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Fact or Fiction?

Denver Country Club has a polo pony buried under the 6th hole.


aLL THeM suBuRBaN LegeNDs oR FaiRWay FoLKLoRe. The following nine “facts” have been repeated so many times in relation to Colorado golf that most consider them true. Are they? Test your knowledge at


The logo for Grand Elk Golf Club actually depicts a caribou forming the initials of Caribou Ranch, the development for which it was originally designed. FACT | FICTION

RE/MAX founder Dave Liniger built Sanctuary because Castle Pines Golf Club denied him admission. FACT | FICTION

Liniger refused President Bill Clinton’s request to play Sanctuary before it officially opened because he didn’t agree with his politics. FACT | FICTION

After winning the 1948 Denver Open, Ben Hogan didn’t bother staying at Wellshire Golf Club long enough to receive his trophy or check. FACT | FICTION

Officials at the 1963 Denver Open mistook Chi Chi Rodriguez for a caddie before the event, which he eventually won. Castle Pines Golf Club was in line to host the 2001 U.S. Open until Southern Hills made the USGA a better offer.



President Dwight Eisenhower suffered a heart attack at Cherry Hills Country Club. FACT | FICTION

Willis Case Golf Course takes the name of a wealthy bachelor murdered there by a jilted lover. FACT | FICTION

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Colorado AvidGolfer | Winter 2012

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WINTER 2012  

The Winter 2012 issue of Colorado AvidGolfer

WINTER 2012  

The Winter 2012 issue of Colorado AvidGolfer