionality as intimate performance space; • Create new west (Harrison St.) entrance and Community Porch with new ADA ramp and landscaping; • Add solar panels to south facing roof; • Develop new enclosed patio on east side, for pre-function and intermission events and informal gatherings; • Update exterior to unify the 1946 and 1972 buildings; • Connect the 1946 and 1972 buildings with new “Winter Garden” and entrance; • Expand ADA access with wheelchair lift to lower level and Grimes Hall.

Realizing the Potential of the Rocky Re n ova t ion Results Phased renovation of the Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts will ensure that this important community treasure reaches its full potential to meet the needs of community members of all ages. Our plan will achieve the following: • Create enhanced teaching, learning, and performance spaces for all students, faculty, and patrons;

• Reduce energy and water consumption through updated HVAC systems, adding low-flow plumbing fixtures, insulation, energy efficient lighting and solar panels; • Enhance the functionality of Founders Hall, RMCMA’s unique 150-seat performance space, by separating this space from the lobby and front door; • Improve opportunities for community use of the RMCMA; • Improve customer service and access by opening up the lobby and creating a student services office and reception immediately adjacent to the front door;


• Create a unique and recognizable exterior that adds to the functionality of the building while preserving the historic elements of the original structure; • Provide comfortable, light-filled spaces for events, gatherings, and informal patron and student connections, helping realize the potential of the RMCMA to build community through music.

Music can change the world because it can change people.” - BONO, U2

Mountain Center for Musical Arts...

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The students are now able to learn in an environment in which the most subtle details of musical art can be communicated.” - MICHAEL QUAM, RMCMA FACULTY MEMBER, GUITAR

The RMCMA has been so responsive to my needs as I grew from a 3rd grade choir singer to soloist in theatre and auditioned choirs in high school… they’ve given me the skills and techniques to be successful, even as my path in music changes.” - KATELIN YEARSLEY, RMCMA STUDENT SINCE 2001

We are fortunate to have such a nurturing environment for musical arts in our community.” - CHRIS BERRY, FORMER MAYOR OF LAFAYETTE, AND PARENT OF TWO CURRENT RMCMA STUDENTS


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MAIN LEVEL PLAN: • New Lobby • Separate Founders Hall from Lobby • Student Services Office • Restrooms

Founders Hall improvements included in Phase Three.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” - FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE

LOWER LEVEL PLAN: • Studios 1- 8 • Music Library • Waiting Area • Restrooms


Support the Renovation of YOUR Community Music School!

Music is what feelings sound like.” – UNKNOWN

After Our mission is to inspire and connect community members of all ages by providing access to the best of the world’s music through education and performance.


There’s something for everyone... NAMING OPPORTUNITIES

• $750,000 - RMCMA BUILDING • $50,000 - LOBBY, INCLUDING DONOR ACKNOWLEDGMENT WALL • $30,000 - MUSIC GARDEN & TERRACE • $20,000 - STUDENT SERVICES OFFICE (RECEPTION & REGISTRATION) • $15,000 - STUDENT & FAMILY LOUNGE • $10,000 - ONE TEACHING STUDIO • $4,000 - BOX OFFICE • $2,000 - WATER FOUNTAIN • $1,000 - GARDEN BENCH • $500 - ONE ADULT WENGER MUSICIAN CHAIR • $250 - ONE CHILD’S MUSICIAN CHAIR • $100 - MUSICAL NOTE • $50 - GARDEN BRICK • $25 - STUDENT ART TILE For 15 years, the RMCMA has created community through music. Now, we’re asking for your help to transform the RMCMA from a melody to a masterwork. Your support will ensure that high quality music education and performances are available to community members of all ages, as we continue to realize our vision of “Music for All...for Life!” Donations of ANY amount are very much appreciated. - Thank you for your support! Name_________________________________________ Address_________________________City, State, Zip___________________ Phone_________________________Email_________________________

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I wish my gift to be anonymous I wish my gift to be in honor of:___________________________________ Please make checks payable to: CMF & RMCMA OR Please charge my Visa or MC Card #________________________________________ Expiration Date___________________________________ Signature_______________________________________

Send your check to: RMCMA | 200 E. Baseline Rd., Lafayette, CO 80026 For questions call 303.665.0599 or visit

I love my violin, and I love my violin school." —Paige, Age 3, Suzuki Violin Student

Support the renovation of YOUR community music school! Full member, National Guild for Community Arts Education 200 E Baseline Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026 | 303.665.0599

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