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Pueblo Dental Implants: For Your Oral Health, Functionality and Aesthetics This article describes what dental implants are and the importance of replacing even single missing teeth. Pueblo dental implants are a revolutionary development in oral healthcare and while they have been around for quite a few decades, constant advancements in medical science and technology has enabled dentists to offer better tooth replacement solutions than ever before. Contrary to what we may like to believe, teeth can and do require placement. In fact, according to statistics released by the American Dental Association, a staggering 100 million people in the United States are missing between 11 and 15 of their original adult teeth! A further 35 million are completely edentulous and don’t have a single natural tooth left in their mouths. Considering these numbers, one missing tooth may sound better than being without 11, 15 or all 32 of your pearly whites, but it only really takes one to severely compromise your smile aesthetics, bite functionality and overall oral health.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate position, implants for your teeth are a very viable option. Pueblo Dental Implants: The Importance of Replacing a Missing Tooth As it was previously mentioned, teeth can and do require replacement for a myriad of reasons. Accidental trauma, gum disease, tooth decay, chronic illness (such as diabetes and cancer), certain medications, a failed root canal and even your genetics can make your teeth more vulnerable to damage and complete displacement. Regardless of the cause, Pueblo dental implants offer people of all ages, genders and walks of life with a comprehensive and long term tooth replacement solution ( Yet in spite of this incredible technology, the majority of people that are missing a tooth or many teeth choose to ignore their oral problems rather than have Pueblo dental implants placed for their teeth. While these devices aren’t cheap,

they offer a great number of benefits and advantages that actually end up saving you money in the long run. What Are Dental Implants?

Pueblo dental implants are free-standing artificial tooth roots. They consist of a titanium base post, which fits neatly into a pre-drilled socket in the jawbone at the site/s of the missing tooth or teeth. An abutment is affixed to the top of the post, which in turn is used to support an artificial tooth crown made from durable ceramic material. Pueblo dental implants replace the entire missing tooth, from the root to the crown, thus enabling you to speak and chew properly and smile with confidence! Even better, unlike traditional tooth replacement techniques such as partial or full dentures and bridges, Pueblo dental implants promote the health and longevity of the underlying jaw bone. When you lose a tooth, the important source of stimulation that was supplied by its root to the jaw bone tissue also becomes lost. Just like any other hard or soft tissue in the body, if left without stimulation, the blood flow slackens and the bone begins to atrophy. Pueblo dental implants replace this stimulation and in doing so, halt the progression of bone atrophy. A Final Note on Implants for Your Teeth The consequences of not having a missing tooth or teeth replaced with Pueblo dental implants are, in the long term, not worth considering. Not only do your oral problems become far more expensive to fix, but the procedures required for its restoration are more invasive in nature and generally incur a longer recovery time (

Pueblo Dental Implants: For Your Oral Health, Functionality and Aesthetics  

This article describes what dental implants are and the importance of replacing even single missing teeth.

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