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Four of the Worst Dental Procedures Demystified by the Dentist in Colorado Springs, PART 1

Tooth extractions, root canal therapy, orthodontic braces and dental implants. What do they all have in common besides all being readily available at your local dental clinic? They all have formidable reputations as being the worst, most traumatic and painful of all the procedures offered by the dentist in Colorado Springs. While it is true that having a tooth pulled or a dental implant placed comes with its fair measure of post-operative pain and discomfort, there are four very important messages patients should take to heart before simply running a hundred miles in the opposite direction!

1. These procedures are recommended for a reason. Whether a tooth has become irreparably damaged or decayed and needs to be extracted or endodontic therapy (a “root canal�) has been prescribed as the last hope for an unhealthy tooth, the dentist in Colorado Springs CO has only your oral health in mind. He or she is not trying to punish you or to see how much money they can make you spend. In fact, they are doing everything in their power to save your teeth, which are invaluable and irreplaceable assets. And if the dentist in Colorado Springs can’t save one tooth, he or she will do what they can to prevent the rest from succumbing to the same ailment or infection. 2. Pain, discomfort and even anxiety are manageable. The dentist in Colorado Springs will take the necessary measures to minimize, if not entirely eliminate, your pain and discomfort during these procedures. In fact, most of the discomfort patients complain about is post-operative and even then, this can be managed with the help of prescription pain-killers. Patients who suffer from severe anxiety associated with dental treatment can also be prescribed sedative medications. This, explains the dentist in Colorado Springs CO, will help them feel totally calm and relaxed on the day of their procedure. 3. Education = enlightenment. A better understanding of (1) what is involved during, for example, dental implant placement or endodontic therapy, (2) how pain and anxiety can

be managed and (3) why these procedures are recommended by the dentist in Colorado Springs CO will help you, the patient, be better prepared, psychologically. Knowing what to expect can also help to calm the nerves. Remember, says the dentist in Colorado Springs: All of these procedures are performed routinely, are safe and come with a high success rate. 4. Learn from your mistakes! Aside from orthodontic braces, the need for tooth extractions, dental implants and root canal therapy is almost always avoidable. By looking after your teeth properly and by going for regular appointments with the dentist in Colorado Springs CO, you can avoid the oral ailments that lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. Prevention is better than cure! It’s cheaper too.

In this six-part article series, we shall answer your frequently asked questions about the four dental procedures that have racked up the worst reputation for causing patients pain and discomfort: tooth extractions, orthodontic braces, dental implants and root canals. By addressing your frequently expressed concerns and providing you with a little more information on the nature of these procedures, the dentist in Colorado Springs CO hopes to take some of the edge off of their reputations and your fears!

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Four of the Worst Dental Procedures Demystified by the Dentist in Colorado Springs, PART 1  

This six-part article series answers questions about four dental procedures that carry a reputation for being the most traumatic and painfu...