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Garden of the Golf Gods

ROCK STEADY: Kissing Camels Club at the Garden of the Gods Collection takes its name from the adjacent sandstone formation.

A forthcoming program at the august Colorado Springs club adds some MEDICAL MUSCLE for golfers. By JON RIZZI EVER SINCE 1961, when Garden of the Gods Club founder and owner Al Hill’s golf-loving friends convinced him to build what became Kissing Camels Golf Club, the Royal and Ancient Game has flourished near the rugged and ancient outcroppings that give the facility its name. And ever since 2013, when an investment group led by healthcare executive Judy Mackey and accounting executive Brenda Smith bought the club, the Garden of the Gods Collection (as it is now known) has made health and wellness a priority for club members and guests of its plush 53EVENING EDEN: The Garden of the Gods Club


room resort, opening in 2016 a spectacular 28,000-square-foot International Health and Wellness Center (IHWC) that specializes in integrative medicine. Now, by the end of 2018, the Garden of the Gods will have fully merged its dual emphases on golf and wellness. The club’s “20/20 Optimal Performance Program” will apply the same comprehensive, 360-degree diagnostic approach used in the IHWC to golfers looking to get the most from their games. “When you think about PGA Tour pros, they have a team—a fitness coach, a physician, a golf coach,” explains Dr. Shane Wells, a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine at the IHWC who specializes in Applied Kinesiology and Functional Neurology. “We’re giving the average golfer the resources the Tour pros have.” The process, he explains, will be based on the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) model of assessing swing mechanics and biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, current health, client history, and then creating a fitness plan for that particular golfer. “That’s the golf and fitness connection,” says


GOOD READ: Dr. Shane Wells of the IHWC

Wells, who has achieved Level 3 TPI Certification. “What distinguishes us is that we also have capability to satisfy the medical aspect— the wellness.” “Wellness is the third leg of the stool,” concurs Kissing Camels’ PGA Director of Golf Rich Parker, one of the club’s three TPI-certified staff members and the leader of the 20/20 initiative. “The TPI protocols for the golf and fitness screenings quantify, validate and inform our golf and fitness instruction and equipment recommendations, coloradoavidgolfer.com

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May 2018 Colorado AvidGolfer  

Hailey Schalk Fuels Up | Health, Fitness & Wellness | Golf Gifts for Mom | Colorado Golf's Golden Age | New Mexico

May 2018 Colorado AvidGolfer  

Hailey Schalk Fuels Up | Health, Fitness & Wellness | Golf Gifts for Mom | Colorado Golf's Golden Age | New Mexico