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Walt Wise Creative Director & Partner

Byran Galli Lead Developer & Partner

Winter King Lead Developer & Partner

Walt handles the creative direction at Arrae, along with managing operations, human resources and business development. His passion is simple, effective digital design and helping companies create or transform and update their brand identities. With over 20 years experience in the design community, he considers working with the Arrae Creative staff the highlight of a long and diverse career that includes several startups and entrepreneurial pursuits. When not creating beautiful things, Walt enjoys volunteering in the South Suburban Denver community in the parks and recreation areas.

Bryan moved from Arkansas to Colorado in 2011 in pursuit of a meaningful career in Programming. He is a self-taught Web developer who is obsessed with writing elegant code. He revels in a challenge and is happiest when given the opportunity to create something unique. Coupling techniques and technologies on the leading edge of the industry, possessing a natural affinity for logic and demonstrating an unrivaled work ethic, Bryan is constantly climbing to new heights. Using the mantra “We can build anything,” he and his co-workers continue to reinvent what we think of as possible on the Web.

Winter moved to Colorado from Pennsylvania in 2009 in pursuit of his passion for technology and the great outdoors. He enjoys the everyday challenges that his position at Arrae Creative offers and will stop at nothing to accomplish a goal. Proficient in both elaborate front-end UI/UX as well as back-end system development, Winter can handle anything. In his off time, Winter heads to the mountains to snowboard, snowshoe, hike, bike or camp as a way to unplug and enjoy nature. He revels in finding imaginative ways to bring client projects to life and he consistently delivers!

Ryan Park CMO & Partner

Zoey Gay Graphic Designer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Ryan tackles all marketing initiatives at Arrae and is responsible for developing digital strategies, business development, hiring and project management. An alumni of the University of Colorado, Ryan’s background lies in Marketing and Business Administration. He more closely resembles a mad scientist when he talks about Digital Strategy, but there is a method behind his madness. Ryan contributes much of his free time to the local business and educational communities. He loves to play basketball, hike, and travel to new places.

Raised in Palm Beach, Florida, Zoey graduated from Auburn University, where she received a BFA in Graphic Design, along with minors in Spanish and Business and a handful of design awards. Determined to put her creative skills to use out west, she headed to Denver. Though she did have some trouble adjusting to Colorado’s mile-high air, she had no problem finding the perfect match at Arrae. We embrace her strong passion for design, typography and branding. Among her other passions and interests, Zoey loves attending live concerts, playing soccer, the outdoors and snowboarding.

August 2013  

The August issue of Colorado AvidGolfer covers the Solheim Cup, being played at Colorado Golf Club August 13-18. Additional stories include:...

August 2013  

The August issue of Colorado AvidGolfer covers the Solheim Cup, being played at Colorado Golf Club August 13-18. Additional stories include:...