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This three-part article series explains the various cosmetic treatments and procedures available for teeth that have become damaged, worn, chipped and/or discolored.

Just think about how important your smile is. It conveys an incredible number of different emotions as well as the delicate nuances in between. Smiles relieve tension, encourage happiness, communicate joy, share secrets, celebrate victories and express infinite other positive feelings and experiences. There is no doubt about the importance of smiling in non-verbal communication, says this cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs. It even to a large degree governs attraction between the genders! So the quality of your smile – as is visually measured in the health and symmetry of your teeth and gums – is fundamental if you are to enjoy all the confidence and self-esteem this asset brings. Unfortunately though, few of us are born with perfect celebrity smiles. In fact, very few celebrities are born with celebrity smiles! Then of course, life’s daily indulgences, accidents, bad habits and aging can contribute to the degradation of the health and aesthetics of your teeth and gums. Thankfully, the work of the cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs can help you to achieve an outstanding smile quality and confidence. In this three-part article series courtesy of the cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs, we shall be exploring three different treatments that are capable of restoring the evenness of the teeth, repairing cracks and chips, brightening the whiteness of the dental enamel and all-in-all, bringing out the red carpet readiness of your smile!

Cosmetic Dentist in Colorado Springs: Tooth Whitening Treatment A dental whitening treatment can completely make-over your appearance; and it’s such an easy, straight-forward and inexpensive option for improving the quality of your smile, says the cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs. Over time our teeth can become discolored and stained and the resultant dulled appearance of the enamel can have a drastic aging effect upon your smile. Some people are just born with teeth that are naturally more yellow than white, says the cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs. Other people’s teeth become stained over time as a result of repeated exposure to the tannins in certain foods and drinks. Thankfully, a tooth whitening treatment can slough the years off your smile with very little effort or money on your part. So, how does it work? The next time you visit your dentist, ask about a tooth whitening treatment. Using molds of your mouth, the cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs will fabricate two plastic trays that fit neatly over your teeth. You will then be sent home with a special prescription bleaching gel. The recommended treatment time and period varies from person to person, but generally, you will be required to wear your mouth tray (lined with the bleaching gel) once a day for about an hour at a time. After a period of two weeks, says the cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs, your teeth should be substantially whiter (and naturally so) by which stage you can cease treatment. A prescription whitening treatment is always better than buying over-the-counter products. Not only is your treatment plan professionally designed and monitored by the cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs, but because of the higher concentration of the bleaching agent in prescription whitening kits, results are achieved far quicker and more effectively. Stay Tuned for More from the Cosmetic Dentist in Colorado Springs For more information from the cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs, stay tuned for the second article installment of this three-part series. In part 2, we shall take a look at porcelain veneers, what they are and what they could do for the quality of your smile!

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Cosmetic Dentist in Colorado Springs: Treatments for a Damaged Smile, PART 1