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and company names (Karsten, Karsten Mfg. Corp., Karsten Co., etc). Grady hints his PING collection might even pre-date even the 1-A Redwood City model Karsten Solheim came out with in 1959. “Listen to this,” he says as he taps a ball across the carpet with the 1-A. It makes the distinctive ping that would eventually give the company its name. “Now hear this.” He does the same with another putter that makes an almost identical sound. “This is a prototype of a Spalding putter called the Pong,” Grady says, lifting an eyebrow. “It came out nine months before the 1-A and disappeared.” Grady, who also happens to collect skis and snowboards, doesn’t assign dollar values to any of his objects. “I have the

PUTTER SPREAD: Grady displays some gems, including an Arnold Palmer 8802 and “orgasmic” Cleveland and (above) Scotty Cameron pro prototypes for, among others, Tiger Woods.

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Colorado AvidGolfer | August 2013

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same passion for my $10 Spalding Cash-In as I do for my 1960 George Low Bristol Wizard 600,” he says. “Anyone can have a Bentley; it just takes money. For me it’s not as much about how much these objects are worth, because I’m not selling them. It’s about their value as pieces of history, their scarcity and craftsmanship. I want people to see my passion.” And even though he hasn’t added a putter for a decade, the passion to procure one doesn’t go away. “Yes I do want Phil’s putter,” he emails right after the British Open. “He has used that old-time flanged one forever.“

August 2013  

The August issue of Colorado AvidGolfer covers the Solheim Cup, being played at Colorado Golf Club August 13-18. Additional stories include:...

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